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How to Convert PAL to NTSC or NTSC to PAL

Questions about PAL vs. NTSC DVD Posted on Yahoo Answers

Q: Will NTSC dvds play on my PAL dvd player or computer?
A: I am looking to buy some NTSC dvds online from overseas. I am from Australia and I have a PAL dvd player. Will the NTSC dvds play on my PAL dvd player? Also will they play on my computer, eg through VLC media player?

Q: Will most DVD players play both PAL and NTSC movies?
A: I live in the United States and I have a friend that has a movie in PAL and I'm just wondering if I have him bring it over here to watch if I'll be able to watch it on my DVD player?

Q: Should I burn in NTSC or PAL for my dvd player?
A: I am going to my parent's house soon and have a video I made and I don't know whether to burn it in NTSC or PAL. Which would be the safer bet? I know that I had burned one at another point and it didn't happen to work, but I can't remember what format that was.


PAL and NTSC are the two most common used standard broadcast formats. PAL stands for Phase Alternating Line. NTSC stands for National Television Standards Committee. PAL adopts a frame rate of 25 fps and 720x576 aspect ratio, and is widespread in most of Europe, Australia and large parts of Africa and Asia. For NTSC, a frame rate of 30 fps at an aspect ratio of 720x480, is used in North America, Japan and South Korea.

Region/Use coverage of PAL and NTSC




Video Bandwidth

5.0 MHz

4.2 MHz

Sound Carrier

5.5 MHz

4.5 MHz


7 to 8 MHz

6 MHz

Vertical Frequency

50 Hz

60 Hz

Horizontal Frequency

15.625 kHz

15.734 kHz

Color Subcarrier Frequency

4.433618 MHz

3.579545 MHz





Due to the above differences between PAL and NTSC, NTSC DVD players usually cannot read PAL and vice versa, namely a PAL DVD or VHS tape would not work in the United States.

Convert PAL to NTSC and vice versa

How to Convert Your DVD from One Color System into Another - Step-by-Step User Guides

PAL to NTSC converter is much-needed to resolve the incompatibility problem of PAL and NTSC systems. This PAL to NTSC converter, WonderFox DVD Video Converter, fits for your every requirement on it.

Convert PAL to NTSC software

Step 1: Insert the PAL DVD/NTSC DVD and launch the program. Click "Load DVD".

Step 2: Hit the drop-down menu of output format, select "DVD-NTSC" or "DVD-PAL" in the "DVD/VCD" category.

Step 3: Click button "Run" to start to convert PAL to NTSC DVD or NTSC to PAL DVD.

Note the output is not PAL/NTSC DVD but PAL/NTSC .vob file. If necessary, Nero is a recommendation to burn the .vob file into DVD.

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