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How to Convert YouTube Video to Audio Effortlessly
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Free YouTube Audio Converter – How to Convert YouTube Video to Audio Effortlessly

Author by Rocabella

Mar 5, 2019

Is there a way to listen to the audio portion of the YouTube video offline? Of course, this is how to convert YouTube video to audio. Many people should have been exposed to a wide variety of YouTube Downloaders. But are they all effective YouTube audio downloader as well as converter? This is not certain. So, this article will guide you through the right tools to complete YouTube video to audio.

Do You Want to Convert YouTube Video to Music? And How?

Do you want to convert YouTube video to audio file to play offline on various mobile devices? Especially those files with audiobooks, music videos, concert recordings, etc., can be enjoyed anytime, anywhere.

In the past, there were many free online converters that allowed you to easily extract audio from YouTube, but nowadays due to the YouTube music copyright issue, most online conversion sites have expired, you will see that "An error has occurred" after analyzing the URL on those sites. Meanwhile, a lot of "fake" websites are emerging, attracting a lot of people for their pop-ups, ads, referrals, etc.

Instead of spending a lot of time looking for one by one, to withstand various advertising bombings, try the ad-free and free YouTube Audio Converter recommended below.

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Download Audio from YouTube with Free HD Video Converter Factory

WonderFox Free HD Video Converter Factory does exactly what you'd expect, it can quickly solve the issue of how to convert YouTube video to audio by converting YouTube videos to AAC, MP3 as well as other formats for audio and video. Of course, downloading your favorite YouTube video or audio is also a very effective way to solve problems like YouTube video lagging, YouTube fullscreen, etc. Now, free downloadfree download this program to get started.

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How to Convert YouTube Video to Audio Effortlessly

Copy URL for Converting YouTube Video to Audio

Step 1: Install WonderFox Free YouTube Audio Converter

First of all, you need to free downloadfree download, install and launch WonderFox YouTube audio downloader and converter. This program can be applied to all Windows computers.

Step 2: Copy YouTube URL

Now you need to copy the YouTube address to the video you want to download. To do this, mark the link to the video in the address bar of your browser and press Ctrl + C. Here takes as an example.

How to Download YouTube Audio

Step 3: Paste Video URL into Program

After copying the link, switch to the WonderFox YouTube Audio Converter window. Click on Download Video button on the menu bar. Insert the copied link into the input box. Then click on the Analyze button.

Step 4: Select Format for Downloading YouTube

When your YouTube video analysis is complete, you can select the output format you want in the drop-down list. Normally, the audio format is M4A format. But, if you don't want to convert YouTube to M4A, you can temporarily choose a video format that you are satisfied with to download YouTube, such as YouTube to 3GP.

Now, set the path to your saved file in the Save to box and click the download button to download YouTube.

How to Convert YouTube Video to Audio

Step 5: How to Convert YouTube Video to Audio

Once the YouTube video download is complete, the file will automatically appear in the main interface and task list. Now you need to click on the output format on the right side of the interface. In the new window, you can select the any audio format under the Audio tab. Finally, click the "Yellow Folder" icon at the bottom of the page to set the path to the output audio file. When you're done, click the blue "Run" button in the lower right corner of the interface to finish the process of how to download YouTube audio.

Tips: Free HD Video Converter Factory does not support conversion to YouTube to FLAC and ALAC, you can upgrade to HD Video Converter Factory Pro for more advanced profiles supported.

Before you download YouTube audio and video, please check if your download behavior is legal in your country. WonderFox does not promote any illegal downloading behavior. In addition, the downloaded audio and video cannot be used in any commercial activities.

At last...

The above is the entire process of how to convert YouTube video to audio. Have you learned? If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. Also, if this article does help you, please share it with more people.

Free Download Free Download

Convert YouTube Video to Lossless Audio Formats

Convert YouTube Video to Lossless Audio Formats

HD Video Converter Factory Pro

The most powerful one-stop video processing tool to download, edit, and convert Ultra HD YouTube videos to lossless audio formats including FLAC, ALAC, etc. at full speed. In addition, this software also supports converting your video to higher resolutions such as 1080P, 4K, etc. Just have a try!

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