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How to Extract Audio from DVD with Super Powerful DVD to MP3 Converter
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How to Extract Audio from DVD with Super Powerful DVD to MP3 Converter

Author by Rocabella

Aug 13, 2018

“Recently, I was reviewing an old movie, and its background music deeply touched me. What can I do to extract this piece of music from the movie without harming the DVD?” Follow this article to get the best solution for converting DVD to MP3 with ease. Now, free download this DVD audio ripper to prepare for your work:

Have in Trouble in Converting DVD to MP3?

Q: I'm wondering if it's possible to extract audio from a DVD to an MP3 file without hurting the DVD. I also want it to maintain a 320 kbps bitrate along with a 6 channel streamline. Any help?

The answer, of course, is no problem. In fact, in addition to movies, TV series DVDs, opera, live show, concert, music DVD collections may not be viewed too often. Hence if we can convert these DVDs to MP3 soundtracks, we can enjoy music in our free time without the cumbersome DVDs and DVD players. But how to do that? Now, follow this tutorial to get the quick and flexible solution to convert DVD to MP3 with ease.

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Preparation: Choose A Suitable DVD to MP3 Converter

To rip DVD to MP3, a third-party DVD to MP3 converter is essential. Many tutorials on the web currently claim to be free to convert DVDs to MP3 that are outdated or have expired, even a misleading advertising trick for clicks and referrals. Unlike converting CD to MP3, as you know, most DVDs contain different kinds of DVD encryption technology. If they are not recognized and decrypted correctly, they will only cause conversion failure.

If you are tired of trying to fail again and again, WonderFox DVD Ripper Pro will make you shine. There are no complicated technical terms and procedures, thanks to its intuitive GUI, powerful decryption ability, fast conversion speed, all you need to do is click the mouse to finish DVD MP3 conversion. Do not believe? Download itDownload it and follow the guide to start your work!

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Extremely Simple Guide on How to Convert DVD to MP3

Load DVD into Program

Before start, please free downloadfree download WonderFox DVD Ripper Pro firstly.

Step 1: Load Source File into DVD to MP3 Converter

Insert the DVD into the DVD drive, and then run DVD Ripper Pro. Click on the DVD Disc to import your DVD. The software will automatically analyze, decrypt, and check the main title.

Tips: As shown, the software also supports importing ISO and DVD folder files. In other words, you can convert ISO to MP3, as well as DVD folder to MP3 easily.

How to Convert DVD Music to MP3

Step 2: Extract MP3 from DVD

Click to expand the output format list on the right, and select MP3 as the output format under the Audio tab. After that, experienced users can click on Settings on the lower right to set various parameters, such as selecting audio bitrate to 320 kbps, increasing the volume, etc.

Step 3: Finish DVD Audio to MP3 Conversion Process

Finally, set the output directory on the lower left side of the interface, then click the Run button on the lower right to process the DVD to mp3 conversion.

After the conversion is complete, transfer the MP3 file to the portable device and bring the music in your pocket for enjoyment without time and space restriction.

The above method is only suitable for converting DVDs purchased by yourself. WonderFox does not advocate extract MP3 from DVD for illegal distribution and any commercial purpose. Before converting, please make sure it is legal to rip DVD in your country.

More Features on WonderFox DVD Ripper Pro

1. This software is the best DVD audio ripper that helps us to rip DVDs to MP3, WAV, FLAC, ALAC, etc.

2. Rip music DVDs Absolute Garbage, Doobie Brothers etc. to MP4, MP3 and more formats.

3. 1:1 back up DVD to ISO to avoid the DVD being scratched.

Free Download Free Download

Rip Your DVD to MP3 as well as Download Music from Web

Rip Your DVDs to MP3 as well as Download Music from Web

WonderFox DVD Video Converter

The super powerful WonderFox DVD Video Converter is coming! Not only can you help you crack DVD encryption technology to convert DVDs to MP3, you can also download favorite music from various video & audio sharing sites. What are you waiting for! Download it now!

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