10 Safe Anime Websites in 2024 to Stream Anime Online

Here are 10 safe anime websites to watch and download anime online without worrying about personal data disclosure or anything harmful to your devices. Meanwhile, you won’t run into annoying ads, pop-ups or other distractions on these websites. Let’s check out the complete list of the safe anime websites involved in this post.   

Vita Vita | Updated on Mar 22, 2024

10 Safe Websites to Watch and Download Anime with No Hassle

1. Funimation

2. AnimeKisa (Shutdown)

3. Animixplay (Shutdown)

4. 4Anime

5. 9Anime

6. GoGoanime

7. AnimeVibe

8. AnimeDao (Shutdown)

9. Anime Planet

10. Anime Twist (Shutdown)

A broad range of anime websites are available on the network but parts of such platforms are filled with intimidating pop-ups, banner ads, or redirects, which has raised concerns over whether these websites are safe to use. Where to watch anime safely? All the websites in the following part are good answers to this question. Let’s go into the safe anime sites for a no-distracting and ads-free anime viewing and download experience.

Disclaimer: The information provided below is for general informational purposes only. WonderFox is in no way collaborated or affiliated with third-party websites, and never advocate any copyright infringement action. The end-users should be solely responsible for your own behaviors.

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10 Safe Websites to Watch and Download Anime with No Hassle

Another good legal anime website – Funimation

1. Funimation

Website: https://www.funimation.com/

The Sony-owned entertainment company, Funimation, involves exclusive dubbed anime distribution for a long time. Its vast catalog delivers more possibilities to anime enthusiasts to find anime titles they have no luck on other places. Whether you’re looking for classic anime TV series or latest releases, Funimation always brings you desired content. Most anime series on Funimation are available for free and it rolls out several advanced subscription plans corresponding to different features.

Not only that, Funimation will acquire Crunchyroll, the leading streaming services for licensed anime, which is definitely an exciting news for anime fans. Can foreknow, the merger of Funimation and Crunchyroll will bring more good content to more anime fans and even foster the anime community to a new level.

Anime websites that are safe? Try Animekisa

2. AnimeKisa (Shutdown)

Website: http://animekisa.epizy.com/

AnimeKisa has owned great popularity for a long time as one of the best safe anime streaming websites. This website focuses on fast & free anime streaming and provides easy accesses to a large number of anime series and films. Whether you’re a holdout for subbed anime or have a strong preference for dubbed versions, AnimeKisa is a good place to find out good content. Furthermore, its well-designed navigation tools help anime fans search for needed anime in an efficient way. There are a few ads and redirects on the video player but they’re less annoying and can be closed easily.

Safe sites to watch anime – Animixplay

3. Animixplay (Shutdown)

This is a promising free anime streaming website with soaring popularity recently. It comes with a huge database of anime, an array of useful search tools as well as extra functions. Most remarkably, Animixplay provides multiple languages and audio tracks for anime and can load anime smoothly at decent HD resolution. For some aspects, Animixplay even performs better than many premium services. This website is totally safe without advertising or suspicious buttons. It is a great way to watch anime without ads or other security issues.

One of the Safe free anime sites – 4anime

4. 4Anime

Website: https://4anime.gg/

4Anime is one of foremost platforms for free anime streams. It has almost all characteristics a good anime website supposed to have such as immense repository of anime in various genres, well-organized navigation, and stable & smooth playback capability. 4Anime also makes users download anime easily. Whilst 4Anime is a wonderland for subbed anime, some dubbed content will also be added into the website. All anime content on 4Anime is locked to Full HD 1080p. 4Anime has a simple and concise interface with only several ads banners and occasional redirects. You can give it a shot.

One of the trustworthy anime sites – AniWave

5. AniWave (Formerly 9Anime)

Website: https://aniwave.to/

AniWave (formerly 9Anime) is another extremely popular website in the field, featuring the largest anime library and regular updates. This comprehensive anime website involves all genres of anime released recently or a long time ago, from the most popular titles to niche anime. Based on its strong search tools, you will be able to find a needed result in a flash. In addition to subbed versions, AniWave is also a good spot to explore high-quality dubbed anime content. Meanwhile, all content on this website are available for downloading. In despite that 9Anime is not an ad-free website, there is no misleading buttons, intrusive ads or pop-ups when you click into each page or play a video. It is a safe anime website with massive high-quality anime content.

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Best place to watch anime – GoGoanime

6. Ainitaku (Formerly GoGoanime)

Website: https://anitaku.to/

If you’re expecting a safe anime website with a large amount of anime series, movies, and OVAs, GoGoanime is also a nice spot to go. The database of GoGoanime consists of not only Japanese subbed/dubbed anime in all genres, but also some good anime series from China. It also provides multiple servers for streaming and downloading anime content more efficiently. GoGoanime has been widely remarked as one of the best websites to free stream anime. It is worth mentioning that, however, the web address of GoGoanime has been changed for many times. Meanwhile, many GoGoanime websites are available on the network, which share the same interface and functionalities. But the site with .so domain is the most popular one at the present. You can visit the link above to use the website.

Anime website to use safely – AnimeVibe

7. AnimeVibe

Website: https://animevibe.ru/

AnimeVibe covers subbed and dubbed anime TV series and movies in its library and has an easy-to-navigate interface that helps access each part effortlessly. New releases are also added into its database frequently. The best parts of the anime website are it is free from ads and provides anime streaming in a faster and lighter way. AnimeVibe will always give a quick response to users’ actions on it.

Stream anime in a safe way on Animedo

8. AnimeDao (Shutdown)

You will know how tidy the website is when you visit it for the first time. Then, you will be surprised by its huge anime collections and decent content quality. Animedo also makes it a cinch to free stream anime online and multiple stream settings can be applied based upon your internet connection. Animedo once featured a fully clean website but recently it starts to add less intrusive ads on its pages. Even so, Animedo still surpasses many of its counterparts in respect of user-friendly interface.

Safe anime website of Anime Planet

9. Anime Planet

Website: https://www.anime-planet.com/

Anime Plant integrates legally free anime streaming service with community for anime fans to not only watch anime, but also read anime reviews, discuss characters, find like-minded friends, etc. Moreover, Anime Plant is a wonderful land for manga fans. Anime content on Anime Plant get supported by Crunchyroll and HIDIVE through their partnerships and also include officially selected content on the likes of YouTube, thus you can stream anime on Anime Plant without worries on legal trouble and also security. Parts of the content on Anime Plant are blocked on specified regions, however.

One of the safest anime sites – Anime Twist

10. Anime Twist (Shutdown)

Anime Twist is a pretty straightforward and safe anime website. It doesn’t have lots of bells and whistles but a complete list of anime releases and a quick search tool on the homepage. A large catalog of anime can be found on the website via their romaji titles. Owe to its simplicity and huge anime collection, watching desired anime on Anime Twist is quite convenient and this website is favored by lots of anime lovers. There is no annoying pop-ups or redirects, as well. You can use Anime Twist safely with ease

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In summary

Many free anime streaming websites display ads for the purpose of maintaining their servers and services. As long as you don’t click into these ad pages or install any malware, there is no harm. Some good ad blocker tools are available to avoid skeptical things on a page if you still have concerns. Most popular anime streaming websites are typically safe to use. Of course, you should make sure you’re using the real links of these websites since more and more fake websites have emerged for different intentions, these days.
All the websites and links above are turned out to be reliable through our investigation.
Last but foremost, legal anime websites like Crunchyroll and Funimation is always the best solution to safe anime website if you want to watch anime without any worries.

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