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2 Reliable and Perfect Solutions on How to Import Sony Vegas AVI Smoothly

Author by Flora

Updated on May 9, 2023

Have you ever come across an error message when you add an AVI file to Sony Vegas? This article tells the reason and provides an easy solution to the Sony Vegas AVI importing failure issue.

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Sony Vegas Can't Open AVI File, Why?

Q: I have Sony Vegas Pro and I am trying to import an AVI file into it but it won't work. It comes up with an error message saying "an error occurred while opening a codec". I looked it up on the internet and there weren't any real clear solutions. How can I solve Sony Vegas AVI won't open issue?

A: There is no doubt that the AVI format is officially supported by Sony Vegas. The reason why you fail to import AVI to Sony Vegas is the video or audio codec in AVI file cannot be recognized by Sony Vegas. AVI is just a container format that can be encoded by various video and audio codecs. For example, there are (DivX or XviD+MP3).avi, (H.264+MP3).avi, (WMV9+MP3).avi, etc. If some codecs can't be recognized by Sony Vegas, then the import will fail. But don’t worry. The following article provides two effective solutions to help you deal with such incompatibility issues.

How to Open AVI in Sony Vegas in a Proper Way?

To play AVI files on Sony Vegas successfully, the best way to convert the unsupported AVI files to other formats compatible with Sony Vegas. Therefore, I’d recommend WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory Pro to help deal with the conversion process. It offers the easiest but most efficient solution to convert AVI to WMV, HEVC, MP4, etc. Meanwhile, it allows you to edit videos and customize video parameters including bitrate, frame rate, resolution, channel, volume, etc. as you wish.

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Method 1 - Transcode AVI to Sony Vegas Supported Format

Convert AVI format

Before start, please free downloadfree download the software.

Step 1: Run the program and open Converter. Drag and drop AVI files directly to the program or click Add Files button to start adding them from your computer.

Step 2: Here you can clearly see the output format list on the right side. Choosing WMV or HEVC as the output format for your file under the Video tab. If you want to convert AVI to MP3, it won't take you a lot of time. Easily converting AVI files to other formats is a way to save trouble and increase efficiency.

Step 3: When you have completed these steps, it is also very important for you to choose a path of your converted file. I suggest you try to choose the location of the file you are familiar with, or put it on the desktop in such a conspicuous place. This will prevent you from forgetting where the file will be when you need to view the file again later.

Step 4: Click the Run button to start the conversion process. After a while, you will be able to successfully get your converted file. After converting your files to WMV format, it's much easier to play them. If you still want to continue editing your files. It has a lot of editing features, such as cutting video clip, cropping MP4 videos as well as adding effects to videos.

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Method 2 - Install Sony Vegas AVI Codec

AVI Sony Vegas PackAVI Sony Vegas Pack

Downloading the missing codec can solve Sony Vegas AVI won't import issue. If you're not sure which codec is missing, just install the codec pack directly, such as k-Lite codec pack.

Step 1: To download and install the K-Lite codec pack, the first step is to visit the official website:

Step 2: You will see a downloaded interface. There are four modes to choose from: Basic, Standard, Full, Mega. If you have no other needs, just download Basic version.

Step 3: Install the codec pack step by step according to the system prompts. The first step is to select Normal mode as your installation mode. Next you need to choose Window Media Player. Just click Next button to continue to install. Finally, click Install button to start the installation. After the installation is completed, you need to click the Finish button to exit Setup. Now you can edit your AVI file easily.

Many times when we import a file, it will fail due to missing codes. The easiest way is to install a plugin or codec pack that recognizes this file to help with the import. Of course, converting this file to another file is also a good choice. If you find this article useful to you, please share it with others. If you have other better methods, please feel free to contact us.

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