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How to Convert MP4 to H.264 l Three Free and Effective Methods

Author by Vita

August 14, 2020

Are you trying to convert MP4 files to H.264? The following post lists three good methods for you to finish the conversion free and easily. Read on to find the use your best fitting solution. Meanwhile, you can quick install our recommendation to convert MP4 to H.264 effortlessly:

Why Do We Convert MP4 to H.264?

MP4 is a popular digital multimedia container format that primarily used for storing video and audio data. And H.264 is an advanced video codec that can compress the video data in MP4 container. As a trendy video compression standard for compressing, recording, as well as distributing video content, H.264 is capable of compressing video data to relatively small size with high quality and it is well adopted by video streaming websites, such as YouTube, Vimeo, Hulu, Netflix, etc. Thus, if you want to convert a video for reducing video file size and keep better compatibility with major platforms, you can use the H.264 for your files.

It’s also noteworthy that converting MP4 to H.264 is actually the process of re-encoding the MP4 file with H.264, for instance, MP4 H.265 to H.264 or MP4 MPEG-4 to H.264. Of course, you can change the video format synchronously, such as MP4 H.264 to MKV H.264.

So how to encode MP4 videos using H.264 exactly? You may try the following methods.

Part 1. Convert MP4 to H.264 in Free HD Video Converter Factory

WonderFox Free HD Video Converter Factory is dedicated to video & audio conversions. One of the highlights making this MP4 to H.264 converter different from its counterparts is it features the smart fitting options, which enables users to convert MP4 files to H.264 with high quality at a few clicks away. Even if it is the first you handle the conversion, you can finish it in your elements. On top of that, Free HD Video Converter Factory is an advanced converter that comes with flexible settings and features. You can further adjust more parameters and try additional features. Here is how to convert MP4 files to H.264 in this video converter.

Free Download Free Download

Before start, please free downloadfree download the software and install it on PC.

Step 1. Import the MP4 File (s)

Open Free HD Video Converter Factory, select “Converter” on the main interface. On the Video Converter window, click on “Add Files” and import your MP4 files. You can also drag all the files into the window directly.

Add MP4 Files

Step 2. Convert MP4 to H.264

Click the format icon on the right side, head to Video, then select H264. In this way, Free HD Video Converter Factory will convert your MP4 files without changing the MP4 container format. That is to say, it will export the files in MP4 H.264.

Select H.264

However, if you want to change the container format from MP4 to MKV, MOV or other formats, you need first select the target format under the format menu, then click Parameter Settings, click to open the Encoder drop-down list, and select H.264. Next, click “OK”.

Parameter Settings

Tips. since some video container formats don’t use the H.264 coding method, you may not find H.264 under the Encoder list after choosing any of these formats.

Step 3. Export the Video(s)

Click the triangle icon on the bottom to specify the output folder. Then, click on “Run”.

Finish the Conversion

Part 2. Finalize MP4 H.264 Conversion in VLC Media Player

In addition to being a media player, VLC can help you to convert video files. You can use it to convert MP4 videos to H.264, as well.

Step 1. Run VLC, hit Media, then Convert/Save.

Step 2. On the Open Media dialog, click on +Add, select the MP4 file you want to convert and click Convert/Save.

Step 3. Click the Profile drop-down list, select Video – H.264 + MP3 (MP4) that refers to MP4 video encoded with H.264 video codec and MP3 audio codec. You can also select any other formats based on your demands.

Step 4. Hit the Browse button and specify the output path.

Step 5. Hit Start to finalize the conversion.

Convert MP4 to H264 VLC

Part 3. Convert MP4 to H.264 Online Free

Online video converters are typically free methods of converting file formats and some of them support MP4 to H.264 conversion. We have rounded several good choices. If you think an online solution is suitable for you most, you can try any of them:

Usually, for converting MP4 to H.264 online, you need to upload the target video, select H.264 as the output format. Next, wait for the uploading and conversion process. Because of varied net connection conditions, the process can be either long or short.

Sum Up

It is recommended that you use online solutions for small video clips only since most websites have maximum upload file limits. Meanwhile, a large video file could cause an extremely long conversion process. VLC is suitable for people who have installed this media player on their desktop and have fewer demands for the conversion, such as, flexible and self-explanatory conversion settings. However, if you expect a smooth and fast conversion process, and want to further convert more files, with Free HD Video Converter Factory installed on PC, you will not have to download other conversion tools anymore.  

Free Download Free Download

Recommended Software: Batch Convert Videos Files in a Blink

HD Video Converter Factory Pro

WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory Pro

The upgraded version owns exclusive lightning mode, and supports batch conversion mode and hardware acceleration, which works together bringing you a surprisingly fast conversion. But fast conversion is not its only striking points. Designed as multiple-purpose video process software, this software comes with more advanced features. Download it here:

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