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The YouTube Uploader that Solves Upload Issues in a Better Way.
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The Best YouTube Uploader that Solves Upload Issues in Non-traditional Ways

Author by Oswald

Updated on Dec 08, 2023

A lot of us upload our videos to YouTube every now and then. Thus we are definitely no stranger to YouTube upload problems, like slow process and poor results. Most solutions you might obtain from tech websites, blogs and forums are usually the same: YouTube uploader. Most of the traditional ones that you can find optimize video uploads by improving network connectivity, which doesn’t help much sometimes, why? In the following article, I will explain that to you and introduce a handy tool that solves YouTube upload issues from root cause.

YouTube, the most popular video-sharing site among the world, renowned for unlimited upload capacity and video diversity, can’t be unfamiliar to the most. It’s not just about viewing fancy videos, the main theme is to let people share videos of their own and comment on one another. So, a lot of YouTube users have experience uploading videos to YouTube, sometimes, you’ll find yourself in some awkward situations – suffering process or barely satisfactory results:

1. The upload is unacceptably slow or you can’t upload due to "invalid file format".

2. The uploaded video has pillarbox/letterbox effect (black bars alongside).

3. Quality loss of the uploaded videos, because YouTube automatically compresses nonconforming videos while uploading.

The problem with traditional video uploader for YouTube is unnoticeable, I’d say it’s more of a roundabout way to amend the upload process – they didn’t take primary cause into consideration. Most of the uploaders you can find online are speeding up uploads by optimizing your network connection or adopt an alternative file transfer protocol. For some YouTube users with good hardware and network conditions, upload difficulties stem from their crude original videos, they might find these uploaders don’t help much with these questions above.

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You know what? This is a more straightforward way that can help you upload YouTube videos faster and significantly reduce the quality loss during uploading – HD Video Converter Factory Pro, a piece of advanced YouTube uploader software that helps to convert your videos to YouTube specs like format/codec, size, resolution, aspect ratio and so forth, speeding up the upload and improve the quality at the meantime.

Now, let me show you how to solve YouTube upload issues with this handy, practical and powerful YouTube uploader.

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How to Convert Videos to YouTube Video Upload Specs with HD Video Converter Factory Pro

YouTube Video Uploading Software

Before start, please free downloadfree download the software.

Step 1: Import the Original Files into the YouTube Uploader

Launch HD Video Converter Factory Pro, go to "Converter", click the “Add Files” button to import the videos you want to convert.

Step 2: Convert the Videos to YouTube-friendly Type

Click on the format section at right side of main interface, then select “MP4 compatible with YouTube” icon at “Web” section from the category box above.

Then click the “Run” button at main interface to start the conversion, you’ll be noticed whether to open the destination folder when it’s done. Finally, just navigate to and upload your videos to YouTube as usual, you’ll find your upload is much faster than it used to be. (If you want to upload audio to YouTube, like upload MP3 to YouTube, it’s a bit more tricky, but pretty much the same with video uploads.)

A Format Converter and Video Uploader for YouTube

Optional: Customize Video Parameters to Achieve the Best Upload Speed & Results.

After selecting the desired format at “Video” section from the category box above to choose the format you want, Click “Parameter Settings” button at lower-right of main interface to customize parameters.

Tips: For unverified users’ video uploader to YouTube are restricted to upload videos of maximum 15 minutes length. You can either cut video clip or navigate to to verify your account.

YouTube Upload Specs:

1. The Best Video Format for YouTube Uploading: MP4

2. The Best Video Size for YouTube Uploading: Up to 128GB

3. The Best YouTube Aspect Ratio for Uploading: 16:9

4. The Best Codec for YouTube Uploading - Video codec: H.264; Audio codec: AAC-LC (Channels: Stereo or Stereo + 5.1, Sample rate 96khz or 48khz)

5. The Best Video Resolution for YouTube Uploading - 2160P: 3840x2160, 720P: 1280x720

6. The Best Bitrate, Frame Rate for YouTube Uploading:

720p: 5Mbps bitrate – 24, 25, 30 fps frame rate or 7.5Mbps bitrate – 48,50,60 fps frame rate

2160p(4k): 35-45Mbps bitrate – 24, 25, 30 fps frame rate or 53-68Mbps bitrate – 48,50,60 fps frame rate

At last...

I'm sure you've learned something new about how to solve the upload problem now (not just for YouTube, you can still fix Google Drive upload slow with the same theory), hope the recommended YouTube video uploader software has helped you out. Oh, by the way, it’s also a video editor/downloader with fabulous special effects and multiple additional functions including but not limited to download YouTube 4K Video, merge multiple videos

Thank you for your reading.

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