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Solved! 2 Available and Professional AAX Converters for AAX to MP3 Conversion

Author by Cooper

Updated on Jan 17, 2023

When you are searching converting AAX to MP3, there are so many results related to desktop/online converters. But after your attempts, you may encounter bad experiences, such as useless conversion to damaged files, unsupported file formats, authenticated audible files. Which methods are useful? This article aims to provide you with the simpplest solution.

Tips. WonderFox doesn’t advocate any conversion to copyright-protected files for any reproducing, distributing, transmitting, broadcasting, displaying or selling purposes. Please make sure it is not illegal in your country.

What is AAX?

AAX is an encrypted audio file format developed by Audible and is used in audiobooks. Similar to the standard .AA format, AAX is supported by iTunes, Apple iPod, and Amazon Kindle 2. It further contains some images and links, which will be automatically shown when the user listens to the story. Because of the DRM of AAX files, it’s hard to convert Audible to MP3, or other formats, and is also illegal if you use it for commercial purposes. For personal fair use, there are two available and reliable methods for converting AAX to MP3, which are shown below step by step.

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Method 1. Convert AAX into MP3 by Using OpenAudible

OpenAudible is an open-source and well reclaimed audible manager, which earns 1.3k + stars in GitHub. By taking advantage of it, you can download and view all your audiobooks in your audible account. It also offers many offline features, such as splitting audio into clips by chapters, joining audio files, and converting AAX into MP3. For our purpose here, let us see how to convert AAX to MP3 via OpenAudible. You can download it first for preparation:


Step 1: Import AAX Files into the Converter

Launch OpenAudible, click File on the top bar. Click Import Books or press "ctrl + T" to import AAX files.

Step 2: Convert AAX to MP3 with Two Clicks

After you imported files, you can see the brief information of the files at the bottom of the converter. Make sure it is the file you want to convert. Right-click it and choose Convert to MP3. Wait for the conversion to complete.

Step 3: Open the MP3 Files

As the conversion finished, right-click the imported files and choose Show MP3. Here are the files that you want.

Method 2. Convert AAX into MP3 by Using Epubor Audible AAX into MP3 Converter

Epubor Audible is another choice for us to convert AAX into MP3. It is such a clean and user-friendly AAX into MP3 converter that you can finish AAX into MP3 conversion in a few clicks. The only thing you can do with it is converting AAX files to MP3 or M4B, but it is really powerful. Now, let us follow the steps for converting AAX files into MP3. You can download it first for preparation:

Epubor Audible Converter

Step 1: Import Files into Epubor Audible Converter

Open the converter, click Add in the center of its top bar to import files or drag and drop files here directly.

Step 2: Specify the Output Path

Click the GEAR-shaped button on the right top corner. Click Output in the new setting window. Browse your disk to nominate the output path.

Step 3: Convert AAX into MP3

In the main window of the converter, click Convert to MP3 to start the conversion. If you need to convert files to M4B, click the inverted triangle and select M4B as the output format. When the conversion finishes, the output folder will pop up automatically.

At last...

The AAX to MP3 converters listed above are most reliable I have tried. Additionally, if you want to convert more files into MP3, you can try the following video & audio converter – HD Video Converter Factory Pro. The converter allows simultaneously converting multiple files into more than 500 formats and devices. Besides, it also supports downloading videos from YouTube, Facebook, Twitter…, downloading music from SoundCloud, Vimeo… editing videos, recording screens, recording system sound, and so forth. Download it and have a try now.

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