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3 Flexible Methods of Converting AVI to MP3 with Ease

Author by Sue

Update on March 24, 2020

Do you want to save the background music of your favorite AVI movies as MP3 files to play on your MP3 player? Now, in this tutorial, 3 free and practical methods are offered in detail to help to convert AVI to MP3. Here, I recommend you to download this practical video converter for the conversion--HD Video Converter Factory:

In our daily life, some people may have encountered AVI MP3 conversion troubles when they are trying to extract audio out from music videos, like operas, talk shows, concerts and speeches stored on the hard drive. It is really convenient to enjoy the MP3 on the go when you’re driving, running, climbing, etc. Here, three practical and easy methods are offered to help you convert AVI files to MP3 files.

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Three Practical and Straightforward Solutions to Convert AVI to MP3

If you are still looking for effective solutions to convert AVI files to MP3, you just found it! Here we are, with three practical and free methods that help you extract audio files from AVI videos and play them on MP3 player successfully. Follow the tutorial to see the specific details.

Solution One: Free Desktop AVI Files to MP3 Converter

To convert AVI video files to MP3 audio files, the best and easiest way is to download an effective AVI files to MP3 converter. I recommend the most popular and reliable Free HD Video Converter Factory to you, which well supports 500+ formats/devices and solves your format incompatibility problems smoothly and quickly.

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Three Steps to Convert AVI to MP3 with Free HD Video Converter Factory

Before start, please free downloadfree download the converter and install it on PC.

Add .avi files to the interface

Step 1: Import AVI Files to the Converter

Open the Free HD Video Converter Factory, and add AVI files into the interface by pressing “Add Files”, or you can use mouse to drag and drop files into the interface directly. By the way, you can add multiple files into the taskbar at the same time and the converter can automatically convert these files one by one or in batches till the end.

Extracting MP3 from AVI files

Step 2: Choose the Output Format

After adding files into the amazing AVI to MP3 converter, click on “Output Formats” to choose MP3 under the “Audio” tab. This easy-to-handle converter can help you to convert AVI to AC3, AAC and other audio formats as well. And you can also choose other video output formats under “Video” tab, such as AVI to MKV, AVI to VOB and so forth.

Converting .avi files to .mp3

Step 3: Begin to Convert and Enjoy MP3 Files as You Wish

After choosing the MP3 format and specifying the output folder, just click “Run” button to begin the conversion process. The AVI files to MP3 conversion will be completed automatically. After done, you can transfer the converted MP3 files to your portable devices for convenient playback.

Solution Two: How to Convert AVI to MP3 with VLC

Extract .mp3 from .aviExtract .mp3 from .avi

There is another way available to change AVI files to MP3 format: download VLC media player and extract MP3 from AVI files. Next, let me show you the extracting steps with a picture.

1.Open VLC media player and click on “Media”. Then choose “Convert/Save” under the drop-down box. Also, you can use the keyboard shortcuts “Ctrl+R” to add files into the media player.

2.On the “File” interface, click “Add” button to add the AVI files you want to convert into the player. Then, press the “Convert/Save” to go on the next step.

3. Choose “Audio - MP3” under the drop-down box of “Profile”.

After these three steps mentioned above, you can rename the converted files and choose output folder by clicking "Browse" at the bottom of the interface. Finally, start the extracting process by clicking the “Start” button. VLC media player will extract MP3 from AVI files automatically.

Solution Three: Convert AVI to MP3 Online

Convert AVI to MP3 OnlineConvert AVI to MP3 Online

If you do not want to install any software, there are many free online video converters available to convert AVI files to MP3 files online. Here, I would like to offer you some links to these online AVI to MP3 converters:

Take Online Converter as an example, it is easy to operate. First of all, add AVI files into the converter by clicking “Choose File”. Then, press the “Convert” button to upload the file you want to convert. After the uploading process is finished, the converter will redirect to a web page to show the conversion result. Then, you can open the automatically downloaded file and enjoy MP3 as you like.

However, most of the online AVI to MP3 converters have strict restriction on files’ size. And during the process of AVI MP3 conversion, there are inevitably many misleading ads popping up. Moreover, the processes of uploading, conversion and downloading would be easily influenced by local network and server network. As a result, the whole conversion process may take a long time.

Now, I am sure that you have figured out how to convert AVI to MP3 free with these three methods, all of which are easy-to-handle and effective to almost all the AVI MP3 conversion problems.

More Features of Free HD Video Converter Factory

Free HD Video Converter Factory is an effective video converter, which enables you to convert MP4 to AVI, MKV to MP4 and some other video and audio formats and devices. It is a totally free, safe and high-quality video converter. No adware, no embedded software and no watermark on your output file. More features are waiting for your exploiting.

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The Best DVD Ripper to Convert DVDs to MP3 Files

The Best DVD Ripper to Convert DVDs to MP3 Files

WonderFox DVD Ripper Pro

WonderFox DVD Ripper Pro, a user-friendly DVD ripping software, enables you to extract the MP3 files from DVD videos. And you can also import ISO images and DVD folders to convert them to MP3 files. You can enjoy music without format and device limitation by installing WonderFox DVD Ripper Pro. The converter has simple interface, which is easy to use.

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