Animeseason Website and Its Alternatives: Watch Anime Episodes Online Free

Animeseason was a popular website for watching free anime episodes. However, you must have found that the original Animeseason isn’t working any longer. Is Animeseason completely down? How to watch anime now? Focused on the two aspects, this article will tell you what you want to know. 

Vita Vita | Updated on Feb 6, 2024

Part 1. Animeseason Not Working: Is Animeseason Shutting Down?

Part 2. The 11 Good AnimeSeason Alternatives

1. 9Anime

2. Animepahe

3. 4Anime

4. Anime Twist

5. Animedao (Down)

6. Gogoanime

7. Animeultima

8. AnimeHeaven

9. TheWatchCartoonOnline

10. Animevibe

11. Animesuge

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Part 1. Animeseason Not Working: Is Animeseason Shutting Down?

Animeseason was amongst the best free anime streaming websites several years back. We had also concluded it in this list of best websites for downloading anime over a period of time. However, the genuine has not been accessible since August 2018 because the website owner closed it. closing

When you try to open this website, it will prompt that this page isn’t working. Hence, we have checked the website status of Animeseason using verified website monitoring services and all results show that is down for everyone.

Animeseason is shut down

You may wonder, whether there is a new Animeseason website. Actually, while the shutdown of, a few so called Animeseason websites with different domain extensions have appeared, for instance, .org and .tv. Nevertheless, they come with a totally different interface and collection and there is not a shred of evidence that they inherit from the former website.

It's a great pity that Animeseason is shut down. But it’s time to find some good Animeseason alternatives to continue our anime journeys. In the following part, we will present 15 good options.

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Part 2. The 11 Good AnimeSeason Alternatives

1. AniWave (Formerly 9Anime)


Undoubtedly, 9Anime ranks amongst the best free anime streaming websites in the lineup. It is a comprehensive hub where you can pick from a ton of anime titles, ranging from notable anime titles all the time to ongoing series, from niche anime to the most discussed shows, backed by the frequent updates. Along with excellent navigation design and search filters at your disposal, 9Anime helps you find any desired content instantly, for example, dubbed or subbed anime, movies or TV shows only, specified genres of anime, season anime in certain years, etc. 9Anime also features decent quality for streaming and downloading. Multiple servers are provided to deliver hassle-free user experiences though there are a few redirects and ads.  


While Animepahe is best known for its simplicity, the collection of high-quality small encoded episodes also makes it one of the most visited anime websites. Animepahe supports 360p, 720p, and 1080p resolutions for streaming while enabling users to download episodes in small file size friendly to portable devices. Furthermore, its fast updated selection of subbed anime shows ensures that you can always find popular and the latest anime. Animepahe is an ad supported website, which means you will encounter various pop-ups and ad banners during browsing on it, but an ad-block tool will help you get rid of practically all advertisement content.
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3. 4Anime


Marked by straightforward and ad-free UI, 4Anime is another great spot to watch free anime. It is also acknowledged as one of the safe anime websites by anime buffs. You won’t be bothered by any distractions when watching anime on this website. Here, every anime is locked to 1080p resolution. For viewers who are addicted to sharper image quality, 4Anime is indeed the best Animeseason alternative. But it should also be noted that a fast Internet connection is helpful to smoother streaming on this website. Plus, 4Anime is a subbed anime focused platform.

Anime Twist

Anime Twist serves as a simple yet massive library of free anime. It doesn’t have categories or curated sections as most websites do. Instead, it features a long list of anime titles on its pages. You can either scroll down to find anime you’re interested in, or make use of the search bar to search for particular anime. In order to deliver high-quality content, Anime Twist doesn’t compress videos, but which may result in occasional slow buffering errors. Sometimes, Anime Twist will also add ads on its page. Even so, Anime Twist is still one of the best free anime websites on the network when it comes to less-distracting viewing and ease of use.

5. Animedao (Down)


Animedao is another right destination if you’re looking for an Animeseason alternative. It is well known for a tidy interface and allows users to toggle between dark and light mode. At Animedao, you can watch many latest episodes and popular anime series. Despite the lack of advanced search filters, Animedao always gives the most matching results for your every search query. Anime content on Animedao is in good quality. There are multiple servers and resolutions available for selection. On top of that, a prompt will be displayed if a server contains ads. If you find you can’t stream a video on Animedao, disabling ad-block tools should fix it.
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6. Anitaku (Formerly Gogoanime)


If you’re seeking a way out to watch both dubbed and subbed anime, Gogoanime is absolutely one of the best spots to go. You are able to enjoy tons of popular and new series and movies categorized into various genres and in different years. Gogoanime is packed with quality content and features fast updates. It is an impressive free anime database where you can always get your luck. Furthermore, if you’re keen on Chinese Donghua, you can also go to Gogoanime. Many popular Chinese animated series can be found here. Another good side of Gogoanime is it offers direct download options and multiple workable servers.
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Animeultima is acted as an excellent aggregator of anime shows and movies. You can explore its anime collection by genres, year, type, alphabetical, and more, browse the complete list of over 2000 anime after signing up, or check out the calendar list of upcoming and previous episodes. Animeultima has a dedicated on-going anime show section, under which you can keep track of latest content readily. If you can’t find needed content on this site, you may sign into your account and request Anime. Animeultima gathers multiple servers with dubbed and subbed versions and varied resolutions mixed. It allows users to switch the servers readily based upon different demands. The only downside of this Animeseason alternative is its irritating ads. So, you may need an ad-block extension.


We also highly recommend you try AnimeHeaven as your Animeseason alternative. It is a nice platform for watching popular and new anime shows and movies. In addition to subbed version, a huge catalog of anime dubbed are available. While browsing on AnimeHeaven, you will find how well-organized this website is. It covers its updates under different sections, including the while Anime list, Dubbed anime only, Series, Movies, Ongoing, and Popular. Meanwhile, advanced search filters are available, which helps users locate anime based on genres, released time, anime type, etc. We are also surprised that the servers on AnimeHeaven deliver rather stable and smooth streaming while this website pays more attention to superior HD quality. It won’t let you down.  
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Apart from offering free anime, as its name suggest, TheWatchCartoonOnline is also a wonderland to watch cartoon online. Of course, it seems to put more emphasis on anime content. At TheWatchCartoonOnline, you can see a wide array of the latest dubbed/subbed anime and popular all the time. Almost all anime genres are involved. TheWatchCartoonOnline is an ad supported platform with anti ad-block detection. You have to put up with annoying ads. But ads on this website is less intrusive. You can still use it without distraction, especially when you find some niche titles that you can’t find on other websites, from its collection.

10. Animevibe


AnimeVibe features zero-ad and free streaming without registration. Its anime library is composed of subbed and dubbed content. You can not only search for anime by their genres or language, but also sort them based on their ranks, to see the most popular content. Besides, the AnimeVibe Lite tool is available as a backup, which serves as a light and fast anime search engine and streaming platform based on the AnimeVibe website. AnimeVibe offers direct download options, as well. If you run into streaming errors, switch to one of other servers provided by AnimeVibe.  

11. Animesuge


Animesuge is a new free anime streaming website that boasts a well-organized UI and ad-free streaming, as with Animevibe. This Animeseason alternative gives access to loads of anime shows and movies and allows users to save anime on devices. You can give it a shot if you take no distracting experience into the first consideration. As a rising website, Animesuage is continually updating its content, feature, and even look to meet people’s demands. According to the overall performance, Animesuge has proved itself a wonderful option to watch anime free.

Bottom Line

The Animeseason website is shut down. It’s time to find some good replacements. Hopefully, you will find one that satisfies all your expectations and needs in this post.

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