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How to Cut VOB Videos with the Ultimate VOB Cutter

Author by Helen

Updated on July 20, 2023

Cutting video is now commonplace in our lives. Many people may want to find an easy video cutter to cut VOB videos for some purposes. So here I will show you an easy-to-handle VOB cutter and the corresponding super-efficient VOB cutting process based on the type of VOB files: one is the VOB files derived from DVD folders, and the other situation is that your VOB files are single large videos.
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Have some VOB files that are created from DVDs or downloaded from the web that you are eager to cut off the unwanted parts or split into smaller files? It is extremely simple now. As we all know, VOB files are typically stored in a VIDEO_TS folder, along with a mass of .ifo and .bup files, and it contains all the data of a DVD disc. Still, there’s a chance that all episodes will be saved in a single large VOB file. So when you want to cut the particular part of the whole video yet the tools you find on the internet are complicated to handle. Take it easy as this article will show you the simplest yet practical solutions with a dependable VOB file cutter.

How to Cut VOB Video under Two Circumstances

To cut the above two kinds of VOB files, you do not need to install several programs to help you. Here’s the once-for-all solution: WonderFox DVD Video Converter, a versatile tool that can rip DVDs, convert video/audio files, download online resources, edit videos, etc., which means it can serve as a perfect VOB cutter to trim all your VOB files effortlessly and edit your VOB files with other handy editing tools.
Get it here now to be well prepared for the following VOB cutting guide.

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Situation 1: How to Cut VOB Files Stored in a VIDEO_TS Folder with the Powerful VOB Splitter

Under this circumstance, you cannot cut VOB files directly since the single VOB file is just an incomplete fragment of a DVD movie. The correct method is to convert the whole VIDEO_TS folder to the full-length movie, then you can cut a video clip. Before cutting the VOB files, you need to make some preparations. First of all, create a new folder and name it at will. Move the VIDEO_TS Folder to this new folder and then launch WonderFox DVD Video Converter.

Now free downloadfree download this VOB file cutter to your Windows 11/10/8/7/Vista/... and then take the following steps to cut VOB files that saved in the VIDEO_TS Folder.

Load DVD Folder to Cut VOB Files

Step 1 – Load the DVD Folder Contains the VOB Files

Click the triangle icon to open the drop-down list on the “Load DVD” part. And choose “Load DVD Folder”.

Remember, you are importing the DVD movie from the new folder you just created. This VOB cutter will automatically crack the DVD copy protection and remove the menu, ads, trailer, and other DVD unnecessary information. By the way, it will check the main movie smartly.

Step 2 – Set the Output Format

Choose the preferred output format on the right part of this VOB video cutter program. For example, you can convert VOB to MP4, AVI, MP3, AAC, etc.

Trim VOB on the Timeline

Step 3 – Cut VOB Videos on the Timeline

Hit the Edit icon, and drag the slider on the timeline to select the wanted part. Or you can input the start time and end time for accurate VOB files cutting. And do not forget to press the “OK” button to save the clipping.

TIPS: On this window, you can clearly see that this tool can do more VOB editing work like flip, rotate, add special effect, as well as merge VOB files, etc. Just try these functions if you need.

Step 4 – Cut VOB Files Now

Click the Run button to start to cut VOB file. The whole trimming process will be finished in a flash, and find your final cut video in the output folder.

Situation 2: How to Cut a Single Large VOB File with the Best VOB Cutter

If it is a large single VOB file that contains many episodes, then follow steps here to cut VOB file:

Cut Single Large VOB File

1. Press the “Add Files” button to load VOB video or simply drag-and-drop the VOB file to the interface.

2. Hit “Edit” to split VOB file by moving the slider on the timeline or alter the start and end time. After that, press “OK”.

3. Set the needed output format on the right section.

4. Click the Run button to trim VOB file now.


With the above two methods, I believe you can easily cut VOB files. Now you can start the VOB cutting job with the detailed guides. And feel free to share this tutorial if it is helpful.

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