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How to Make Your Tik Tok Videos More Absorbing Using Tik Tok Video Editor

Author by Lisa

Updated on Jul 21, 2022

A growing number of people become more interested in shooting short videos. And they will upload their funny videos to some apps or platforms like Tik Tok to attract fans. Wonder how can I edit a video on Tik Tok? Do you know how to use a Tik Tok video editor to make your video catchy? I will show you how to edit Tik Tok videos in this article.

Tiktok Is a Video-sharing App with Video Effecten Software Built-in

TikTok, a free social media app for creating or sharing short videos, goes viral worldwide these days. Users can watch the videos they are interested in or upload videos created by themselves. It is its built-in Tik Tok video editor that makes the app user-friendly. Therefore, Tik Tok is quite self-sufficient in editing video.

It was invented with video editing function which enables users to edit their videos without 3rd-party apps. Users can use its built-in Tik Tok editor to shoot videos or edit them to make your TikTok videos catchier. Next, I will explain how to edit video on Tik Tok with its own editing features.

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How Do I Edit a Video on Tik Tok with Its Built-in Video Effects Software?

How do I edit a video on Tik Tok

Before editing Tik Tok videos with its Tik Tok video editor, you need to register or sign in.

Step 1. To Select a Soundtrack

You need to tap the white “+” icon at the bottom side, so that you can create and post a video on your own profile. Then click on “Pick a sound” button to select a soundtrack for your Tik Tok videos. Besides, you can scroll down to find some of the hot search songs and you can also tap the song to hear a preview.

How to edit video Tik Tok

Step 2. To Shoot a Video with the Sound

Then you need to tap the button “Shoot with this sound button” that is will show up below the track while you're listening to the song preview. After that, it will confirm the track selection, and open your camera. Tap and hold the video button at the bottom, then it will record your video on top of it playing your selected soundtrack. Besides, if you’d like to select a soundtrack after recording your video, you need to tap the “Record button” on the top-right.

Video effects software

Step 3. Adding some Fun Stickers and Effects to the Video

Tap the sticker icon to add some filters or visual effects to your shooting video. After finishing editing the Tik Tok video, you can tap the pink checking mark to preview the video.

To post your Tik Tok videos

Step 4. To Finish the Process and Post Your Edited Video

Click “Next” button on the bottom-right. Then you can post it on your profile by tapping the pink “Post” button which is in the bottom-right corner of your screen. And here, you can also add a hashtag, a title or friend mention to your video before posting it.

How to Download TikTok Videos Using an Easy-operated Tool

If you want to save some funny Tik Tok videos using an easy-operated tool, here, I recommend WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory Pro. It can help you to download videos from Tik Tok , to save YouTube videos and to download video. I will show you the method on downloading Tik Tok videos via this tool.

Free Download Free Download

Step 1: Copy the URL of the Video and Paste the URLs to the Converter to Free Download Tik Tok Videos

Download Tik Tok videosDownload Tik Tok videos

Please free downloadfree download and install it, then launch the software and open Downloader to download Tik Tok videos..

Just copy the URL of the Tik Tok videos you like. Then you need to click “New Download” button. Next, you need to paste the URL you just copied into the Add URL box and click on the “Analyze” button. The software will analyze the URL for you automatically.

Step 2. The Process after Analyzing the URL

How to download TikTok videosHow to download TikTok videos

After the analysis, you can select the format, size and resolution of the video. Then just select where to save the file on the bottom by clicking the inverted triangle icon. After that, just click on the “Download All” button to finish the downloading.

WonderFox never advocates any illegal downloads, please make sure your actions are legal in your country. All downloaded videos cannot be used for any commercial activities.

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