PAL and NTSC are two different color encoding systems and are not compatible. To play a PAL DVD/video on a NTSC device, you will need to convert PAL to NTSC first. In this article, we’ll go over how to convert PAL into NTSC format in detail. Please read on.

Tips. Download this PAL to NTSC converter software to transfer PAL DVD/video into NTSC videos: down
Michelle Michelle | Jan 17, 2023

Understanding PAL and NTSC

PAL and NTSC are both major analog color television standards. While PAL is widespread in most of Europe, Australia, and large parts of Africa and Asia, NTSC is used in North America, Japan, and South Korea.

PAL stands for Phase Alternating Line. It adopts a frame rate of 25 fps and a 720x576 aspect ratio, and the signal runs at a frequency of 50 Hz. NTSC is short for National Television Standards Committee. It has a frame rate of 30 fps at an aspect ratio of 720x480, and this is done on a signal with a frequency of 60 Hz. These differences make PAL and NTSC incompatible with each other. For instance, if you are to play a PAL source on an NTSC device, you are most likely to have a black and white output image. And due to the different signal frequencies, you may also experience an image scrolling up and down on the screen. To fix the problem, the only way is to change PAL to NTSC format first.

Tips. While NTSC players do not support PAL sources, most PAL devices can play NTSC videos, and you don’t need to convert NTSC to PAL in this situation.

Convert PAL Video to Play without Resections

Can’t play a PAL video on your NTSC device? No worries. WonderFox DVD Video Converter can help you convert PAL DVD/video to NTSC videos and other common formats to play in NTSC TV or other devices without error. Moreover, it can convert NTSC source to PAL videos and deinterface videos as well. With a fast ripping speed and high-quality output, it will promise you a wonderful user experience.

Note. It does not convert a PAL DVD into a NTSC DVD or vice versa.

How to Convert PAL DVD/Video to NTSC?

Converting PAL video or PAL DVD to NTSC is a popular method to make the video/DVD playable on NTSC device. Simply follow the tutorial to convert PAL to NTSC.

Part 1. Convert PAL DVD/Video to NTSC Video

WonderFox DVD Video Converter is a simple yet powerful PAL to NTSC video converter that can convert PAL DVD and videos to NTSC format in only a few clicks. Here is an example of how to rip PAL DVD to NTSC video. Free download Free download the software and follow the steps below.

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Step 1. Insert your PAL DVD into your computer’s DVD drive.

Step 2. Launch the PAL to NTSC converter software and click Load DVD to import the DVD videos. (To import PAL videos, click Add Files)

Tips. The program will decrypt the DVD protections (if there is any) and load all the DVD videos into the program with the main movie/main title auto-marked. You can select all the DVD videos or choose only the main movie for conversion.

Step 3. Open the output format page on the right side of the program. Then, navigate to the Video format section and choose VOB as the output format.

Step 4. Click Settings at the lower-right of the program interface to open the output settings. In the Advanced option, change the Norm to “NTSC”.

Convert PAL DVD to NTSC Video

Step 5. Finally, choose an output folder by clicking the … button and press Run to start ripping the PAL DVD into NTSC video.

Now, you can try playing the NTSC video on your TV or other device through flash drive and see if the problem goes away.

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Part 2. Burn Video into a NTSC Disc (Optional)

If you want to play the NTSC video on a standalone DVD player, you need to burn the video into a disc first. We can use a DVD burner like DVDStyler to handle the task. Here are the brief steps.

Step 1. Insert a blank disc into your DVD drive.

Step 2. Download and run DVDStyler. Next, create a new project based on your disc info and choose the correct video format and aspect ratio for an NTSC DVD. Then click OK.

Step 3. Choose a template for DVD menus. Then press OK.

Step 4. On the left-side panel, click File Browser and find the location where your NTSC video is saved. Next, drag the video to the Titleset Manager below.

Step 5. Edit the menu and title as you like.

Step 6. Press the Burn button to burn the video into NTSC DVD.

For more details, you can check how to burn a DVD with DVDStyler.

How to Transfer PAL to NTSC Signal?

You can also directly change PAL to NTSC format with a PAL to NTSC converter that can convert the PAL signal to NTSC before sending it to your display. Such a product can be easily found on Amazon and other shopping websites. And when you get such a PAL and NTSC converter, just connect your PAL video and NTSC device with the converter through CRA cables. Budgets allowed, you can also look for a multi-region DVD player with NTSC signal outputs that can help you play PAL DVD on a NTSC TV or device.

Wrapping Up

Changing the PAL signal to NTSC output with a PAL to NTSC converter is the most direct way to watch a PAL source on NTSC device. But converting PAL to NTSC video/DVD is more recommended. Though the process will be a little complex, it is doable and cost-effective.

That’s all I want to share about how to convert PAL to NTSC. I hope you’ll find this article helpful. Thanks for reading.

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