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Convert WAV to AAC with Easy and Efficient Ways

Author by Blues

Update on May 20, 2020

Because WAV is a lossless audio format, the file size is large and need much storage space. If you want to reduce storage of WAV files, you can select some smaller size formats, such as WAV to AAC. Therefore, this article will select some converters to help you achieve the conversion.


WAV is the abbreviation of Waveform Audio File Format. It can also be called WAVE. It is often used to store soundtracks in CDs, and is uncompressed with all data preserved, but it takes up a lot of memory. In comparison, AAC is a patented audio codec standard based on MPEG-2 for lossy digital audio compression. The file size of AAC is relatively smaller than WAV. But for WAV vs AAC, if there is no professional Hi-Fi device, it is difficult to find the sound quality difference between these two. Therefore, for storing WAV files using less storage, we can convert WAV to AAC.

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Two Ways to Change WAV to AAC with Converters

Now let us get back to the topic. I have two options for you to choose for how to convert to AAC. Please continue reading this article.

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Method 1 – Convert WAV to AAC with Desktop Converter

To convert to AAC, it’s important to have a converter for novice and experienced person. Then WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory Pro is a good choice. It can help you transfer WAV to AAC quickly and efficiently. In addition, it supports downloading audio and video online to play offline on any device.

Three Steps to Convert WAV to AAC

Import WAV File into the Converter

Before you start to convert WAV files, you should first free downloadfree download the converter on your PC.

Step1. Import WAV Files into the Converter

Firstly, open your converter, select Converter button. Then choose your WAV file that you want to convert and import it into this converter. You can click the Add files button or drag file into the converter window.

Select AAC Output Format

Step2. Choose Output Format

After adding WAV files, click output format button on the top right corner, then you will see many formats and profiles for devices. Click on Audio tab, select AAC as your output audio.

Tips:If you want to convert files to other formats and play files on any device, here are so many options you can select. You can also set audio parameters as you like, such as changing bit rate, audio channels

Start Converting

Step3: Start the Conversion Progress

After choosing the output format, then you can set the output path for the target audio file by clicking the inverted triangle button. Last, hit RUN button to start the conversion progress.

Method 2 – How to Convert WAV Files with Online Converter

Another way is converting online via some online converters, such as ZAMZAR, ConvertFiles and so forth. The advantage of the online converter is that it can convert directly online without downloading the installation package, and some converters also support online download. However, compared to the desktop program, the online converter supports limited formats and most of them don’t support setting the corresponding format parameters. Now I will take ZAMZAR( as an example to introduce how to convert WAV to AAC for you.

Online ConverterOnline Converter

Step1. Click the Add Files button or drag&drop WAV files into the specified area, or you can also select the URL of the audio file.

Step2. Choose AAC or other formats as the output format by clicking the inverted triangle icon.

Step3. Click the Convert Now button to convert your WAV audio files.

Step4: After converting, click the Download button and choose the save file option, the browser will save your AAC file automatically, and you can open AAC file in the browser downloader.

During the conversion progress, network or net server may influence this procedure. Therefore, conversion time may be longer, please be patient to wait.


We have already introduced two ways to convert WAV files, now you can start converting as you like. If you have any question, please contact us whenever.

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