How to Convert MP4 to VP8 WebM?

Apr 1, 2022
  • Free download Free download this efficient MP4 to VP8 converter.
  • Step 1. Import multiple MP4 video files.
  • Step 2. Choose "WebM" profile as export format.
  • Step 3. Press "Run" to convert MP4 to VP8 WebM.
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Solution 1 - An Efficient MP4 to VP8 Converter
Solution 2 - Convert MP4 to VP8 WebM in VLC
Solution 3 - Convert MP4 to VP8 WebM in HandBrake

Solution 1 - An Efficient MP4 to VP8 Converter

Speaking of MP4 to VP8 WebM conversion, if you're tired of intricate FFmpeg scripts and command-line interface, WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory Pro will definitely bail you out of the trouble due to its intuitive GUI and simple operation. Despite a feature-rich toolkit, you'll find video and audio processing has never been so easy. Meanwhile, the batch mode and hardware acceleration support make the conversion more efficient.

Free downloadFree download the real time-saver and jump in how to convert MP4 to VP8 WebM.

Hassle-Free MP4 to VP8 Converter

Armed with rich encoders and 500+ optimized presets, HD Video Converter Factory Pro provides you with a brand-new experience on video processing. You're only required to click several mouses to complete MP4 to VP8 conversion. Download it now!

Download for Free
Download for Free

Step 1 - Import Multiple MP4 Files

Install and launchInstall and launch HD Video Converter Factory Pro, choose "Converter" option from 5 main modules on the start-up screen. Then click "Add Files" button or execute a drag-and-drop action to import multiple MP4 files you want to convert.

Step 2 - Select WebM as Export Format

To convert MP4 to WebM VP8, press the "Format Profile" on the right side of the app to open the full output format menu, which covers 500+ optimized presets. Head over to "Web" category and select "WebM" profile.

Tips: The program will convert MP4 to VP8 WebM by default. You're also allowed to open "Parameter settings" window and select "VP9" in the drop-down list of Encoder to convert MP4 to VP9. Additionally, it's very simple to make other changes right there, like video resolution, bit rate, frame rate, aspect ratio, etc.

Step 3 - Start MP4 to VP8 Conversion

After everything is all set, specify an output folder on the bottom. Finally, press "Run" button to convert MP4 files to VP8 WebM.

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Solution 2 - Convert MP4 to VP8 WebM in VLC

Many people don't seem to know the universal media player, VLC, is capable of converting MP4 to VP8 WebM in addition to its powerful playback ability. Here's the steps below.

Step 1. Run VLC, click "Media" menu and choose "Convert / Save" option.

Step 2. Click "+ Add" button to import the MP4 file on "Open Media" window, and press "Convert / Save" button to proceed.

Step 3. Select "Video - VP80 + Vorbis (Webm)" option in the drop-down list of "Profile" section.

Step 4. Click "Browse" button to choose a destination folder.

Step 5. Press "Start" button to make VLC convert MP4 to VP8 WebM format.

Solution 3 - Convert MP4 to VP8 WebM in HandBrake

HandBrake has to be mentioned here when it comes to a credible video transcoder, which enables you to convert MP4 to VP8. Go ahead and follow the instructions.

Step 1. Run HandBrake, open a single MP4 video or a whole video folder.

Step 2. Select "WebM" format under "Summary" tab. It has been set to VP8 video and Vorbis audio by default. You can also switch to "Video" and "Audio" tabs to change the encoders.

Step 3. Open "Preset" menu and choose an optimized preset right there.

Step 4. Click "Browse" button to choose a destination folder.

Step 5. Press "Start Encode" button to start HandBrake MP4 to VP8 WebM conversion.

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Download for Free

Final Words...

I don't mention MP4 to WebM VP8 converter online because it's fairly inefficient, even time-consuming. You know, unlike offline conversion, every operation requires a good and stable network connection, which is a great challenge for processing large-sized video file. Hopefully, the three simple solutions are of great help to you. Thanks for reading!

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