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Remove Audio From MP4 Videos In Three Easy Ways

Author by Vita

May 3, 2018

Need to remove audio from MP4 and only keep the video stream? This guide introduces three simple methods for you to do it. HD Video Converter Factory Pro is a user-friendly audio remover that enables every user to handle easily and also provides more other standout features. So it’s highly recommended that you remove audio track from MP4 with the reliable and useful MP4 audio remover:

Sometimes, we need to completely delete the unwanted audio track from MP4 videos for editing and other purposes. Yet some sophisticated video editing software would make it complicated to do that particularly when we don’t have much experience in editing. This guide aims to introduce the easiest methods for you to remove audio from video in MP4 so you can play or edit the MP4 video without the redundant audio tracks.

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Method 1: Remove Audio from MP4 with HD Video Converter Factory Pro

Method 2: Remove Sound from MP4 with VLC

Method 3: Remove Audio Track from MP4 online with AudioRemover

Method 1. How to Remove Audio from MP4 with HD Video Converter Factory Pro

HD Video Converter Factory Pro is a reliable and functional audio removing software that enables you to remove audio tracks from MP4 without any video quality damage. The smart software with user-friendly interface is easy in operation and can be easily handle by users of different needs and levels. With HD Video Converter Factory Pro you can not only remove the unwanted audio track from MP4, but also extract audio from video to save the single audio file, mute a video, merge audio, cut audio, etc. Here I will show you how to remove sound from MP4 step by step with HD Video Converter Factory Pro.

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Easy Steps for Removing Audio from MP4

Select MP4 videos

Before start, please free downloadfree download the software.

Step 1. Import the MP4 videos into the MP4 audio remover

Click Add Files to select the target MP4 files. You can also directly drag and drop the files that you want to remove audio from MP4 into the window of the software.

MP4 under Video tab

Step 2. Choose MP4 as output format

Before you remove sound from MP4, please select the output format as MP4 to ensure the output format will not be changed. Just click on Output Format on the right and you will see the output format list. Select MP4 profile under Video tab.

Drag the bar to 0%

Step 3. Adjust advanced setting for removing audio from MP4

Go the Settings window and drag the bar next to Volume icon to 0%. Then click OK.

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Step 4. Start the process of removing sound from video

Click on Run on the right corner to start the task. HD Video Converter Factory Pro supports batch mode and 50 faster conversion speed so that you can deal with up to 10 videos at the same time.

Method 2. How to Remove Sound from MP4 with VLC

As we all know, besides playing files as a media player, VLC can also edit and convert files. Therefore, if you have installed VLC on your computer, you’re able to remove the redundant audio from MP4 with it.

Remove audio with VLCRemove audio with VLC

Step 1. Select Convert/Save under Media option.

Step 2. Then you will see the Open Media window. Hit Add button to select the target MP4 videos. After that, click on Convert/Save.

Step 3. The Convert window will be opened. Choose Video – H.264 + MP3(MP4) from the drop-list next to Profile.  Next click on the Edit selected profile icon to remove audio from MP4.

Step 4. Go to the audio codec section on the Profile edition window and uncheck Audio box. Next click Save button to save the settings.

Step 5. Hit Browse to choose the output destinations. Finally, click on Start to removing audio from MP4.

Method 3. How to Remove Audio from MP4 Online with AudioRemover

Online Audio RemoverOnline Audio Remover

AudioRemover is a free service that allows users to remove audio from kinds of videos such as MP4, AVI, MOV, etc. For Windows and Mac users, AudioRemover is a good option as it works on the two operating systems via web browser.

Open  Then click on Browse to select the target video file and next click on Upload Video button to remove sound from MP4.  After the process is finished, click Download button to save the output videos. Due to the video length and varied bandwidth speed, it may take some time to remove audio from your MP4 videos online.

 That’s all on how to remove audio from MP4. Which one is your favorite? Personally, I prefer to method 1, HD Video Converter Factory Pro because it’s clean and functional, provides the quickest and most effective method.

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