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Three Methods for AVI MKV Conversion
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Three Useful Methods to Convert AVI to MKV without Losing Quality

Author by Vita

Update on Aug 25, 2023

Compared with AVI video format, MKV is a newer and more efficient digital video storage format that makes file size smaller with the same quality. So many users like converting AVI to MKV for more space storage and faster video-streaming speed. In this article, you will learn how to convert AVI to MKV with useful converting tools. Here's the highly-recommended AVI converter for you:

Compared with AVI, the newer MKV has better compatibility with high definition contents. Meanwhile, MKV supports multiple audio tracks and soft subtitles so you can add or close subtitles with ease. This article provides the overall solutions to help you convert AVI to MKV using a professional video converter, free video converter and online conversion service. By contrast, you will find the best way to do the conversion.

Part 1 (Recommended): Convert AVI file to MKV with the Recommended AVI to MKV Converter

To simplify your AVI MKV conversion, I highly recommend you a reliable video converter - WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory Pro. It supports all formats and offers 500+ output profiles including MP4, MKV, AVI, MOV, H265, H264, MPEG-4, etc. Batch mode is also available for you to convert multiple video files at once. Now, free downloadfree download this converter and see how to convert AVI to MKV in 3 steps below:

Add the targeted files

Before start, please free downloadfree download the software and install it on your Windows PC. And follow the recommended method to do the conversion.

Step 1. Add AVI files to the AVI to MKV converter

Click on “Add Files” to input the AVI files you want to convert to MKV. You can also directly drag and put AVI files into this software to save more time.

Choose MKV as the output format

Step 2. Choose output format as MKV to Convert AVI to MKV

Click on “Output Format” on the right and select “MKV” profile under “Video” Tab. As you can see, this converter also enables you to convert AVI to other formats and even convert AVI to HD videos for better visual experience.

Click “Run” to start the conversion

Step 3. Click “Run” to convert AVI files to MKV

After you preset all the related options, speccify the output path and click on “Run” to start the conversion. The AVI file converter supports batch mode and hardware acceleration so you can convert several large files quickly. After the process is finished, you can find the MKV videos on the Output Folder.

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Part 2: Convert AVI Files with Free AVI to MKV Converter

If you need a free video converter, Free HD Video Converter Factory is a good choice. It’s the free version of WonderFox HD video converter Factory Pro. The process of converting AVI videos to MKV is the same with the former and it has advanced conversion features that most free tools don’t have.

Before start, please free downloadfree download the software and install it on your Windows PC.

Free Download Free Download
Free HD Video Converter FactoryFree HD Video Converter Factory

Step 1. Add AVI files into this program by clicking on “Add Files”. You can also directly drag and drop files into this program

Step 2. Click “Output Format” and select “MKV” under “Video” tab.

Step 3. Click the “Run” button at the lower right to start the conversion.

Compared with HD Video Converter Factory Pro, the free version doesn’t support batch mode and 50X speed up conversion. Click here to find more differences between HD Video Converter Factory Pro and this free HD Video converter Factory>>

Part 3: Convert AVI Video to MKV with Online AVI to MKV Video Converter

For you who want to convert AVI videos online, there are many web-based tools. Here I want to show you how to convert AVI to MKV free with It must be noticed that most online services have maximum file size limit and it’s not advisable to upload private videos online for conversion.

Convert videos with videos with

Step 1. Upload AVI files to

Step 2. (Optional) If you want to convert AVI files to other formats, such as AVI to MP4, just click on the output format drop-down list, choose “Video” and then go “MP4”

Step 3. Click on “Convert” to start converting AVI to MKV.

Tips: Convertio provides free service and also premium plan. For people who want to convert large AVI files to MKV, you can choose the $ 7.99 for 24 hours or $ 28 .16 for a month. Anyway, even if you pay for its premium service, you can only use the advanced features temporarily.

Normal video/music conversion

No Maximum file size and conversion minute limit

Batch processing

50X speed up conversion

Built-in 500+ output formats and devices

Lossless compression (4K/HD/SD/Music)

Download YouTube video & music

The Recommended AVI to MKV Converter








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Free AVI to MKV Converter





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Online AVI to MKV Video Converter


Part 4: The Advantage of Converting AVI to MKV

There are many video formats for you to convert AVI files to, but most people like to convert AVI to MKV. Actually, MKV is superior to other video formats in many aspects.

1. MKV is the only open source format so the public can edit the codec freely and people can use it for more creative editions and wider applications.

2. MKV supports soft subtitles, which allows you to open or close subtitles of videos as you wish.

3. MKV enables you to play videos with different audio tracks. In other words, when you play a MKV foreign movie, you can choose the native language if the multiple built-in native audio track is provided

4. Moreover, more and more devices involving in high-definitions and Blue ray players production in favor of MKV formats. For example, Samsung and LG LED TV all support MKV contents streaming.

That’s all I want to share with you about how to change AVI to MKV easily. You can choose either method to help convert from AVI to MKV. Personally, the HD Video Converter Factory Pro enables you to perform AVI MKV conversion most efficiently. Download it and take a shot.

Free Download Free Download

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