Where and How to Batch Download Anime Most Efficiently?

In this post, you are provided with the best downloader and sites to batch download anime efficiently. Enjoy your favorite full anime series in no time!

Michelle | Updated at Apr 14, 2021

Disclaimer: This guide is for educational purposes only. We do not advocate any copyright infringement activity. Please ensure your action is legal in your country/region.

Besides streaming anime online, many of us anime otakus would also like to download anime so we can have a smooth offline playback anytime we want. And some anime streaming sites, such as 4anime and AniMixPlay, offer anime download options to their users. But one can only download anime episode one by one from these sites, which could be a time-consuming process when we want to download full anime seasons. So where to or how do we download anime in bulk? To answer this question, I’d like to share with you the downloader and sites that I find useful to download anime batch for your reference. Hope it can be helpful to you!

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Third-party Downloader to Download Anime in Bulk

Here I will introduce a third-party downloader (completely safe & free) that could help download anime in bulk. It’s called WonderFox Free HD Video Converter Factory. And it can be used to download playlists from YouTube, Vimeo, and other video hosting sites. I’ll demonstrate below how to use this freeware to download multiple Naruto episodes from the YouTube playlist in detail.

How to Download Anime in Bulk?
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    Before start, please free download free download the software and install it on your PC.

    Step 1. Copy the URL of the Anime Video

    Go to the video streaming site and play your favorite anime playlist. On the top address bar, copy the full-length URL link.

    Step 2. Paste and Analyze the URL in the Downloader

    Launch Free HD Video Converter Factory and open Downloader. Click on +New Download and paste the URL into the analyze bar. Wait a few seconds till all the valid videos appear in the selection field. Then click OK to add the playlist to the downloading tasks.

    Step 3. Start Batch Downloading Anime

    On the main workspace, click Download All to start the downloading.

    Sites that Offer Full Anime Series Direct Download from Cloud Services

    Some sites offer DDL (direct download link) to the whole season of anime. But instead of letting you download straight from within the site, most websites decide to pack the full-season anime in a zipped file and share it on cloud services like Google Drive and One Drive. And one can sign into their drive account and download the files in batch handily. Here are the best sites that offer batch anime downloads from cloud services.

    1. AnimeKaizoku - Animekaizoku is the best in practically every aspect, from the anime resource providing to the file size/quality ratio (most recent resources encoded with x265 in MKV). You can download small-sized anime series, anime movies, anime ova series from this site.
    Available Anime Types: It provides mostly subbed anime, some dual-audio anime, and few raw anime as well.
    Download Links: It offers most GDrive links, plus some One Drive sources. Now, it also starts to provide MEGA downloads for recently released anime series, like Attack on Titan – The Final Season.

    2. AnimeKayo - AnimeKayo offers not only anime series downloads, but also anime music downloads and manga downloads. It encodes anime at a fair size to quality ratio as well that all content is in fine quality with a relatively small size.
    Available Anime Types: It provides mostly subbed anime and dual-audio anime.
    Download Links: It offers download links from GDrive and MEGA.

    3. AniDL - AniDL is the oldest site among them all to offer batch anime download resources. It has more encoded anime than AnimeKaizoku and AnimeKayo. And it offers manga and OST downloads as well. However, it usually takes a longer time to get the ultimate download resources on AniDL.
    Available Anime Types: It provides mostly subbed (some are multi-subbed) anime and dual-audio anime.
    Download Links: It offers downloads mainly from One Drive links and MEGA links.

    4. Kayoanime - Kayoanime follows the style of AnimeKayo but focuses merely on offering anime movies and anime series downloads in full seasons. All the content is encoded from high-quality sources in a relatively small size. What Kayoanime outshines other sites is its offering of the most direct GDrive links without any verification-making like it is required by the other sites.
    Available Anime Types: It provides both subbed (some are multi-subbed) and dual-audio anime.
    Download Links: It offers downloads from GDrive links only.

    5. AnimEncodes (Not Working) - AnimEncodes is the best place for dubbed anime (dual-audio anime). But you can also find a good selection but limited Eng-subbed anime here. And all the anime content is encoded in decent quality with modest size. But the DDL links are shortened from other links, and it takes a while to get to the final download file.
    Available Anime Types: It provides primarily dual-audio anime, but also features a quantity of subbed anime.
    Download Links: It offers downloads from MEGA and GDrive links.

    Sites that Allow Download Anime Batch through Torrents

    If you can’t find the anime resources you want from the above DDL sites, then you should try the following anime torrent sites, which basically cover everything you’ll need. But it has several caveats to be noted like you should use a VPN to prevent the risk of identity exposure. For anyone new to the world of torrenting, you can check this article to get an insight into torrents: What is Torrent and How to Download it? Below are the best sites allowing batch download anime through torrents.

    1. Nyaa - Nyaa owns an eclectic collection of torrents for Japanese-related anime, music, books, live actions, pictures, and even software. And it is the de facto anime tracker and the go-to place to download fansubbed anime in English and non-English translated versions. It also has the best selection of raw anime offered on its site.

    2. Erai-raws - Erai-raws rips the best raws from Crunchyroll, Funimation, and the like. But it offers more than raw anime, but nice-encoded subbed anime as well. And it’s now getting DDL back for some anime series like Black Clover, Detective Conan, One Piece, and more.

    3. AniDex - Like Nyaa, AniDex also tracks a massive library of Japanese-related stuff, from anime to games (It contains some R18+ content but you can hide it manually). And you can find here the all-season-packed Black Clover, Bleach, One Piece, etc.

    4. Anime Tosho - Anime Tosho mirrors much from Nyaa and some other sites. So you’ll find an equally good library of packed anime resources from this site.

    5. AcgnX - AcgnX also indexes torrents mostly from Nyaa and AniDexAnime. It even copies the web design of Nyaa.


    That’s all for how to batch download anime in the most efficient ways. If you know other good ways to download anime in bulk, please feel free to share with us anytime. Thanks for reading!

    P.S. This free downloader can also batch convert YouTube to MP3. And it can well download your favorite anime op/ed OST from YouTube without any hassle. Free download and try it for yourself.

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