6 Free Websites to Stream and Download Small Encoded Anime

Here is a selection of websites where you are able to download small encoded anime. Enjoy fast download process yet good video quality.

Vita Vita | Updated on Jan 30, 2024

1. Animepahe

2. Animekayo

3. Hi10 Anime

4. Animekaizoku

5. Anidl

6. Animeout

Anime has been blooming in recent years and there are various free & premium platforms for anime fans to binge watch episodes and animated films. Nevertheless, due to limited bandwidth or device storage, some people find it less pleasant to watch high-quality yet large anime from the Internet. But the good news is, a few anime websites provide small encoded anime content while preserving acceptable and even high quality, which enables you to stream or download anime rapidly even if you’re experiencing a passable network or small storage. Here are 6 encoded anime websites that can meet the demands of most people.

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    Part 1. Websites to Download Small Encoded Anime with Decent Quality

    1. Animepahe

    Website: https://animepahe.ru/


    Animepahe is a quite popular website for online anime free streaming and we have covered it in our previous lists of best Kissanime alternatives and 9anime alternatives on account of its simplicity, huge quantity of anime titles, as well as decent video quality. Meanwhile, it is a great spot where you can save small encoded anime videos. Different resolutions including 320p, 720p, and 1080p are available for users to download an anime episode. 320p anime videos on this website usually go with file size less than 60MB and are at a good quality for small screen. Even downloads on Animepahe at maximum 1080p are encoded in a small file size. Whether you are going to stream or download anime on Animepahe, you will be able to get it done in a rapid way.

    During the download process, you would run into many pop-ups and ad banners if your browser is not installed with an ad-blocker, and you may also need to wait for seconds on an ad page after clicking a download option, until the real download page appears. But as long as you don’t use and install any ad stuffs, there is no risk in using the website.

    2. Animekayo

    Website: https://animekayo.com/


    Animekayo is all about encoded anime, manga, and music. It uses the latest x265 encoder to encode anime, which can achieve smaller file size at the same quality when compared with x264. Learn the differences on how H.265 and H.264 coding standards affect file size and quality >>

    Whilst most anime content are English subbed, some dual audio versions can be found on this website. Besides having a direct quick search tool, Animekayo further provides filters for users to find out anime based on genres and resolutions, and the detailed information on title, resolution, version, episode & season, and codec are given on each anime thumbnail so one can quickly locate desired title for downloading. Meanwhile, this website supports batch downloading anime series.

    Like other free anime websites, Animekayo comes with ads during the download process.

    3. Hi10 Anime

    Website: https://hi10anime.com/


    Hi10 Anime is another good destination to download anime that are encoded with the latest HEVC standard and come with smaller file size in the same quality. A wide selection of categories and tags is ready here. You’re able to freely select tags to search for anime downloads, such as 480p, 1080p, miniMKV, x265, etc. Ads is always annoying thing when downloading free content online and Hi10 Anime is no exception. But Hi10 Anime donators can enjoy an ad-free download process.

    For anime music, manga or light novel buffs, Hi10 Anime also brings some good resources.

    4. Animekaizoku

    Website: https://www.animekaizoku.xyz/


    Animekaizoku provides the latest and popular anime series, movie as well as OVA downloads. A striking point makes it different from alternatives in this list is the user-friendly navigation design involving defined categories, tags, latest release, ongoing series, etc. You can not only handily find a title but also catch up on new anime with ease. There is a considerable number of anime downloads available on Animekaizoku and it updates with new downloads in a frequent way. What’s more, these downloads are mostly encoded with x264 and x265, which brings smaller size at good quality. Another good side on Animekaizoku is it supports anime batch downloads in different versions and resolutions to fit people’s different demands.

    5. Anidl

    Website: https://anidl.org/


    Anidl is an all-around anime website that covers anime TV series, films, OST, manga, and light novels, and it features with an easy-to-navigate interface. When it comes to small encoded anime, this platform shares a lot of 720p and 480p DVDRip quality downloads that look good on portable devices and laptop. Meanwhile, 1080p BDRip downloads are available if you put video quality as your first consideration. There are also many dual-audio anime series and movies in English and Japanese. Whether you prefer subbed anime or dubbed anime, you will find satisfying results there in most cases. Anidl supports batch download through file hosting services, but sometimes you may run into slow response or loading when opening pages on this website.

    6. Animeout

    Website: https://www.animeout.xyz/


    Animeout is set up by a group of people out of hobby and it devotes to providing encoded and small sized anime downloads. There are over 900 Anime series and 20000+ episodes, which mainly are English subbed with Japanese audio track. Free users are able to download ongoing anime series, movies, and OVAs from Animeout without registration but download speed and number each time are limited. Full features on Animeout like access to complete anime series, direct and no ads process, batch download, and fast speed are only available for donators. Most downloads on Animeout are available in 720p or 1080P.

    In Summary

    The article has summarized 6 websites for small encoded anime download. Although they put emphasis on different aspects that we have introduced above, all the selections are loaded with many good resources in mixed resolutions and versions. You may choose any of them based on your needs.

    For good measure, torrent websites are also good platforms to download encoded anime files. You can go to sites like Nyaa and Tokyotosho to search for your favorite titles.

    Simple Tool to Encode Anime

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