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“How can I increase the volume of MP4 files?”
Many people may have the same trouble. When playing some videos, you may sometimes find the playing audio too quiet, even if the volume of the device and media player is on full blast. Then you will need to increase the volume on your MP4 and other video files to make the sound louder. Here are some approaches that can help you increase the video volume effortlessly.
Read on, and make your MP4 video louder now!

Carina Carina | Updated on Dec 04, 2023

Part 1: How to Increase MP4 Audio Volume on Windows

---Way 1. Best Volume Booster to Increase MP4 Audio Volume

---Way 2. How to Increase MP4 Volume with Windows Movie Maker

Part 2: How to Make MP4 Audio Louder on Mac

Part 3: How to Increase Volume of MP4 Online

Extra Reading: Increase Volume for Playing MP4 in VLC

How Can I Increase the MP4 Volume for Better Enjoyment?

However, if your MP4 videos have a low sound, you may have a bad experience when enjoying them, even with the device's volume turned up to its maximum. A good way to make your video sound louder is to get a third-party volume booster to permanently fix the low-sound videos. The following gives some handy tools that can help you increase the MP4 volume permanently on Windows and Mac.

The Best MP4 Audio Booster

HD Video Converter Factory Pro makes it easier than ever to permanently increase MP4 volume without losing quality. Once you have this handy tool, you can easily boost up the volume of your MP4 and other video/audio files within 3 steps. Get it now!

Part 1: How to Increase MP4 Audio Volume on Windows

Way 1. Best Volume Booster to Increase MP4 Audio Volume

When talking about the best volume boosters for Windows, you can give WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory Pro a try. With its multiple features, this tool can increase the volume in MP4, MOV, MKV, MP3, M4A, and other video/audio files. While using it for increasing volume, it can also help you change video/audio formats with its powerful format support. Video editing, compressing, parameter customizing, etc. are also provided. Its user-friendly interface and intuitive operation process make this program easy to use for users of all levels.

Free downloadFree download this efficient MP4 volume booster and install it on your PC to be prepared for the following tutorials.

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Step 1. Import the MP4 Videos into the Program
Launch HD Video Converter Factory Pro after installing it on your PC and open the Converter module. Click + Add Files button to load all the MP4 videos with low volume. You can also drag and drop them into the workplace.
* HD Video Converter Factory Pro supports batch processing, so you can add multiple files into the converter to increase the video volume simultaneously.

Increase Volume of MP4 File

Optional: Change the Video Format
If you want to change MP4 videos to other formats like MP3, AVI, MOV, etc., you can press the big format image on the right side of the software to choose a desired format before going to increase the volume on MP4 videos.

Step 2: Adjust the Volume of MP4 Videos
Click the Parameter settings button below the big format image and you can see the Video Settings and Audio Settings. Head to the Audio Settings and drag the Volume slider to the right to increase MP4 volume (up to 200% of the original). Press OK to save the change.
Tips: You can also modify other video and audio parameters like video resolution, bit rate, and audio bit rate, channels, etc.

Increase MP4 Volume

Step 3: Export the Modified MP4 Files

Back to the main interface, you can press the inverted triangle button to specify an output folder for the processed MP4 videos. Finally, hit the Run button to start exporting the louder MP4 files.

MP4 Audio Booster

More Than a MP4 Volume Booster

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Upscale video resolution to 720p, 1080p, 4K
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Way 2. How to Increase MP4 Volume with Windows Movie Maker

Windows Movie Maker is the default video editing software for Windows operating system. Although it is discontinued by Microsoft, you can still use it to increase the MP4 volume if this app is downloaded on your Windows PC. Without further ado, let's take a look at how to make the MP4 video louder with Windows Movie Maker.

Step 1: Launch Windows Movie Maker on your computer and click the "Add videos and photos" button to add your MP4 video file.

Step 2: Switch to the "Edit" tab, and then you can see the "Video volume" option at the top-left corner of the program.

Step 3: Click the "Video volume" button and drag the slider to the right side to increase the video volume.

Step 4: Press "File" > "Save movie" to select an output format setting and save it on your computer.

Windows Movie Maker Increase MP4 Volume

Part 2: How to Make MP4 Audio Louder on Mac

For users who want to increase the video volume on their MP4 files on Mac, iMovie is recommended since it is a built-in video editing program for Mac. The following gives a simple tutorial. Just read on!

Step 1: Launch iMovie and start a new project. Drag a video to the timeline after importing it to the media bin.

Step 2: In the timeline, select the clip for which you wish to increase the volume. Then, above the preview window, click the volume icon and drag the volume control to make the video louder.

Step 3. Save and export the video to your Mac in MP4 or MOV format.

Increase MP4 Volume on Mac

Part 3: How to Increase Volume of MP4 Online

Besides the desktop video volume booster, many people may also want to use the online tools to boost MP4 volume for their convenience and no downloading features. But the online video volume booster tools may have some limitations. Whether the network is stable and high-speed determines the file uploading, processing, and downloading durations. So this method is more suitable for processing small size files. If you want to process those larger files, you may experience a long wait and find that it still fails.

Nonetheless, this article will introduce a popular online MP4 volume booster—VideoLouder. It’s a free service that supports AVI, MPEG, MPG, MP4, MOV, and XVID formats and the maximum file size is 500MB.

Here is the tutorial to increase MP4 volume with VideoLouder.

Step 1: Visit the website: on your browser.

Step 2: Click the “Browse” button to load the video you want to increase the volume. (Keep in mind that the video size is limited to 500MB.)

Step 3: Move to the Select action part and choose Increase volume. Then select the suitable decibels from the drop-down list.

Step 4: Press the “Upload File” button and wait for the uploading and increasing process.

Step 5: Click “Download File” after the whole process is finished.

Online MP4 Volume Booster

Extra Reading: Increase Volume for Playing MP4 in VLC

If you have installed VLC Media Player and usually use it to play your video and audio files. Then you can directly adjust the video volume to higher while playback for enjoying in VLC. But note that VLC can't permanently boost the video volume on your original files, you can only play the video files with boosted volume in VLC. The following steps will show you how to make mp4 video louder in VLC for playing.

Step 1: Open VLC Media Player and click “Tools” on the menu bar. Choose the “Preferences” to open the “Simple Preferences” window.

Step 2: Navigate to the “Show Settings” in the lower left corner and select “All”. Check the “Only show current” at the upper left corner and click “Qt” to open the “Qt interface”. Find the “Maximum Volume Displayed”.

Step 3: Type in the number between 0 and 300 in the box and press the “Save” button.

Step 4: Restart VLC, and you can watch the MP4 videos in VLC with a louder volume.

VLC Increase MP4 Volume


That’s all I want to share with you about how to increase MP4 volume. Among the above recommended approaches, HD Video Converter Factory Pro is the most recommended one for Windows users with its high efficiency. It can permanently increase the volume of the original MP4 files so that you can play them with a louder volume on any player and device. It has no size and internet limitations and supports nearly all the video and audio formats.

Give it a try and it will never let you down!

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