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How to Smooth Video Playback with the Best Smooth Video Project Alternative

Author by Michael

October 11, 2017

Smooth Video Project - SVP - is a relatively good software to increase video's frame rates to 60, 120 or even higher. However, users keep complaining about the distortion it caused and the complex process when using it. In response to such kind of complaints, I will recommend a much more convenient and safer program in the following paragraphs to help to increase video frames.

What Is SVP Frame Rate Interpolation Program

How to smooth videoHow to smooth video

Smooth Video Project (SVP) is a program used to generate intermediate video frames in the method of frame interpolation to create a smooth and fluid video to play in your favorite players like Windows Media Player and VLC.Frame interpolation is a basically direct way to change frame rate, however, some shortcomings and defects still exist. For example, it will cause the distorted and unnatural Smooth Video play due to the interpolated frames, and sometimes the differences SVP make are not clear enough for human eyes to tell. Here are some usual complaints by from users: "The program isn't perfect at all! When there's a fast motion, there will be some odd blurring effects around the moving object on the screen", I hate interpolated high frame rates in films; making everything look like a cheap soap opera IMO.I haven't been impressed with the few frames increased that I've seen."

What Is the Best SVP Alternative Program for Frame Rate Conversion?

You know what, as more and more people tend to watch and download 60fps videos demanding for a smoother visual experience, HD Video Converter Factory Pro also supports video frame rate conversion that allows you to preset your desired frame rate from 12fps to 60fps within only a few clicks. Different from frame interpolation, with the help of the latest frame boost technique, you can convert videos to 60fps without any unnatural, weird, and distorted output.And HD Video Converter Factory Pro is also a pretty potential and distinctive video converter which supports more than 300 formats and codecs for video compression and conversion.

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How to Change a Video's Frame Rate within 3 Steps

Add a video

Before starting, please free downloadfree download the most effective Smooth Video Project alternative to change video frame rates for a smooth playback with much more ease.

Step 1. Install and launch HD Video Converter Factory Pro. Add the video you want to convert by clicking on "Add Files", or you can directly drag the video from where it is to the interface.Batch conversion is also supported. Then, don't forget to preset an output folder at the bottom.

Smooth videos playback

Step 2. Click on "Settings" on the lower right side. In the opening list, you can find the "Frame Rate" option. Customize the value at your own will. If the original video is 24 or 30 fps, try converting it to 60fps for a smoother output. Or if you want to make the video look more cinematic, change it from 60fps to 30fps or even lower. Also, in the settings, you can improve video quality by changing resolution and increasing bit rate!

Start conversion

Step 3. Click on "Run" to start conversion process. Within a very short moment, you will find the output video in the folder you preset before.

According to an investigation, it is said that anyone who actually watches at least 3 movies at a high frame rate will never ever want to watch anything in the obsolete 24 fps standard. In the above paragraphs, I have provided you the most convenient way to help you achieve the high frame rate movie dream! So, do not hesitate to try.

More Special Features of HD Video Converter Factory Pro

1. Changing video aspect ratio to perfectly fit your screen size.

2. Making enchanting phone ringtones.

3. Adding or removing video subtitles

4. Trimming videos by clipping and cropping.

5. Changing audio channels in videos.

6. Free downloading YouTube videos.

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