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How to Install Addons/Repos/Builds on Kodi Using Filelinked

Author by Oswald

Updated on Feb 18, 2021

For Fire Stick/TV OR Android box users, Filelinked must be a familiar name as being a must-have app to fast download files in bulk on your device. If you're also a Kodi media player user, then you'll be glad to hear that we can extend Filelinked functionality on Kodi – download and install addons, repositories and of course builds (which are intrinsically Kodi addons) on Kodi using Filelinked.

How Filelinked Works with Kodi

Filelinked is a familiar name to Fire Stick & TV and Android box users as being a free, easy to use and practical downloader app that works with certain Filelinked codes to help users access files from one another without effort.

Usually, Kodi users download addons from official Kodi repository that is preloaded on Kodi media player, or from third-party repositories that can be installed on Kodi with adding a media source URL to Kodi's File manager.

For some addon developers who rather share their works in a relatively private way, their addons/repos are not included in official Kodi repository nor housed in a valid media source URL. In that case, we can still manage to install their addons/repos/builds on Kodi, if provided with the source ZIP files of the addons/repos.

How does Filelinked work with Kodi? You can see it as another file hoster where addon developers store their addons. Similar to what GitHub is to Kodi addons, you can use Filelinked to bulk download shared Kodi addons in ZIP format, which is an executable file format on Kodi media player that you can use to install addons on Kodi.

Now, let's get to the detailed guide on how to install Kodi addons/repos using Filelinked.

How to Download and Install Addons on Kodi with Filelinked

To get started, you have to set Kodi to allow installation from unknown sources.

Step 1. Download the shared Kodi addon/repo ZIP file using Filelinked.

Step 2. Locate the ZIP download from the Filelinked downloads folder on the local storage of your device and place it at a noticeable folder.

We suggest you create an empty folder exclusively for storing everything you download from Filelinked, with an identifiable titling like “Filelinked downloads for Kodi”, to facilitate further installation process within Kodi.

Step 3. Launch Kodi. Click Add-ons from main menu.

Click Add-ons

Step 4. Click the box icon from the upper-left side of the interface.

Click box icon

Step 5. Click Install from zip file.

Click Install from zip file

Step 6. Locate from Kodi the Filelinked downloads for installing Kodi addons/repos. You can only install one Kodi addon/repo at a time.

Locate Filelinked download

Step 7. Click on the ZIP file of the Kodi addon/repo you intend to install.

Click on the zip file for Kodi addon/repo

Step 8. In a bit, a notification message will pop up on the upper-right side saying “Some Add-on Installed” when the installation process is finished.

Installation process finished

It could be an addon or a repository installed from the ZIP file, and they have similar notification message when the installation process is finished.

To find the addon/repo you just installed:

If it's an addon, you can find it from Kodi main menu > Add-ons tab, which has further categorizations to locate your addon precisely.

If it's a repository, you can find it from Kodi main menu > Add-ons > Click the box icon > Click Install from repository, and download addons from it.

Best Filelinked Codes for Kodi

1. 27256340 Dr. Venture (Updated June 22, 2021)

2. 28002962 Diggz Xenon Fan Store (Updated June 23, 2021)

3. 67664537 Stream It All (Updated June 22, 2021)

4. 76908483 (Pin 2010)Ezzer Mac Build and APK

5. 36260523 Kodi APKs and Forks

6. 44427643 Peters Youtube 2018 Build Wizards and Repos

7. 20469053 APK Forks PYTHONBUILDS45 & The Tank Show Youtube channels – Many updated Kodi APK files for various forks and builds

Reference: Best Filelinked Codes – 100% Working Updated June 2021


Filelinked can serve as a good complement for downloading and installing Kodi addons that aren't housed in a valid source URL. And the addons and repos installed with Filelinked should work exactly as the ones installed in the conventional process.

We advise you install only from trusted sources, and the addons you downloaded from an installed repository will automatically update when a higher version release, with potential risks. Whereas standalone addons you install from ZIP files need manual update – toilsome indeed yet a whole lot safer.

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