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[Review] 8 Best Vlog Video Editors

Author by Penny

Updated on July 25, 2022

Currently, vlog has become a popular way for people to document and share their daily life. So people often ask which vlog video editor is the best one to help me produce a satisfactory vlog video? Because of this, this article will introduce eight different video editors to you. If you are interested, read on.

Nowadays, more and more people like to create vlogs and upload to popular websites such as YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and so on. At this time, if you want your vlog to be loved by everyone, the post-production is very important. In view of this, in the following content, I will introduce eight best vlog video editors for you to help you edit the video you are satisfied with.

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Everyone has different needs for the vlog video editing program. Some people may need a more professional video editor, and some people may only need an elementary editor. In view of this, in the following content, I will elaborate on the main features of each editor from low to high level. You can choose according to your needs.

4 Free and Basic Vlog Video Editing Software

WonderFox Free HD Video Converter FactoryWonderFox Free HD Video Converter Factory

1.WonderFox Free HD Video Converter Factory-for Windows. This program is a free and easy-to-use vlog video editing program. It can help you to trim, crop, rotate, add watermarks and effects. On top of that, the software can add subtitles to your vlog videos to make your audience understand your thoughts better. More importantly, it supports multiple popular video formats like MP4, MKV, MOV, VOB, AVI, and so on, which can help you to upload your vlog video to most popular social media like YouTube Facebook, Instagram, Dailymotion, etc. Its interface is clean and the operation is simple enough to pick up for a beginner in a short time.

WonderFox Free HD Video Converter Factory also is a video downloader. It can help you download videos from over 1000 websites, such as YouTube, Facebook, Dailymotion, Twitter, etc. What’s more, it supports multi-task downloads to save your time.

Avidemux-a basic video editor for vlogAvidemux- a basic video editor for vlog

2.Avidemux is a free, open-source, cross-platform video editor for Microsoft Windows, Linux, macOS, and BSD. It only supports several video formats, such as MP4, AVI, MKV, ASF, FLV, etc., and allows you to cut, merge, transcode, insert audio streams, etc. In addition, Avidemux comes with multiple filters that allow you to perform many different functions, from flipping and rotating clips to adding subtitles, adjusting color and brightness levels.

Shotcut-best vlog editing softwareShotcut-best vlog editing software

3.Shotcut-for Windows, Mac, Linux. It is also a free and open-source video editing program. You can use it to create professional-looking videos. Meanwhile, this software has a rich selection of filters and effects, supports direct streaming, but cannot preview the filters. And its interface is tricky so that it may take some time for novices to use it proficiently. Perhaps because it was originally developed for the Linux platform, its look and feel are very different from a typical Windows or Mac UX.

Shotcut also includes a recording function that allows you to save and edit the material in the webcam, it can handle HTTP, HLS, RTMP, RTSP, MMS and UDP format streams.

iMovie-easy to edit vlog videoiMovie-easy to edit vlog video

4.iMovie-for macOS, iOS.

iMovie is a free video editing software, which is equipped with a series of excellent and practical video editing functions. Each new iMac is provided for free, and a variety of effects and toolsets are provided for free as well.

The main functions include changing the speed of specific parts of the video, cutting, and trimming the video. Besides, it has many preset animations. You can quickly make movies like trailers in the software, the best part is that you can perform any operation without lengthy steps. Just select the animation or text and add it to the video.

The worst part about iMovie is that you cannot move or resize the text in the video, you must choose a preset text animation. In addition, since it only provides simple editing at entry-level, it is definitely inconvenient for professional-level editing. Despite the limited range of video editing functions provided by iMovie, the software is still powerful enough to allow you to edit footage shot at 4K resolution. iMovie’s file-sharing feature is ideal for video blogs because you can upload videos to your YouTube channel or Facebook account directly from the software.

4 More Professional and Multi-function Best Vlog Editing Software

VSDC-free vlog video editorVSDC-free vlog video editor

1.VSDC Free Video Editor- for Windows.

VSDC is a free non-linear editor. Compared with the free basic video editors, it has more complete functions, and it also supports screen recording. However, the interface of this software is not user-friendly. If you download it for the first time, you may be scared by its crowded interface. So, you may need to go through some tutorials to learn its operation steps.

You can add lines, text and shapes, as well as charts, animations, images, audio and subtitles with the help of VSDC. In addition, just like any excellent video editor, the program can export videos to various file formats.

Adobe Premiere Pro- best vlog editing softwareAdobe Premiere Pro- best vlog editing software

2.Adobe Premiere Pro ($20.99 per month)-for Windows, macOS.

Adobe Premiere Pro should be a video editing tool familiar to every vlogger. It provides powerful video editing tools, for example, trimming & cutting video, change aspect ratio, and so on, and a collection of visual effects and animation features that will ensure that every video you edit in Adobe Premiere Pro meets the highest professional standards. So if you’re looking for a reliable video editor with plenty of advanced video editing features, this is probably your best choice.

Adobe Premiere Pro provides a seven-day free trial period. During your trial period, you also need to register to fill in the card number, email, etc. Therefore, you must pay attention to the number of days you use, after 7 days, you must pay to use.

Final Cut Pro- video editing software for vlogFinal Cut Pro-video editing software for vlog

3.Final Cut Pro- for macOS. ($299.99)

Final Cut Pro is a professional video editor for making small movies in the past two years. It supports various formats like MOV, MP4, AVI, AVCHD, H.264 used by professional video camcorders and cameras. However, it cannot be used on any Macbook or iMac, so you need to have a professional Mac to edit videos. In addition, there are many smart features, such as smart favorites, which automatically organize your video library. It also uses a 64-bit architecture and uses all the memory present on the computer to improve efficiency. A large number of special effects and animations have been embedded in the software. Therefore, you can use them without creating new effects or titles.

Final Cut Pro is a very complex software, you must read the complete tutorial before you can make the most of it. This is a very power-hungry application that will use a lot of Rams, so if you use a Mac with less RAM, it will freeze or crash.

Finally, the price of this software is relatively expensive, but the developers provide a free version of the 90-day trial-Final Cut Pro X. You can use this free version before considering whether to use the upgraded version for a fee.

Lightworks-make your vlog video betterLightworks-make your vlog video better

4.Lightworks-for macOS, Linux, Windows. (Free version available $24.99 per month)

Lightworks is definitely one of the most advanced video editors. The developer of the software provides a free version and a Pro version. The Pro version provides more features, including stereo output and advanced project sharing. But the free version is still very powerful, can provide more than 100 effects and support multi-camera editing.

Lightworks is also quite popular in professional post-production editing. In fact, it has been used to edit some very famous movies, such as Pulp Fiction, The Wolf of Wall Street, and The King’s Speech. Thus, if you want to use this software to edit your vlog video. It is best to learn some tutorials in advance to make the most of this software. And make your vlog video more brilliant.

Sum up

So far, 8 different vlog video editing programs have been introduced. There are free, paid, simply basic, and professional and advanced vlog video editors. After reading this article, you can choose the most suitable one according to your needs. I hope they can make your vlog video better and more attractive.

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An All-purpose and Useful Vlog Video Editing Program

WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory Pro

WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory Pro

WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory Pro, as a basic and handy video editing software for vlog, can easily help you edit your vlog video. What’s more, this program is a recorder that can help with screen recording. If you are a tutorial blogger, the program can easily help you record your tutorial in detail on your desktop. Similarly, the program is a video downloader and a GIF maker. Using the download function, it can help you download all kinds of videos you like from various famous social networking sites, without restrictions. Using the GIF-making function, you can freely convert videos or pictures to GIF animation.

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