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Top 6 Video Rotator Apps for Android and iOS

Author by Blues

Updated on Sep 28, 2023

Do you need some video rotator apps for your Android phones or iPhone? Today, I have picked out the top 6 rotate/flip videos apps for Android and iOS smartphones. You can choose from them to install on your devices to rotate videos. If you want to rotate your videos on Windows, download & try the following video rotator software now!

Sometimes, when we use a smartphone to record a video or download a video from a website, we find that the video has been inverted. Therefore, we need a video rotator app to adjust the video orientation. There are many types of tools available on the market for different platforms. However, you may have found that sometimes it can be a tricky task to sort out the wheat from the chaff. To help you save time, I have selected 6 video rotator apps for Android and iOS relatively in this article.

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Part 1 - Top 3 Video Rotator Apps for Android Phones

This part mainly talks about 3 rotate/flip videos apps for Android phones, which contain free and paid rotators. These 3 tools can help you rotate your inverted orientation videos. You can download any one from them on your Android devices as you like.

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App 1. Fast Video Rotate (PRICE: $1.08)

Fast Video RotateFast Video Rotate


Fast Video Rotate is a highly recommended tool for rotating videos with wrong orientations. First, please note that this software cannot grasp files in your removable SD card if you have one and therefore, you need to copy the files from your removable SD card into this video rotator app before you start rotating videos. This video rotate app offers a modifying flag to rotate the orientation of videos to 90, 180 or 270 degrees and change the playback orientation, rotating process is so fast that it completes within a few seconds. Then, the way of this program works is that it modifyies the orientation of the copied files. Although this rotator will not damage your original videos while rotating, please use this app at your own risk. You need to know that it may not work for some video formats or some video players. This flip videos app is a trial version. It allows you to change the orientation just of one video file. Please upgrade it if you want to process videos endlessly.

App 2. VivaVideo ( Free )



As a media editor, VivaVideo is one of the best movie makers and free video rotators for Android devices. You can use this application to rotate your videos orientation. Besides rotating videos, this software also provides other edit functions, such as cropping, merging, cutting videos and more. Android authority once remarked, “Best Video Editor app is VivaVideo – Video Maker App.”This app is not only an editor, but a video maker. It features adding music to video, combining video clips to make one video, adding videos transition, adding music to text, adding video effects, etc. After you edit your videos, you can save and upload videos to YouTube & TikTok! Download this app to rotate video!

App 3. AndroVid Video Editor ( Free )

AndroidVid Video EditorAndroidVid Video Editor

This app is an easy-to-use, full-featured video maker and video rotate app for YouTube, Instagram, TikTok and other websites. The key features are that it can rotate your videos to degrees you desire to correct the orientation of videos, remove the unnecessary parts from videos quickly, add music into video,add text on video & emoji & watermark & sticker, add video transition, blur, filter or other effects, convert videos to MP3 like MP4 to MP3, fit video in any aspect, make slideshow video from pictures, compress video size, and other functions. Just download the app now and easily rotate your videos!

Part 2 - Top 3 Flip Videos Apps on iPhone

Now, it's time to introduce video rotate apps on iOS.

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App1. Video Crop

Video CropVideo Crop


This app is a simple editor to crop, resize, flip and rotate videos for personal use and business. The formats supported by Video Crop are MP4 (Default) and MOV. By means of using this app, you are able to rotate video to 90, 180, or 270 degrees, crop and resize your videos, add music to videos, add fade-in/out effects for music. It supports adjusting video quality - Highest(Default), Medium and Low. You can add 250+ background music tracks, edit unlimited videos and remove ads if you give a purchase to this application. Supposed you don't want to buy it; you can use first 3 days for free. Download it to rotate videos!

App 2. Rotate Video!

Rotate Video!Rotate Video!


Are you upset by the wrong orientation of videos? All right! Rotate Video app is here to help you return video to the correct direction. This video rotator app supports converting videos at high speed, and you can modify the resolution of videos, such as High, Medium and Low. Furthermore, after you finish editing, this app allows you to save videos to camera roll to save files forever. Lastly, if you have the source file, you can copy metadata from the source. Rotate Video! is a totally free app, too.

App 3. FilmoraGo



This is a pretty powerful and free video rotator application for iOS. It helps users rotate their wrong orientation videos to correct the wrong orientation, crop or trim videos, merge videos, add video effects/sound effects to your videos, add background music and so forth. When you rotate wrong orientation videos, you can choose from clockwise/anticlockwise rotation. Furthermore, FilmoraGo helps you merge video clips into one video to create a funny mix video. This application supports uploading videos to YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, WhatsAPP, etc. to share with your friends. Download it now!


Now, I believe that you have known that what app can rotate a video on Android/iOS devices. In a word, those video rotator apps are very handy to operate, and you will not be bothered by complicated steps anymore. Pick out one app to rotate your videos!

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