How to Change Background Music of Videos? [4 Free Methods]

Unrelated or distracting background music can ruin the viewing experience. As a result, it is critical to change background music of videos. This article will show you 4 simple and free ways to replace annoying background music on PC, online, and mobile devices. Keep reading to find your favorite way.
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Carina Carina | Updated on Feb 19, 2024

Part 1. How to Change Background Music in Video on Desktop?

----HD Video Converter Factory Pro for Windows

----iMovie Video Editor for Mac

Part 2. How to Change Background Music of Video Online Free?

Part 3. Video Background Music Changer App for Mobile

Part 1. How to Change Background Music in Video on Desktop?

As most video editing tasks are completed on PC, this part shares two ways for you to change video background music on Windows and Mac.

Video Background Music Changer for Windows

WonderFox Free HD Video Converter Factory is an all-in-one video processing tool for Windows. Its user-friendly interface and self-explanatory operation make it simple for anyone, from a novice to a tech-savvy individual, to change the background music of a video. You can easily remove the original audio track and add a new audio file to the video as the background music. You can even add multiple audio tracks to the video. Not just used for background music replacement, it can also be used to add subtitles to videos, extract audio from a video, normalize the audio volume, and more.

Without further ado, let’s walk through the detailed guide on how to change background music of videos in the following content.

Note: Before changing the video background music, you need to make sure that the video you import and the background audio file have the same length, or you can edit the audio length with WonderFox Free HD Video Converter Factory. Otherwise, the audio out of sync problem will inevitably occur.

Handy Background Music Changer

With WonderFox Free HD Video Converter Factory, you can easily replace the background music in any kind of video without losing quality. It is free, simple, and efficient for all of its features. Just get this software to start your work now!

How to Change Background Music of a Video on Windows?

Free downloadFree download and install Free HD Video Converter Factory to get prepared. Then follow the steps below.

Step 1. Import the Source Video(s)

Launch WonderFox Free HD Video Converter Factory and enter the “Converter” module from the initial interface. Click on the “+ Add Files” button or the center “+” button to import the videos. You can also directly drag the source files and drop them into the workspace.

Import Source Videos

Step 2. (Optional) Select an Output Format

If you want to change the video format, press the format image on the right side of the interface to expand the output format library. Select an output format under the “Video” tab now!

NOTE: As of now, only MP4, MOV, and MKV support adding multiple audio tracks; the others only support one track.

Select the Output Format

Step 3. Remove the Original Audio

Under the imported video, press the loudspeaker icon to bring out the “Audio Track” list. Uncheck the audio track box to remove the original audio. You can also open the “Parameter settings” window and drag the volume bar to 0% to mute the video.

Tips. In the “Parameter settings” window, you can also modify the video resolution, codec, bitrate, etc., and related audio settings.

Remove Original Audio Track

Step 4. Change the Video Background Music

Press the second “+” button (next to the Audio Track) under the video conversion list to choose your ready audio file. Hit “Open” to add it as the new background music track.

Step 5. Export the Final Video

Click the bottom inverted triangle button to specify an output path or leave it as the default. Then press “Run” to activate the process.

Replace the Video Background Music

How to Change Video Background Music with iMovie

Developed by Apple Inc., iMovie is a video editor app preinstalled on Macs. It has many video editing features that allow users to trim, rotate, crop, and merge video clips, add subtitles, enhance video color settings, add video transitions, change the speed of clips, certainly change the video background music, and more.

If you are an Apple user and wonder how to change music in videos with iMovie, just read the following guide.

Step 1. Launch iMovie on your Mac and click “File” > “Import Media” in the top menu bar to import the source video. Once the video is loaded in the iMovie interface, drag and drop it to the timeline.

Step 2. Right-click the video on the timeline and choose “Detach Audio”. Then the background music is separate from the video, and you can click to delete it. Or you can directly mute the video by clicking the audio icon.

Detach Audio

Step 3. iMovie provides a music library for you to choose the background music, but you can also add the local audio files or your voice-over to the video as the background music. You can press “Audio” to add the audio from your iTunes library or click “File” > “Import Media” to select the audio file from other sources.
Note: Once you drag the audio clip to the timeline below the video, there will appear a green line to indicate that the audio clip has connected to the video clip.

Step 4. Now you can edit and adjust the background music to make it the same length as the video.

Step 5. Once you have done all the adjustments, go to “Share” to export the video.

Add Audio Track

Tips: Some video formats like WMV, FLV, MKV, WebM, etc. are not supported in iMovie. You need to convert them to iMovie-compatible formats like MOV, MP4, and so on for smooth editing.

Part 2. How to Change Background Music of Video Online Free?

Instead of downloading a desktop video editor to remove background music from a video, you can also try some online video editors to replace the background music in videos. Here are many online video editing tools now, and I’d like to take Clideo as an example to show you how to change the video background music online free.

Clideo is one of the most popular online video editors that enables users to merge, crop, rotate, resize, trim, and compress videos. It also allows you to add music to videos. Some audio editing features like cutting and merging audio are also provided.

Now, let’s see how to change background music of a video with Clideo.

Step 1. Go to the startup page of Clideo with this link ( and click “All tools” to find and open the “Add Music to Video” tool.

Step 2. Click “+ Choose file” to import the video from your local drive. You can also click the arrow icon to select a video file from your Google Drive or Dropbox account. Wait for the file uploading process.

Upload Video

Step 3. After entering the audio adding page, click the “+ Add Audio” button right next to the video view window to pick an audio file and wait for the uploading process. (Here you can also add the audio file from your Google Drive and Dropbox account.)

Step 4. Now you can set the music start time while playing, and trim the audio to shorten the audio track. You can also loop the audio when the soundtrack you add is shorter than the video. Then drop the video volume to 0%.

Step 5. At the bottom left of the window, you can choose the output format or leave it as the default (MP4). Finally, press “Export” and wait for a while.

Replace Background Music

Step 6. Before downloading the final video, you can preview it to make sure everything sounds OK. Then click “Download” to save it to your devices or upload it to your Google Drive or Dropbox account. Otherwise, you can click “Edit” to return to the previous step.

Tips. Online background music changers are easy to get started with, but there are also many drawbacks. They completely rely on the network, so the uploading and editing processes can take a long time and even crash if the network is unstable. Moreover, most online video editors limit the uploading file size and length, output quality, and add a watermark to the final video unless you upgrade to their paid plans.

Part 3. Video Background Music Changer App for Mobile

Besides changing video background music on desktop/online, some mobile apps can also help users replace background music of videos on their mobile phones. You can just search for a video editor in the App Store on your iPhone or Android phone. Here I will show you how to replace the audio in videos with InShot, which is a popular video editing app compatible with iPhone and Android that has been downloaded over 500 million times.

Step 1. Download InShot and open it. Select “Video” from its home screen and choose a video file from your local folder. Tap on the green tick mark at the bottom right corner.

Step 2. Press “Music” in the bottom toolbar and click the video track to mute the original video volume. Then hit the “Music” button to add a new audio track to your video from the provided music library or your local audio files.

Step 3. After the audio track is shown on the Editor screen, press “Edit” to trim the audio track, adjust the audio volume, etc. Now, you can click “Save” in the upper right corner to download the edited video.

Change Video Background Music on Mobile

More than Change Background Music

· Convert video/audio to desired formats;
· Trim, crop, rotate, watermark, add filters to videos;
· Merge videos or audio files to seamless pieces;
· Compress large files with high-quality preserved;
· Download movies and music from 500+ websites

Bottom Line

Well, that’s it! With the four ways mentioned above, you can now change background song of videos on Windows, Mac, online, and mobile phones as you like. You can also use them to accomplish other video edits. Hope you can now change audio in videos smoothly. Thanks for your reading. Have a nice day!

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