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2020 Guide: How to Play Multiple Videos at Once

Author by Vita

Updated on July 31, 2020

This post teaches you how to play multiple videos at once, and both the side by side video player and the multiple-screen video maker will be introduced according to different scenarios. Read on and learn about more.

After capturing a story or scene through different angles or devices, you may want to play those clips simultaneously to see all the details and choose the one that captures the scene best, or just make a dynamic evaluation. There are two effective ways to play multiple videos simultaneously as shown below. Let’s delve into each way respectively.

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Part 1. How to Play Multiple Videos at Once with VLC Media Player

The well-known VLC media player offers the videos synchronized playback feature. It is the most commonly used option for fixing how to play two videos at the same time as VLC features easy & feasible operation and is free of charge. If you have installed VLC media player on your desktop, follow the steps below:

Step 1. Go to Media > Open Multiple Files on the menu bar.   

Step 2. There appears an Open Media dialog. Click the +Add button and select the first video you want to play.

Step 3. Check the Show more options box, then check the Play another media simultaneously box.

Step 4. Click the Browse button. And a new Open Media dialog pops up.

Step 5. Go to +Add, import the second target video clip, and click Select.

Step 6. Click Play. The two videos will be played at the same time and only a control window will be available, on which you’re able to stop, pause, control the playback of the two videos synchronously.

SPlay Multiple Videos at once VLC

The steps above are for playing two videos side by side in VLC media player. If you need to play more videos at the same time, follow this step:  

After adding the second video to VLC media player, there is a string of text in the Edit Options box.

E.g.  :input-slave=file:///F:/mp4/test-1.mp4 :file-caching=300

After the file path information, type in #, then the path information of the third video:

E.g.  :input-slave=file:///F:/mp4/test-1.mp4 :file-caching=300#file:///F:/mp4/test-2.mp4 :file-caching=300

At last, hit Play.  

Play More Videos in VLC

It’s all on how to play two videos at the same time or more videos simultaneously in VLC media player, which theoretically works on all the recent versions of VLC. It must be said that, during the test, I have tried different videos and found that for two videos that own totally different video parameters, including length, resolution, bit rate, etc., the side by side playback feature doesn’t always work. So you’d better play two or more videos that go with similar parameters in VLC media player.

On top of that, if you expect more adjustment options or smooth playback operation, a dedicated multiple-videos player may be a better choice, though they usually are not free for extra functions. And Awesome Video Player ( is a good bet for this task.

Part 2. How to Play Multiple Videos Simultaneously by Applying the Multiple-screen Effect

Another foolproof way to play two videos simultaneously or more is to create a multiple-screen video. Thereby, you can both keep the separated video clips and get a multiple-screen video on which all the video clips you want to watch will be displayed. You don’t have to set playback options every time you want to view these clips as part 1 demonstrates, as well. For this purpose, you need to use a split-screen video editor and WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory Pro is our recommendation. This software provides six split-screen templates with support for creating side by side video screens horizontal and vertical, 2 split screens, 3split screens, etc. The following part is how to play two videos at the same time with the help of HD Video Converter Factory Pro.  

Free Download Free Download

Easy Guide on How to Play Two Videos at Once through Applying Split-screen Effect

Before the start, please free downloadfree download the software on your PC.

Step 1. Open the Split-screen Video Maker

Run HD Video Converter Factory Pro, select Toolbox on the startup window, then, choose Split-screen Maker.

Open Split-screen Video Maker

Step 2. Create a Split-screen Video

First choose a split-screen frame. HD Video Converter Factory Pro supports creating a split-screen video with 2 clips and 3 clips displayed.

Then, hit Add Video 1, Add Video 2, or Add Video 3 respectively and import the corresponding clip. The right preview player will display the output effect synchronously.

You can choose an audio track from the imported clips or mute the video, set the output quality from 720p to 1080p. The output aspect ratio and frame ratio will be displayed below the video player, too.

Step 3. Export the Split-screen Video

Hit the triangle button and specify the path to save the exported video. Finally, click Create Video.

Play Multiple Videos Simultaneously by Creating Split-screen Video

In Summary

Putting multiple videos on one screen is widely applied these days, which is not only for personal viewing intentions, but also becomes a trendy way to enjoy videos on social media platforms. Besides using a media player to play videos simultaneously, applying a split-screen effect to your videos can achieve further results, displaying a story in a more energized and lively way. Based on your actual demands, we have provided two ways on how to play multiple videos at once. We hope that they work for you in some ways.

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