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How to Customize the Best HandBrake Settings for DVD
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How to Customize the Best HandBrake Settings for DVD

Author by Rocabella

Updated on Mar 15, 2024

There are lots of discussions about the best HandBrake DVD settings for DVD to MP4/MKV conversion. Are you still confused about that issue? Today, this article will tell you how to customize the best HandBrake settings for DVD and also share a good HandBrake alternative for DVD ripping. You can quickly get it here:

Best HandBrake Settings for DVD

HandBrake Best DVD SettingsHandBrake Best DVD Settings

Q: I've been playing around with HandBrakefor a week now, MP4 and MKV, and all that stuff. I'm ripping DVDs and I need to know the best audio and video settings. I have tried most of the presets, any help?

A: Actually, there's no such thing as “best HandBrake settings for DVD”. It at least partly depends on you:

What file size do you want?

What quality do you want?

How fast should encoding go?

Personally, I believe that fine-tuning should be a balance between file size and quality. So here, what we are trying to do is show you the best HandBrake DVD settings for converting DVD to MP4 or MKV in an easily understandable and clear format.

The Factors That Affect the Output Video Quality

Firstly, you should know converting DVD to digital video is a process of re-encoding with compression. So, there is data loss to some extent and you can't preserve the exact original quality. But you can keep it as close as possible.

1. The video output is mainly depended by the quality of your input source. Usually, DVD has two standards: 720 x 480 (NTSC) and 720 x 576 (PAL), both of which belong to SD (Standard Definition). Therefore, you can only set the output resolution to SD, and the mandatory upscale SD to HD does not improve the video quality.

Also see: PAL Format DVD | NTSC Format DVD | Convert PAL to NTSC or NTSC to PAL

2. Video parameter settings will greatly affect the quality and size of the video. HandBrake DVD rip settings like bit rate, video resolution, frame rate, output format, etc. are very important. Bit rate is quantified using the bit per second (bit/s or bps) unit or Megabits per second (Mbit/s). A higher bit rate allows better video quality. Frame rate affects the smoothness of a video. When in doubt, medium is always a good choice.

HandBrake Best DVD SettingsHandBrake Best DVD Settings

General HandBrake Best Settings for DVD

1. Choose HandBrake DVD preset to HD 480P30 Surround and set the output format to MP4 file.

2. Click Video menu. Make sure the video codec is H.264 (x264).

3. The frame rate should be the same as original source file and Constant Framerate should be selected.

4. Check Constant Quality and adjust the slider until the RF number goes to 20.

5. For the encoder options, slide the preset slider to slow.

6. Leave “Fast Decode” unchecked.

7. Set Tune to Film.

8. Set Profile to High.

9. Set Level to 3.1.

The above parameter settings are for reference only. Due to different requirements (video quality, video size, conversion speed, etc.), The handbrake preset for DVD can be adjusted according to your own needs.

How to Rip DVD Easily with HandBrake Alternative – WonderFox DVD Ripper Pro

If you think that custom HandBrake settings for DVD is very difficult, I suggest you use WonderFox DVD Ripper Pro to rip your DVD. It’s a nice alternative to HandBrake DVD ripper. This software allows you to rip any kinds of DVDs even the protected DVDs and choose output format from over 300 profiles based on your needs. And all the parameters would be fitted automatically and smartly by this powerful DVD ripper.

Now, free downloadfree download this software to start to rip DVDs with the best presets.

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Tutorial on How to Use HandBrake Alternative

Rip DVD with HandBrake Alternative

Step 1: Load DVD into HandBrake Alternative

Insert DVD into DVD-ROM. Free downloadFree download, install and launch WonderFox DVD Ripper Pro on your PC. Click on “DVD Disc” to load your DVD source file. Apart from that, DVD ISO Image file and DVD Folder file can also be loaded.

Step 2: Select One Output Format

After several seconds, you’ll find that all DVD titles are analyzed and the main movie title has been precisely selected. Press the output format button on the right side and choose a video format or device as the output format. This software has set the smart parameters for you in advance to ensure you copy DVD to PC in the simplest way.      

Step 3: Finish DVD Ripping Process

Then, set the output path of the DVD video and click on RUN button to finish the DVD ripping process.

Optional: Before clicking the RUN button, you can click the Settings button in the lower right corner to open a new window and change the video parameter settings.

WonderFox does not advocate any illegal exploitation of DVDs, please ensure that your actions are legal in your country. The ripped DVD movie cannot be used for any commercial activities.

At last...

The above is all about HandBrake settings for DVD, I believe that with the help of HandBrake and its alternative, we can rip DVDs in the best settings for backup and offline viewing. WonderFox DVD Ripper Pro really does well in ripping DVDs and removing kinds of copy protections. Download it to have a try!

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