Top 10 Best MP4 Players to Download and Use in 2023

Feb 8, 2023
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10 Best MP4 Players for Windows/Mac/Android…
1. VLC Media Player
3. PotPlayer
4. MPV Player
5. KMPlayer
6. GOM Player
7. QuickTime Player
8. MX Player
9. Chrome Browser Media Player
10. MP4 Player Online
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FAQs of MP4 Video Player

MP4 is the most common video format type you can see everywhere – the funny video your friends shared with you, the footage you shot with your digital camera, the movie you downloaded from the internet, etc. While being a universal format, in some cases, your MP4 file may fail to play in the device’s default media player. And this is where a third-party MP4 video player will come in handy.

Among the numerous MP4 media players out there, it’s not easy to find the right MP4 file player for you. But don’t worry. We are here to help you. In this article, we’ve rounded up the best free MP4 player software based on usability, playback ability, and operating systems. Hopefully, this is the place where you find your best MP4 player. Right now, let’s meet the top 10 MP4 file players in 2023 below.

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10 Best MP4 Players for Windows, Mac, Android, Online

1. VLC Media Player

Operating Systems: Windows, Mac OS X, Ubuntu, Android, and iOS

VLC Media Player is an MP4 player software that never disappoints. Supported by the FFmpeg format library, VLC can simply play everything with no codec packs needed. Beyond that, it can play discs and open live streams. While VLC can be used as an easy MP4 viewer, it presents a wide array of options that allow you to modify the interface, adjust the video setting, add custom toolbars, etc. to fit your every need.

VLC is a completely free and open source media player that runs across multiple platforms. Most likely, you will find VLC Media Player the best MP4 video player for download on your device.

Download VLC Media Player


Operating Systems: Windows Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10

If you are a frequent user of Windows Media Player and want to find a similar program, you can give MPC-HC a shot. This program is a fork of the original MPC, which mimics the simplistic look of Windows Media Player but provides more advanced features to play back different audio and video files. MPC-HC can be used as a lightweight Windows MP4 player that can play MP4s on even low-end PCs.

MPC-HC is an open source media player but hasn’t been under development since 2017, which means it might not be able to cope with newer codecs and formats released after 2017. By that time, you may need to switch to something else.

Download MPC-HC

3. PotPlayer

Operating Systems: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10

PotPlayer is a relatively new video player that has received many positive reviews in recent years. It is developed by the South Korean Internet company Kakao to compete with other leading media players like VLC, MPC, and GOM Player. Now, it stands out as one of the best MP4 players for PC Windows.

PotPlayer supports a wide range of media formats, thanks to its support for OpenCodec (you can cancel it during the installation). In playing a video file, it also provides advanced options to fit different demands. However, due to the many settings, this app isn’t the easiest one and may confuse some first-timers.

Download PotPlayer

4. MPV Player

Operating Systems: BSD-based, Linux, macOS, Windows

MPV Player is the most versatile MP4 media player as it is primarily a command-line application that can be scripted to do almost anything. But it also has a UI with basic controls that you can easily play a video through a single drag-and-drop. It can play a large variety of media files besides MP4, and it also enables you to experience 3D movies with immersive viewing. But what MPV Player beats other competitors is its built-in video scaling algorithms that can output your videos with better image quality.

Download MPV Player

5. KMPlayer

Operating Systems: Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS

KMPlayer is another impressive multimedia software player that can play videos, music and more. It can be used as a simple free MP4 player. It can decode various video formats like 3D, 4K, HEVC, and more if you add external codecs. Moreover, this all-around player can play back DVDs and Blu-ray as well. One of the most important features of KMPlayer is that it gives you huge freedom to customize the video player. Also, it will let you play MP4 movies and other media files seamlessly with clear image quality.

Download KMPlayer

6. GOM Player

Operating Systems: Windows Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10

GOM Player makes a good MP4 player for Windows 10. It can play MP4 as well as other common video and audio files with no fuss. If you are into VR and 360-degree videos, you can also use GOM Player to enjoy the best out of them. One interesting feature of GOM is that it can auto-search the matching subtitles when you open a video, so no need to worry anymore when watching a foreign language movie. Also, you can enjoy movies in the comfort of your couch now since you can use the GOM Remote on your smartphone to control the GOM Player.

GOM Player is a freemium media player. The free version will display ads and cannot playback 4K UHD movies.

Download GOM Player

7. QuickTime Player

Operating Systems: macOS, Windows

QuickTime Player is a multimedia player created by Apple. It can play and stream a variety of digital media formats, and it can be an MP4 player for Mac and Windows. You will find QuickTime Player a standard media player to decode all kinds of videos, and like other programs, it allows you to play media files without lag. Within the QuickTime framework, you can even transcode a video into another format effectively.

Although QuickTime Player is discontinued, it remains a mature video player and can be downloaded elsewhere.

Download QuickTime Player

8. MX Player

Operating Systems: Android

MX Player is hands down the best MP4 player for Android smartphones. This app can play MP4 on Android in the most seamless, smooth video playback with its large array of gesture controls. You can adjust the brightness, volume, speed, frame size, subtitles, and more while you play the media. What’s more, MX Player does multinuclear decoding, which means it offers better performance when dealing with some tough videos that most other regular players can’t handle.

Although MX Player offers a large array of features, it makes them all easy to access and handle.

Download MX Player

9. Chrome Browser Media Player

If all you want is to get an MP4 file to play, you don’t necessarily need an MP4 player – the Google Chrome browser can do the job for you. To play MP4 in Chrome, all you have to do is open the Chrome browser, then drag the MP4 file into the browser interface. The video will start playing immediately. You can play it in full screen, change the playback speed, or use the picture-in-picture feature.

Google Chrome supports MP4 files encoded with H264, H265, MPEG-4, and AV1. And besides MP4, you will be able to play Ogg, WebM, WAV, FLAC, VP8, and VP9 in the Google Chrome browser directly.

10. MP4 Player Online

Besides the MP4 player software offline, you can choose an MP4 video player online if you are using a phone. Some online MP4 video players, such as, will make use of the browser to play MP4 video online directly, while some others like Free MP4 File Viewer App Online will upload and convert the MP4 file to a playable file so you won’t experience any failed playback.

But keep in mind that these web-based MP4 players offer only the playback function and nothing more. If you want advanced features, use any of the MP4 video players mentioned above.

Visit Free MP4 File Viewer App Online

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Today, you’ve learned what media player will play MP4 and the top MP4 video players for different devices. I hope you have already found your best MP4 file player that can help you play different kinds of MP4 with the best visual experience.

That’s all we want to share about the best MP4 players to download and use in 2023. Thanks for reading till the end. Have a wonderful day!

FAQs of MP4 Video Player

1. Which MP4 Player is the Best?

For most people, VLC Media Player is the best MP4 player without a doubt. But depending on your actual needs, you may find other programs like MPC-HC, MPV Player, and even the Chrome Browser the best option for you.

2. Why Can’t I Play MP4 Files?

MP4 consists of a container format and codecs. Your media player will need to have the corresponding MP4 codecs to play the MP4 video. For instance, you cannot play an MP4 video encoded with HEVC codec on Windows Media Player because the media player lacks the HEVC decoder. You can install the HEVC Video Extension or convert the HEVC codec to a supported format to fix the problem. Of course, when you encounter such a problem, you can always turn to a different MP4 media player like the ones listed here.

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