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Can’t Add Music to iTunes Issue Troubleshooting

Author by Oswald

Updated on June 29, 2023

Errors like ‘can’t add music to iTunes’ occur from time to time. Many factors are responsible for such problems. Here you can find out the whys and learn how to fix ‘music won’t add to iTunes’ with six solutions below.

Tips. An unsupported music file type is the common cause of can’t add files to iTunes. Using a professional audio file converter to convert the audio to a compatible format can easily tackle the problem. Get the handy and professional audio converter here and see the solutions below.

Why Can't I Add Music to iTunes?

According to the customer feedback from our support team, many of our users are faced with “Can’t add music to iTunes”, or “Can't drag music into iTunes” issues when importing music into iTunes library. I looked up for related information at, Quora and some similar forums for an overall solution – There isn’t any. The reasons that iTunes won't add music to library vary, so do the solutions.

Can't Add Music to iTunes LibraryCan't Add Music to iTunes Library

Here are some questions I saw while I was at it:

Q: When I try to add songs through "Add File To Library" it doesn't work whatsoever. I don't lose GB but I can’t add the song. I've tried removing a few songs and tried adding the particular song of choice but it still doesn't work.

Q: I've got some .mp3's in my download folder and they will not show up in my library no matter if I drag and drop, go to File>Add to Library, or even if I double click to play the song. Anyone else having this problem? No clue what to do.

A: I’ve tried to summarize all the possible root causes, as wider the range as I could cover. They are listed in the following article along with the corresponding solution. I hope there is one that fixes your problem.

Cause 1. iTunes Unsupported Music File Types

iTunes supports only some specific audio file types including MP3, AIFF, WAV, MPEG-4, AAC and Apple Lossless (.m4a extension). If your files are not on the list, you can’t add music to iTunes properly. Convert them to one of the above formats with an audio converter is the right move. We’d recommend WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory Pro (safe, stable, and simple) to handle this kind of conversion. Free downloadFree download this software to solve “iTunes not adding songs” problem now.

Convert Music to iTunes Supported File Types

Convert Music to iTunes Supported File Types

Before start, please free downloadfree download the software.

Step 1. Load Music Files into the Program

Install & launch WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory Pro. Select “Converter”, click “Add Files” button to add (up to 10) audio files to convert in a bulk.

Step 2. Convert the Audio Files to M4A (Recommended iTunes Audio Format)

Click on the format section at the right side of the interface > Select “Audio” section > Click on the “M4A” icon > Click “Run” button to start the conversion.

Learn More: M4A to M4R | AAC to M4R | MP3 to iTunes | SoundCloud to iTunes

A little trick. In some cases, like you can't add MP3 to iTunes, renaming the file extension to M4A might help.

Cause 2. Corrupted Music Files

Repair Corrupted Audio Repair Corrupted Audio

Rare as it might be, it happens. Have you processed your audio files with some unreliable converter? Some accident happened during the audio recording? The audio files are downloaded from websites and they are oddly small in size?

Ring a bell? That could be your cause.

Seek for the back-up with intact data, if there is any. If isn’t, try to repair your corrupted music files so that they can be properly recognized by iTunes.

Recommended audio repair tool software:

Free: VLC

Paid: Accusonus ERA Bundle Pro (Discontinued)

See also: Repair MP4 File | Audio Sync Problem

Cause 3. Misoperation on the Music to iTunes Addition

Correct Steps to Add Music to iTunesCorrect Steps to Add Music to iTunes

For some users who are not quite familiar with iTunes and just transfer music to or set ringtone for iPhone with it occasionally, misoperation would be a common mistake. Here are the correct steps to add music to iTunes. Check whether you’ve done wrong and follow the right steps as follows to re-add your music and see if that works.

Step 1. Open iTunes, sign in your account (Tips: Account > Sign out > Re-sign in. That fixes the issue in some scenarios).

Step 2. Select “File” tab > Select “Add File to Library” or “Add Folder to Library”.

Step 3. Navigate to the corresponding folder and add the right file/folder.

Step 4. Select Music from file types section > Check the newest addition at library – “Recently Added”

Cause 4. Haven’t Updated iTunes for a Long Time

Can’t Add Music to iTunes Fix: iTunes UpdateCan’t Add Music to iTunes Fix: iTunes Update

With iTunes in extremely old versions, it’s a frequent problem that you can’t add songs to iTunes. There are several optimizations every time iTunes updates. The later the version, the less problem you might come across. So, keep up with the latest version is a good habit.

iTunes > Help > Check for Updates, to get the latest version.

Cause 5. Rights-managed AAC Files

Rights-managed AAC FilesRights-managed AAC Files

Right Managed refers to a copyright license which, if purchased by a user, allows the one-time use of the file as specified by the license. It requires a further purchase for other uses.

You can't add songs to iTunes if they are rights-managed. Non-iTunes Plus tracks purchased from the iTunes Store, for instance. I mean, at all.

Cause 6. iTunes Slow Response

iTunes Slow ResponseiTunes Slow Response

Perhaps you’ve done everything correctly but still wind up in failure, and sometimes, your device or network connection are not to blame – There is actually an annoying bug since 10.14.5 Beta: At times, on some operate systems (especially Mac), however hard you’ve tried, you just can’t add music to iTunes. A blank window appears. neither close it nor click on it won’t help. You will only get informed about a frustrating message like “Adding item to library canceled”.

If that’s the case, uninstall iTunes completely (with related software components) at Control Panel and install it back at

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