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How to Enhance Video Quality with the Best Video Enhancer
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How to Enhance Video Quality with the Best Video Enhancer

Author by Rocabella

Updated on May 27, 2021

We've all hava some videos whose quality is not what we'd like it to be. These videos with blurry image always reders a bad visual experience. So, what is the best video enhancer? How can we improve video quality in a simple way? Follow this guide to get the answers.

Video Enhancer for Enhancing Videos Easily

Video Quality EditorVideo Quality Editor

Supported by WonderFox exclusive Picture Enhancement Tech (PET-1), HD Video Converter Factory Pro can convert low resolution to high resolution to make a blurry/fuzzy video clearer. And you can enhance video quality while converting videos. With the right video enhancement software, you can enhance low-quality videos and other footages, improve the quality of some old videos, repair corrupted videos, deinterlace a video and so forth.

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Enhance Videos by Sharpening the Outline

Image sharpening compensates for the outline of the image, enhancing the edges of the image and the grayscale transitions, making the image sharper.

HD Video Converter Factory Pro dynamically recognizes the strong contrast between the light and dark in the picture to identify the outlines in a picture, which is used to distinguish people from background, objects from background, foreground from background and even outlines of different objects in the background. Usually, the overall picture is blurred in proportion so it does not feel particularly bad visually as long as the degree of blur is not particularly high. Pictures with poor visual quality are often caused by blurred outlines. Therefore, one of the key points of WonderFox's picture enhancement technology is to sharpen the outline and make it clear.

Sharpen the Outline of People and Background Sharpen the Outline of People and Background

Sharpen the Outline of Objects and Background Sharpen the Outline of Objects and Background

Sharpen the Outline of Foreground and Background Sharpen the Outline of Foreground and Background

Enhance Videos by Enhancing Dynamic Contrast of Dynamic Scenes

Enhance Dynamic Contrast of Dynamic ScenesEnhance Dynamic Contrast of Dynamic Scenes

The foreground of the dynamic screen changes very quickly, and even the background switches very quickly in a video file. If the picture quality is not good, these wonderful portions will turn into very blurry color blocks. WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory Pro, as a video enhancer, is able to intelligently identify dynamic scenes and enhance their contrast, making the objects in these dynamic scenes look clear.

The Difference Between Normal and Force Mode

Software to Improve Video QualitySoftware to Improve Video Quality

The processing principle of these two modes is exactly the same, but the value (intensity) of the Force Mode is twice as large as the Normal Mode. Therefore, Normal mode leads to natural video image quality with fast conversion speed but the video improvement of intensive keyframes is relatively limited. While Force mode will display a clearer and sharper video image on all scenes including keyframes but in some scenes, there may be an "uncontrollable" situation, which results in over-optimization of the picture and distortion.

Things You Need to Know About the Video Quality Enhancer

1. Picture quality enhancement needs to match high bit rate, so increase bit rate in the Parameter settings window. Don't worry about over-provisioning, the software will automatically recognize excessive bitrate and perform a "smart reduction."

2. Picture enhancement mode is not suitable for use with adding effects to video because the Effect itself also achieves the goal by changing the picture.

3. Video enhancement is not supported in lightning mode.

4. Video enhancement may increase the final output size of the file, and may also cause the conversion speed to be slower.

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Video enhancement is an intelligent algorithm for software that adapts to most videos. But this may not work for some extreme quality videos. It is also possible that for some videos, image quality enhancements do not provide effective enhancements.

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Have the High Definition of Your DVD

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