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Split Screen Video Editor – How to Make Split Screen Videos
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Split Screen Video Editor – How to Make Split Screen Videos with Ease

Author by Rocabella

July 5, 2019

We can use split screen video to better show the differences between objects, can compare different movie scenes, can simulate our own dialogue, all in all, split screen video better express what we want to show. Follow this article to make a split screen video with recommended split screen video editor:

How Can You Edit Split Screen Videos?

Now, the scenes we encounter with split-screen video are more and more, for example, comparing two products, two similar scenes, or the reproduction of two events. For whatever purpose, split-screen video gives us a new way of presenting. The production of split-screen video is inseparable from a simple but useful split screen video editor.

Here I recommend WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory Pro! This easy-to-use video editor not only helps you create great split-screen videos, but it also performs many other video editing tasks, such as cutting out portions of your video that you don't want, adding subtitles to your videos, exporting videos to different output formats and more.

Free downloadFree download WonderFox Split Screen Video Maker and start making split screen videos right away!

How to Make a Split Screen Video with WonderFox Split Screen Video Editor

Run Video Screen Splitter

Step 1: Run Split Screen Video Editor

Free downloadFree download the WonderFox Split Video Editor, then follow the instructions to install the software on your PC. Launch the program, click on Toolbox option on the main interface and then pick Split-screen Video Maker.

Add Videos into Side by Side Video Maker

Step 2: Add Videos into Multi Screen Video Editor

Select a split screen Video mode that you need, and click Add Video 1, Add Video 2, and Add Video 3(if you need three videos) and locate the videos you want to edit. Click the Play button to preview your split screen video.

Combine 2 Videos in One Screen

Step 3: Output Split Screen Videos

When the video effect reaches what you want, click the inverted triangle button on the Output folder to set the output path so that you can find your own split screen video easily. To improve video quality, simply drag the Output quality slider to easily convert 720P to 1080P. Finally, click Create Video button to combine multiple videos in one screen.

This split screen movie maker is pretty easy to use, right?

What Else Can WonderFox Split Screen Video Editor Do for You?

1. If you want to split video into parts for easy uploading to YouTube or other sites, this software can help you cut multiple parts from video, or cut video into multiple equal files at the same time.

2. Capturing streaming video is now a new way to view video offline, and this software is also a very useful streaming video recorder.

3. Do you want to download your favorite artist's YouTube album? With the help of this software, you can easily download all the songs on the album.

Free Download Free Download

How to Cut Video Clips from Your DVD Movies

How to Cut Video Clips from Your DVD Movies

WonderFox DVD Ripper Pro

For those who want to cut clips from DVD movies to share, edit, stream, etc., things are much easier now. With the help of WonderFox DVD Ripper Pro, various DVD encryption technologies can be easily cracked, and DVD video can be simply edited, including cutting video, adding subtitles to video, extracting audio from video and so on. Just download it!

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