2024 Gogoanime Website: Is Gogoanime Safe and Legal to Use?

We can find many free anime websites on the Internet. However, the security and legality of these free websites have long been hugely controversial. This post focuses on one of the most sought-after anime websites, Gogoanime, explaining whether Gogoanime is safe and legal and what the real Gogoanime website is.

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Part 1. What is Gogoanime?

Update: Gogoanime was rebranded to Anitaku.

Gogoanime is among the best free anime websites and is deemed as a good alternative to Kissanime. This website owns an exceptionally massive library of indexes to popular and latest anime series and movies, which is composed of dubbed anime, subbed anime, Japanese anime, and some popular Chinese Donghua. Practically all anime genres are involved.


Because of its rapid updates and easy-to-navigate interface, you can always find desired titles, watch popular ongoing series, and discover new anime and other seasons in previous years on Gogoanime. If you’re looking forward to a place with a huge anime library, Gogoanime is definitely a nice destination to find all sorts of anime resources to binge with.
On top of that, Gogoanime provides multiple servers to each episode and streams anime robustly in HD quality. Another good side of Gogoanime is it allows people to download anime free without registration.

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Part 2. The Real Gogoanime Website

Due to the fact that Gogoanime frequently changes its URLs to keep itself from being shut down, there are many official and imitative sites using highly similar domains. Whether you search Gogoanime on your browser or ask for help on social websites like Reddit, you will always receive a batch of results. It is a huge risk to the safe use of Gogoanime if you happen to open a fake Gogoanime website. Thus, which are the real Gogoanime websites?

On the basis of the generally accepted answer and our actual investigation, we think that there are two real Gogoanime websites:

They share exactly the same interface and collection, along with synchronous updates. Meanwhile, there are a series of redirecting links that will take you to the same websites as .tel and .bid do.

Redirect to the same website of gogoanime3.co:

Redirect to the same website of anitaku.to:

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.pro is another popular Gogoanime alike website yet it is widely claimed to be an imitator that doesn’t belong to the official Gogoanime. The good part of this site is it features huge library and fast updates as the genuine ones do. Use it at your own risk.

If you find one of the redirecting links doesn’t take you to the same website of gogoanime.tel or www1.gogoanime.bid, please switch to other URLs in the list.

Part 3. Is Gogoanime Legal

Most free anime streaming and download websites are illegal, including 9Anime, Kissanime, AnimeHeaven, Animedao, and also Gogoanime. All anime episodes on such websites are not licensed by the original producers so they’re essentially pirated. But there is a loophole. The likes of Gogoanime don’t host but provide indexes of content to third-party servers, such as MP4Upload and Vidstreaming to avoid or minimize legal actions.

Users rarely get involved in legal issues when streaming anime on Gogoanime and similar websites. However, due to the crackdown over online copyright infringement piracy, these platforms have to face with the fate of being closed. Of course, they always stage a comeback.

Typically, you can use these free anime websites without worrying about legal risks. But if you need legal options, here is a list of free legal anime websites for your information: Top 9 Legal Anime Websites.

Part 4. Is Gogoanime Safe

The biggest threat to safe use of Gogoanime is pop-ups and ad banners. Gogoanime is loaded with a few embedded ads. When you click on buttons or any place on its pages, it may occasionally direct you to random ad websites. It is still safe to use this website as long as you don’t install any malware or click irrelevant ad buttons. Furthermore, you can install an ad-block extension on your browser to block most of the ads. Check how to watch anime without ads with the help of AdBlock extensions. There are few complaints about security issues on Gogoanime. It is a safe place to enjoy anime free in most occasions.

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In Summary

Gogoanime is a safe and free anime streaming website on the premise you visit the real links and are careful to avoid pop-ups and malware. However, like most other free resource websites, whether it is legal to use Gogoanime is controversial. As Gogoanime involves pirated anime content, you may weigh whether to use it based on your own demands.

Disclaimer: The information provided above is for general informational purposes only. WonderFox is in no way collaborated or affiliated with third-party websites, and never advocate any copyright infringement action. The end-users should be solely responsible for your own behaviors.

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