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Tutorial of How to Record Twitch Stream on a PC
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Simple Tutorial of How to Record Twitch Stream on a PC

Author by Rocabella

Updated on Apr 21, 2020

Nowadays, we can watch game videos, broadcast live game competitions, and even chat with other gamers on Sometimes, we want to record Twitch stream for later viewing to learn the game skills. This requires an easy way to help us record video on Twitch. How? Read on, this article will show you how to record streams on Twitch using a practical screen recorder:

Record Twitch Stream for Offline Playback

Teamfight TacticsTeamfight Tactics is a live streaming and on-demand video platform that provides users with the ability to watch game videos, broadcast live game competitions, play games, and even chat with other gamers, as well as create channels and upload videos of their own.

If your favorite gamers show their skills on Twitch, but you don't have time to watch them in real-time, then you can record Twitch stream so you can watch them anytime, anywhere. By recording, you can save both live video streams and VOD videos from Twitch to your computer. This article aims to give you some ideas on how to use a Twitch stream recorder.

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How to Save Streams on Twitch with WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory Pro

WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory Pro is just the right streaming video recorder to capture any video you watch on Twitch. It's easy to use and can record both screen activity and audio without losing quality. In addition, with the built-in video editor, you can edit recorded video including adding watermark, adding subtitles, cutting video fragments, etc. All the settings are designed to meet your different needs. Proceed to see how to use this tool for Twitch stream record.

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Tutorial on How to Record Twitch Streams

Run Twitch Stream Recorder and Select Settings

Step 1: Run Twitch Stream Recorder and Select Settings

First and foremost, the most obvious step is to free downloadfree download and install this Twitch recorder on your PC. Before recording the twitch stream, you need to select Recorder on the main interface and then customize some recording settings. Simply select the recording mode and the audio source by following the intuitive interface. As you can see, there are two recording options. Twitch video can be viewed in full screen, so the recommended recording mode is "Full Screen".

In addition, for recorded video to be compatible with devices you own, the software defaults the output format to MP4. You simply set the output path to save the recorded Twitch stream and proceed to the next step.

How to Record a Twitch Stream

Step 2: Start to Record Twitch Stream

Click "REC" to the right of the Twitch video recorder to begin the capture process. Now navigate to the target Twitch video and open it in full screen mode. Usually, there are five seconds before the recording starts. You can use it to play video at the beginning of the recording process.

Finish Twitch Video Recording

Step 3: Finish Twitch Video Recording

When you think it's time to finish recording, simply click stop or use the shortcut Ctrl + F1 to finish the Twitch video capture. The program will then immediately process and finalize the video. After that, you'll find the recorded Twitch video in the output folder.

The above is the whole content of Twitch how to save streams, is it very easy?

More Features about Twitch Stream Recorder

1. Is it very convenient to split the screen when comparing two scenes? This software can help us make a split screen video easily.

2. Do you want to make your video cuter? Want to block some video scenes with Emoji? You can use this software to make Emoji videos.

3. It’s fun to convert a video to GIF, and then we can use these interesting GIFs when chatting or posting on Facebook.

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How to Rip Your DVD Discs to Digital Videos

How to Rip Your DVD Discs to Digital Videos

WonderFox DVD Ripper Pro

Now, streaming media has become a new trend, and DVD has gradually withdrawn from the trend. WonderFox DVD Ripper Pro can help you back up your DVD to digital video files without any loss of quality. This software supports 300+ output formats and devices including AVI, MP4, MOV, iPad, iPhone, Android phone, TV, etc. Download it to have a try!

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