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How to Cut WAV Files with The Best WAV Cutter.
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The Best WAV Cutter - How to Cut WAV Files in 3 Practical and Useful Methods

Author by Flora

Updated on Dec 02, 2020

Do not know how to cut .wav files? Looking for a right WAV cutter? In this article I will tell you 3 proper methods to solve your problem. Here is a recommended video and audio cutter for you to download:

How to Cut a WAV File in a Suitable Method?

We gathered some discussions on the forum, there are some problems below:

Q1: Hi, does anyone know of a program that can trim MP3 and WAV files?

Q2: Hi guys, I am not really sure how to ask this question, but I'll try. I am trying to chop off parts of WAV files that I own. For a number of live WAV tracks, the last 5 minutes of a song will be nothing but crowd noise and I want to chop these parts out.

A: Sometimes we need to cut files, in fact, cutting WAV files is especially simple. If you are worried about this problem and you should be relaxed when you see this article. In this article I will tell you 3 methods of cutting WAV files.

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How to Cut WAV Files with WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory Pro?

WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory Pro is the best WAV cutter which helps you cut .wav file in the shortest time. It is the kind of cutter I want to recommend to you that will give you a good experience. Apart from that, it can compress audio size simply. Moreover, the option to enhance audio quality will not disappoint you.

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How to Use Best WAV Cutter to Cut and Crop WAV File

Add WAV File and Cut it

Before start, please free downloadfree download the software.

Step 1: Add WAV File into WAV Trimmer

Click Converter button to enter the converter interface. There are three main functions for video: Converter, Downloader, Recorder. This WAV file trimmer supports multiple languages including English, Deutsch, French, Español, Chinese Simplified and Traditional.

Step 2: Cut .wav Files

Click the scissors-shape button to enter the cut window. Drag the progress bar arbitrarily to cut the part you want to cut. After selecting a clip and clicking the green Trim button, you can complete the cut clip. It can satisfy your desire to cut multiple clips: you just need to continue cutting. Besides, it allows you to cut video clip easily.

Select Output Format and Path and Download File

Step 3: Select Output Format for Your File

You may still want to continue to maintain the lossless WAV format, of course, it is also possible to convert WAV files to other formats. Open the Audio tab under the Output Format tab on the right and select the format you want. Please note that there are three lossless formats WAV, FLAC, ALAC. And it has other formats such as MP3, AC3, AAC, etc. It is a good friend of Apple users, perfectly convert WAV to M4A in the shortest time as well as merge M4A Files.

Step 4: Choose Your File Path and Download Your File

Set your file path to make it easier for you to view your files. Just slightly click Run button to start the conversion. Wait a moment, you will get your cutted file successfully. In addition, the humanistic parameter settings function is its wonderful point, and it is smoother and faster in operation.

Cut .wav Files with Easy MP3 Cutter

MP3 WAV File CutterMP3 WAV File Cutter

Easy MP3 Cutter is the software which helps you split MP3 and WAV files with easy operation.

Step 1: Download and install the software. Here is the website:

Step 2: Add your WAV file directly to the black interface. Then click left mouse to start selection and right mouse to end selection. Go on to click the Add button to add your cut file. Set your path by clicking the Specify folder button.

Step 3: Click the Split button to cut your file. Now, you can get the cutted file.

How to Cut WAV Online

WAV Cutting OnlineWAV Cutting Online

Step 1: Open the website:

Step 2: Add your WAV file into the interface by clicking the Choose File button. It allows you to manually set the start position and duration. Click the Submit button to start the cut process.

Step 3: When the cut process is completed, save your file as soon as possible.

The output file will be automatically deleted on their server after an hour, so please download it to your computer or save it to online storage services such as Google Drive or Dropbox as soon as possible. You can also get the file to your smart phone by scanning the QR code image listed above.


The advantages of WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory Pro are as follows:

1. It allows you to cut a file into multiple clips.

2. The completed file will be saved and will not be deleted automatically.

3. Don't worry about accidentally clicking on the ad.

4. Convert your files into other formats and keep good quality.

5. Record your screen easily.

6. It enables you to convert video/photo to GIF.

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How to Rip and Cut WAV from DVD

rip and cut WAV files

WonderFox DVD Video Converter

WonderFox DVD Video Converter helps you rip video from DVD as well as copy DVD to digital video or audio files. It also can help you rip ISO image and DVD Folder. It's easy for you to convert video to WAV as well as cut it as you want. Have a try!

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