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YouTube Volume Boosters - Four Methods to Boost YouTube Volume

Author by Vita

Updated on Jan 29, 2024

Typically, you can increase YouTube volume by turning up the volume in the YouTube video player directly. But in some cases, the video is still inaudible after the volume is maximized. This article introduces some good tricks to work the problem out. If you want to make a YouTube video louder once-for-all, the recommended YouTube volume booster is a good solution:

How to Fix the YouTube Sound Barely Audible Problem?  

You may have the experience that when you play a YouTube video, the sound is too quiet to hear. Even if you turn the volume in the YouTube video player up full blast and set your computer's volume to maximum, it's still barely audible. Don't worry! This article introduces four simple methods to increase YouTube volume for better enjoyment.

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Method 1 – Increase YouTube Volume with JavaScript

YouTube Increase Volume of Uploaded Video with JavaScriptYouTube Increase Volume of Uploaded Video with JavaScript

Step 1. Open the YouTube video on Chrome or FireFox.

Step 2. Press F12, open Developer Tools, and click on the Console tab.

Step 3. After the symbol ">", paste the following codes in the blanks:

var videoElement = document.querySelector("video")
var audioCtx = new AudioContext()
var source = audioCtx.createMediaElementSource(videoElement)
var gainNode = audioCtx.createGain()
gainNode.gain.value = 2 // double the volume

Step 4. Press the Enter key to make YouTube video louder.

Tips. You can change the number in gainNode.gain.value = 2 // double the volume from 2 to 3 or higher values.

Method 2 - Boost YouTube Volume with YouTube Volume Booster Chrome

YouTube Amplifier for Google ChromeYouTube Amplifier for Google Chrome

Step 1. Install the YouTube sound booster plug-in for increasing the volume for YouTube videos:

Step 2. After the plug-in is installed successfully, an orange volume icon will appear in the top right corner of Google Chrome. Click on the icon, the volume in the YouTube video will be increased. You can drag the volume control bar to turn up/down the volume and click on the Turn Off button to remove the effect.

Method 3 - How to Increase YouTube Volume in 3rd Party Media Players

Boost Audio with KMPlayerBoost Audio with KMPlayer

Many free media players support streaming YouTube video, such as VLC, PotPlayer, KMPlayer, etc. They can also help you increase volume for YouTube as a YouTube volume booster. Here takes KMPlayer as an example and the actual steps of each media player are varied.  

Step 1. Install KMPlayer:

Step 2. Open KMPlayer, press F2 to open the Options window, click on Audio Transform under the left Internal Filters tab, check Enable built-in audio Transform filter (requires restart) and then click on OK.

Copy and Paste the YouTube Video URL into KMPlayer Copy and Paste the YouTube Video URL into KMPlayer

Step 3. Restart KMPlayer, click on the icon in the upper left corner and open the drop-down list. Select File > Open URL/YouTube.

Step 4. Copy and paste the YouTube video URL, and click on OK to play the video. You will find that the volume has been increased.

Method 4 – Recommended YouTube Volume Booster to Amplify YouTube Sound Permanently

The three methods above can temporarily solve the sound problem. However, every time you refresh the YouTube page or reopen the video, the sound will turn as low as before. So here we also provide a solution for you to solve this problem for good – Just download the YouTube video and increase the volume permanently with WonderFox Free HD Video Converter Factory. The powerful YouTube video volume booster & downloader can help you normalize any video in the easiest way. Just follow the steps to learn how to make YouTube louder.

Disclaimer: This guide is limited to personal fair use only. It is illegal to download copyrighted materials without the copyright holder’s consent. WonderFox does not approve of copyright infringement in any way.

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How to Boost YouTube Volume with Free HD Video Converter Factory

Download the YouTube Video First

Before start, please free downloadfree download and install the software on PC.

Step 1. Download the YouTube Video

Go to Downloader. Click on + New Download button, copy and paste the video URL into the Paste URL box, and click on Analyze. Once the analysis process is complete, choose a needed format and resolution under the Download Video section, hit OK, and click on the Download All button to import the YouTube video into the YouTube volume booster.

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Increase the Audio Volume

Step 2. Make the YouTube Video Louder

After the download is complete, find it on the output folder. Next, back to the main interface, go to Converter. Import the video via Add Files. Click on the Parameter Settings button on the lower right. In the Audio section, drag the volume control bar to increase YouTube volume. It allows you to turn volume up to 200%. If it's higher than 200%, the output audio will become worse.  

Here % means it will increase percentages on the basis of the original audio volume. Eg. the original audio volume is 89 dB, so the 110% means it will increase to 89*1.1 = 97.9 dB.

Click on OK to save the changes. Finally, click on Run to make the video louder.

Tips. You can also convert YouTube to AVI, MKV, WMV, MOV and more. Just click on the Output Format button on the right side of the Video Converter interface and open the output format menu. WonderFox Free HD Video Converter Factory supports over 500 digital formats and optimized presets for popular devices.

In Summary

You can not only adjust the volume of a YouTube video by using the volume control slider of the video player and your computer, but also take advantage of a special YouTube volume booster as the article mentions. Meanwhile, most YouTube sound boosters cannot make YouTube videos louder once and for all. If you like a speech video, tutorial video or other YouTube videos and want to loop the YouTube video, but the volume is too quiet, you might as well download the YouTube video and increase volume permanently with WonderFox Free HD Video Converter Factory.

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