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MKV vs MP4 - Which is Better in Different Criteria for Comparison

Author by Oswald

Updated on Aug 18, 2023

Speaking of MKV vs MP4, the comparison of those two popular video formats, don't jump to conclusions. There are some criteria for comparison that need to be taken into consideration. Now, I’ll tell you which is better in different perspectives and introduce a useful tool to convert MKV to MP4 and Vice Versa.

A Brief Summary of MKV vs MP4 and Difference between MKV and MP4

In layman's terms, MKV(Matroska) and MP4(MPEG-4) are video formats. To comprehend, better consider them as the container in which video & audio streams are contained. Usually, we have a wide range of video sources and a wide variety of encodings. MKV is currently the most suitable package format – it can help to wrap up anything. Thus, is MKV better than MP4?

- The Major Difference Between MKV and MP4:

MKV was specifically designed to be a universal container, it supports content of any codecs – which makes it an all-purpose container, unlike MP4, which is restricted in specific video/audio encoder. Encoder means much to a video file, it determines its quality, size and device support, and different encoder vary from each other to a large degree, that’s why MKV differs MP4 a lot.


Which is Better MKV or MP4?

In short, if you value good video quality, MKV can be a solid answer. If not, as the format with terrific compatibility, MP4 is perfect for any-device playback. Looking for details? Sure, in three parts, I will elaborate on their pros and cons.

Usually, to judge which video format is “better”, we take these criteria for comparison:

- Part 1. Video Quality and Playback Performance

- Part 2. File Size and Network Adaptability

- Part 3. Encapsulation Performance

Part 1. MKV vs MP4 - Video Quality and Playback Performance

MKV vs MP4 QualityMKV vs MP4 Quality

MKV: Video quality depends on the video/audio encoder within container, MKV can contain higher-definition encoder like AVCHD. Besides, even when MKV and MP4 have the same codecs, MKV is still better than MP4 in audio quality; Multi-video and multi-audio streams supported, multi-subtitles and multi-audio tracks supported; Easy to add subtitles or extract saved subtitles

MP4: Not much of a good format speaking of video quality compared with MKV. Video quality is restricted to its finite encoder; Subtitles can’t be properly displayed in most cases, can’t add subtitles to MP4 without a professional tool easily.

Conclusion: MKV is better.

Part 2. MKV vs MP4 - File Size and Network Adaptability

MKV vs MP4 SizeMKV vs MP4 Size

MKV: Uncompressed video format, storage-costly and hard to transmit online.

MP4: Higher coding efficiency – minimal size for mediocre quality. Better compatibility; A perfect video format for Google Drive and other cloud services; Widely used on portable device video playback.

Conclusion: MP4 is better.

Part 3. MKV vs MP4 - Encapsulation Performance

.mkv vs .mp4 in encapsulation performance.mkv vs .mp4 in encapsulation performance

MKV: Compatible with all codecs; Allows you to directly add audio and video streams and play properly afterwards without re-encoding; VFR (Variable Frame Rate) supported.

MP4: Encoder is restricted to: MPEG-H Part 2 (H.265/HEVC), MPEG-4 Part 10 (H.264/AVC), MPEG-4 Part 2, MPEG-2 and MPEG-1.

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Conclusion: MKV is better.

Additional part:

There are different results of .mkv vs .mp4 competition:

Storage unconcerned, for those who have high requirements on quality and play videos on PC, a certain video player like VLC and HD TV, MKV is a good choice. For portable device playback, upload, cloud service, purpose of storage saving, MP4 stands out in its high compression ratio.

In fact, both situations above are common to be encountered from time to time. So, converting the desired video type as appropriate with proper video converter – HD Video Converter Factory Pro is a good idea.

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How to Convert MKV to MP4 with HD Video Converter Factory Pro and Vice Versa

Load MKV Files into the Program

Before start, please free downloadfree download the software.

Step 1: Load MKV Files into the Program

Click on the “Add Files” button to load MKV files into the program. Click on the format section at right side of main interface, select MP4 icon at “Video” Tab from the category box above. If needed, slide the definition bar to customize definition, the program automatically utilizes the best parameter settings for your choice.

Convert MKV to MP4

Step 2: Choose MP4 as Output Format and Start the Conversion

I believe the reasons that you’re converting MKV to MP4 are mobile device playbacks or you want to reduce video file size for storage saving. So, if you don’t mind quality loss, you can customize parameters like transcode video to advanced encoder, change video bitrate and change video frame rate to further downsize file size: Click on the small “Parameter setting” button to go to setting window > Video > “Bitrate”, “Framerate”, click “OK” button to proceed once you’re done.

At last, click on the “Run” button to start the conversion, you’ll be noticed whether to open the destination folder when the conversion is done.

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All in all:

Hope you have obtained a more comprehensive understanding of MKV & MP4, and vote right on the video formats comparison in the future.

Thank you for your reading.

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