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DVD Surround Sound – How to Convert DVD to Dolby Digital or DTS
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DVD Surround Sound – How to Convert DVD to Dolby Digital or DTS with Ease

Author by Rocabella

Updated on Sep 01, 2023

Want to extract audio from DVD? Want to enjoy surround sound without a DVD player? Here, how to achieve DVD Surround Sound is for you. Follow this article to get the best DVD converter along with a detailed guide:

Do You Want to Get DVD Surround Sound?

Q1: On a computer with a DVD drive, could I rip the DTS tracks to my hard drive and burn them so I can play them as a DTS CD? I want to make compilations of surround mixes, and want to mix DVD audio discs with my DTS VD's. I'd try, but at the moment I don't have any DVD audio discs with DTS tracks. Can someone help me with the conversion of DVD DTS?

Q2: Can my DVDs have surround sound? How can I extract Dolby Digital from my DVDs?

A: DVD supports several configurations of audio, including mono, stereo and surround. For DVDs, Multi-channel or surround audio is supported via Dolby Digital in 5.1 or DTS (we cannot encode DTS and will need to be supplied already encoded). In order to finish the conversion of DVD surround sound, we first need to understand the difference between DTS vs Dolby Digital so that we can choose to convert DVD to DTS or DVD to Dolby Digital. Secondly, we have to choose the correct and reliable DVD Converter to help us achieve our goal. Follow the tutorial to get the answer.

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How Can I Achieve the Conversion of DVD Dolby Digital or DVD DTS?

Now, all you have to do is extract audio from the DVD to Dolby Digital or DTS formats. Then a simple and reliable DVD to Audio Ripper is essential. Here we highly recommend WonderFox DVD Ripper Pro, which specializes in ripping audio from any commercial DVDs or homemade DVDs to various audio formats including Dolby Digital (AC3), DTS, MP3, WAV, FLAC, etc. In addition, the software also supports extracting subtitles from DVD, directly copying DVD to PC or Tablet, etc. Free downloadFree download the recommended tool to start your work now!

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Tutorial on How to Achieve DVD Surround Sound Conversion

Load DVD into Program

In order to finish DVD surround sound conversion, first of all, free downloadfree download, install and launch WonderFox DVD Ripper Pro on your PC.

Step 1: Load DVD into Program

Insert disc into the drive. Then click on DVD Disc icon on the main interface to load your DVD. As you can see, the program is also able to rip ISO image files and DVD Folder files.

Convert DVD to DTS or Dolby Digital

Step 2: Convert DVD to Surround Sound

This DVD Converter will read and analyze the entire DVD file in a few seconds, and the main title will be marked automatically after that. Click on the Output Format area on the right side of the interface, where you can see the 300+ output audio and video formats as well as devices. In order to finish the conversion of DVD surround sound, you can select DTS or AC3 (Dolby Digital) under the Audio tab as the output format.

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Convert DVD to Surround Sound

Step 3: Finish DVD Dolby Digital or DVD DTS Conversion

(Optional) If you only want to cut a portion of the DVD audio, click the Edit button and adjust the two sliders to determine which part to cut for retention.

Finally, set the output directory on the lower left side of the interface, then click the RUN button on the lower right to finish the whole process.

Disclaimer: WonderFox doesn't advocate any copyright infringement, all information provided in this article is presented to make digital copies of your own DVDs for personal backup and fair-use only. Figure out if it is legal to rip a DVD in your country beforehand.

More Features of WonderFox DVD Ripper Pro

1. This software supports converting DVD to ISO files to avoid DVD disc scratch or burning DVDs to new disc.

2. Is your DVD still unable to play due to the limitation of region code, if it is, then this tool will remove region code from DVD ever for you.

3. This software can convert DVDs to almost all popular audio and video formats as well as devices such as DVD to iPhone without any pressure.

Free Download Free Download

How to Convert DVDs and Local Videos Easily

How to Convert DVDs and Local Videos Easily

WonderFox DVD Video Converter

You may have sizeable collections of DVDs in your home and since these are physical disks, after all, the best way to protect them is to store them on your computer. WonderFox DVD Video Converter is the right tool for your needs for it can deal with DVDs and local videos easily. Download it to have a try!

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