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The Detailed Review on Top 5+ Online MP3 Editors

Author by Helen

Updated on Dec 08, 2023

Is there any reliable online MP3 editor for basic audio editing? Sure, this article will demonstrate 5+ easy-handle online services for audio editing without downloading any software and plugins.
If you demand fast processing speed and high-quality output performance, you can also give the free desktop MP3 editor app a try!

It’s common that you need to edit your MP3 files or other audio files for different reasons. Some will take advantage of online services for editing because you do not want to install any programs and these sites are free to use in most cases. As long as your computer is connected with the internet, you can deal with basic audio editing. For your reference, this review recommends the top 5+ reputable online audio tracks editors and you can take the one you are looking for.

Part 1 – Top 5+ Online MP3 Editors that Let You Cut, Join, Trim, etc. MP3 and Other Audio Files Handily

1. is a multi-functional online MP3 editor that allows users to cut MP3 online as well as convert or merge MP3 online. It’s free and operates at a pretty fast speed. Users like this server as they can directly choose the needed function on the menu bar, like audio cutter, audio joiner, audio converter, etc.

MP3 Splitter Online ServiceMP3 Splitter Online Service

Why people like

1. A remarkable online MP3 cutter and joiner: cut or join uploaded files with a couple of clicks.

2. Can upload local audio tracks or import files from Google Drive, Dropbox or URL.

3. Audio fade in, fade out features and able to make ringtone for iPhone.

4. If you load a video file, it will extract the audio track for you.

5. User-friendly as it provides the related guide of the lower part in the official site.

6. Multi-language support.

Yet, there are a few shortcomings:

1. You can meet ads there and if you have Ad-Block, this server won’t function properly.

2. Required Adobe Flash for normal use.

3. Upload and edit large audio files will take much time, you need to be patient.

Learn more on its official site:


As an easy-handle online music trimmer, audiotrimmer can cut MP3 files on the fly. Also, it can serve as an MP3 converter, tempo changer, and audio reverser, which will render you interesting MP3 playing experience.

MP3 Cutter Free Online ServerMP3 Cutter Free Online Server

Why people like

1. Trim MP3 online with a satisfying speed and the whole trimming process is easy and handy.

2. Able to change the bitrate of output MP3 files.

3. You can speed up or slow download the upload audio tempo on the “Tempo Changer” section.

4. Reversing the MP3 files supported as well.

5. Allows to add fade in, fade out or both features to the audio track.

6. Mobile friendly: this server is compatible with tablets and mobile phones.

Yet, there are shortcomings:

1. There are file size restrictions, the maximum file size for MP3 trimming and conversion is 250MB, for tempo changing is 20MB and for audio reversing is 10MB.

2. Output format limit: you can only export the audio tracks to MP3 and M4R format.

Learn more on its official site:


Speaking of the popular MP3 joiner online services, is on the list certainly. And there’s one thing for the audio merging, the added tracks must be in the same audio format and bitrate. Since you are going to merge MP3 files there, just pay attention to the bitrate. By the way, is able to perform as a splendid online MP3 cutter and joiner.

Cut/Merge/Convert AudioCut/Merge/Convert Audio

Why people like

1. Join MP3 online easily: choose file > submit > the merged track will be shown on the middle part of the interface > download.

2. Note: “The new audio file will be appended to the latest file created.” And the joined MP3 file is based on the audio uploading order: you submit tracks A, B and C successively, and the final combined track will be A+B+C.

3. You can also enter an online file URL to this online audio joiner.

4. Able to convert cut, and compress MP3 online on the official page. Just click the corresponding button on the menu bar and change to the related page.

Yet, there are shortcomings:

1. If you paste the file URL, this server may not recognize it sometimes.

2. File size limit, you are restricted to upload tracks up to 200M for merging.

Learn more on its official site:


Many users deem as an advanced online MP3 editor and it operates like Audacity in some degree. For MP3 editing online with this site, you just need to upload the MP3 file to the official page and then it will pop up another webpage that allows you to edit the tracks specifically after uploading.

Edit Audio Files via Twistedwave.comEdit Audio Files via

Why people like

1. As for MP3 editing, you can cut off the unwanted portions, normalize audio, add fade in/out effect, or zoom in and out on the wave form.

2. Besides uploading local audio tracks, you are empowered to add MP3 files from Google Drive and SoundCloud.

3. To export the final MP3 files, you can choose to download or directly send the file to SoundCloud and Google Drive.

4. Recording audio track is capable yet you need to install Flash Player for this function.

5. You can change audio bitrate when you export the file.

Yet, there are shortcomings:

1. It will automatically change the multichannel audio track to 5 minutes mono file with the free account.

2. With a free plan, your files will be deleted after 30 days of inactivity.

Learn more on its official site:

5. is an excellent online MP3 cutter and joiner and it functions at a remarkable speed. It assists you to cut and merge MP3 online easily and renders one friendly interface; users can directly find the wanted MP3 editing functions at a glance. And it uploads the MP3 track in seconds, that’s quite satisfying.

Take to Edit MP3 TracksTake to Edit MP3 Tracks

Why people like

1. You can import MP3 file from your computer or from YouTube and other websites.

2. The built-in MP3 editing functions are: cut, combine, add fade in/out effect, and mute or adjust volume.

3. Export your MP3 file to WAV, MP3, M4R, OGG, AAC, and WMA.

4. Audio recording is supported on this online music trimmer.

5. Based on HTML5 and users don’t need to upload audio files to the server.

6. This audio cutter and joiner online service is multilingual.

Yet, there are shortcomings:

1. You can only import MP3, WAV, and OGG file and output the track to 6 formats.

2. Can only upload and edit one file at a time.

Learn more on its official site:

All the above online MP3 editors contain the same merits: free and pretty easy to handle, no need to install any software. However, the demerits are similar, either. You will run into a bit of a snag when using these services. They all require network connection and it directly affects the uploading, editing, downloading speed on the servers. Moreover, there are limits on MP3 file size and output format, and you are only allowed to upload and edit one file each time. These defects might be annoying for some users and you take the suitable alternative to online music trimmer, Free HD Video Converter Factory, which is able to edit MP3 files as wish and maintain the luxuriant sound quality.

6. is an audio/video processing tool that can help you edit, convert, compress, and do more. It is simple to use and accessible through any device without any latency issue. Aside from MP3, the online audio editor supports all audio formats, including OGG, WMA, WAV, etc. You can use it to easily edit your MP3 files as you want.

Edit Audio Files via ClideoEdit Audio Files via

Why people like

1. Clean interface without ads.

2. Trim the audio file in two different way to quickly remove the unwanted parts.

3. Able to apply fade in/out effects.

4. Provide many output audio formats like MP3, OGG, Opus, WAV, WMA, etc.

5. Quick download and send to Google Drive or Dropbox

6. Offers merge, compress, speed, and other video editing features.

Yet, there are shortcomings:

1. The Pro version is a bit expensive.

2. Some features require a log in/sign up.

Learn more on its official site:

Part 2 – The Best Alternative to Online MP3 Editor: Free HD Video Converter Factory

WonderFox Free HD Video Converter Factory is fit for the MP3 editing task. As a versatile freeware, this one can accomplish audio editing, converting and downloading without complex steps. Free downloadFree download it here to start to edit your MP3 files now.

Offline Audio Tracks EditorOffline Audio Tracks Editor

Why people like Free HD Video Converter Factory:

1. A professional MP3 editor that allows you to cut/crop/trim/split/merge audio tracks without hassle, as well as change the MP3 bitrate, encoder, channel, sample rate, etc. And you can import MP3 in batches.

2. It’s totally free and clean, no adware, malware or embedded plugin. Faster than online MP3 cutter and joiner, and no limit on import file size/format and output MP3 to 300+ digital formats and devices.

3. Compress large audio files to the smaller size to free up more device room.

4. For merging, you can rearrange the MP3 orders as wish by dragging.

5. Make unique ringtone for both iOS and Android devices.

6. Mute the audio or booster the audio volume as you wish.

Learn more on its official site:

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