6 Useful Websites to Watch Uncensored Anime

Where to watch uncensored anime? This article is about 6 of the most useful and popular websites where you can find a lot of uncensored versions of anime shows and movies.

Vita Vita | Updated on Jan 26, 2024

1. Hidive

2. Anime Twsit

3. 9Anime (AniWave)

4. Animixplay (Shutdown)

5. Animehub

6. Nyaa

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Censorship is rather common in popular titles involving gore, violence, sexual or other indecent materials. It can be carried out by the content creator, distributors, specific organizations, or government, primarily for protecting audiences from indelicate or unacceptable content and unhealthy influences under different cultural backgrounds. Beyond that, many anime companies release their anime titles in both original and edited versions because of promotions.

Nevertheless, most people hold that enacting anime censorship just water down the genuine works and makes it harder to learn the animator’s real ideas. Many people are frustrated that parts of the scenes in their long-waited anime shows are blur censored or blacked out, and which results in less pleasing viewing to different degrees. Although most anime streaming websites feature censored content, there are a few uncensored anime sites coming with a considerable number of uncensored big names. And the following is our carefully selected options.

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The 6 Websites to Watch Uncensored Anime

Free uncensored anime

1. Hidive

As a new subscription-based legal anime streaming website, Hidive has a quite number of licensed series from Sentai and Section23. Its library contains some exclusives, ongoing series, as well as big names. More particularly, Hidive gains high popularity for its Ecchi titles and uncensored anime shows, such as Why the Hell are you Here, Teacher!?, Monster Musume, High School of the Dead, and To Love Ru. Hidive offers a 30-day free trial and has two price plans, $4.99 monthly and $47.99 yearly, but with a VRV Premium account ($9.99 monthly), you can use Hidive as a channel for free.
If you’re looking for a place to watch uncensored anime legally, give Hidive a shot.

Watch anime uncensored

2. Anime Twist

Anime Twist is one of the most visited anime streaming websites in the array. Its anime collection is comprised of censored and uncensored anime names and mainly involves subbed anime. Because there is an easy search bar, you can make use of it to search for desired anime and check whether the uncensored version is available. Many people have got their luck on this platform. Meanwhile, Anime Twist is characterized by tidy and simple UI, making it rather easy for users to operate. Anime on this website are available for streaming in high quality. Expect for occasional slow buffering, Anime Twist is an excellent choice for anime fans to search for needed anime for viewing online.

Uncensored anime online

3. 9Anime (Now AniWave)

9Anime is the largest anime collection after the shutdown of Kissanime. It has the fastest updates, covers every genre, and services users with both subbed and dubbed anime. 9Anime is a promised land where you will find practically all anime shows, including these that are not available on other anime websites. There are many good uncensored anime episodes, but some series have censored and uncensored episodes mixed. But at large, 9Anime is the most likely destination to find out certain uncensored series and movies when it comes to free online streaming platform.

Uncensored anime stream

4. Animixplay (Shutdown)

Animixplay goes with an ad-free and easy-to-navigate user interface. It owns great popularity these days as one of the safest anime websites. On top of that, it takes a huge anime library that is not inferior to 9Anime, and contains anime of all sorts of genres and in subbed and dubbed versions. You can use it to search for uncensored anime.


5. Animehub

Animehub is amongst good uncensored anime sites. Over 40 genres are available, including Ecchi that covers a large catalog uncensored Ecchi anime subbed and dubbed. All kinds of popular and new TV series and movies are also available for streaming on this website. Just take advantage of its search fitters to seek for needed content. Animehub is loaded with pops and ad banners. To watch anime with no ads on this website, we recommend that you install an ad-block extension on your browser.

Uncensored anime watch

6. Nyaa

Nyaa is a well-known anime focused platform that has the largest anime torrent collections on the internet. It is the best place to download raw anime, uncensored anime, and any other type of anime content. Meanwhile, Nyaa features rapid and reliable updates. There is no intimidating ad or redirects. Based on a BitTorrent Client and the torrent file of the desired anime, you can save any uncensored anime available on Nyaa and watch uncensored anime offline on your devices
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Bottom Line

Practically all popular streaming websites in the field serve users with more censored anime but they indeed have some titles that aren’t uncensored. In most cases you need to search for the desired titles manually though you may be out of luck. The best sources of uncensored anime are anime torrent sites like Nyaa where you can find Blu-ray releases in unmodified version of various anime.

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