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The Simple Way to Convert .mp3 to .flac Using a Practical Converter

Author by Lisa

Updated on May 25, 2020

FLAC, short for free lossless audio codec, gains its popularity among people. Many people would like to convert .mp3 to .flac and wonder if there is a simple way to convert .mp3 to .flac. Therefore, I am writing this article to tell you the meaning of converting MP3 to FLAC and how to convert MP3 to .flac.

The Comparison between MP3 and FLAC

The MP3 format The FLAC format

The MP3 format is a lossy format, which means that an MP3 file does not contain 100% of the original audio information. Instead, MP3 files use perceptual coding. In other words, that means it removes the information that your ear doesn't notice thereby making the file smaller.

FLAC stands for free lossless audio codec. You can compress an audio file to approximately 50% of its original size Using FLAC. The main benefit of a FLAC file is that it can be used for streaming, and decoding smoothly. A FLAC file also contains several data integrity checks in the header file. The metadata associated with the audio has been future proofed also to allow new fields to be defined without impacting existing decoders.

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Does It Make Sense to Convert MP3 to FLAC?

I find that there are many people who wonder:

“What will happen to the size of the file if I convert it to FLAC? Does it make sense to convert MP3 files to FLAC?”

Here I will give you some facts about converting MP3 to FLAC. As for what will happen to the size of file, I have to say that the file size will probably increase. It is common sense that when converting from FLAC to MP3, the sound quality will degenerate because MP3 is a lossy compression method.

If you want to convert files into FLAC format, you’d better to use the original media so that the best possible quality is maintained. However, if you use a lossy MP3 file, in short, the improvement in the quality of the audio after the conversion may be not significant. No matter what reason you have for converting MP3 files to FLAC, I will recommend a powerful converter for you.

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WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory Pro – the Versatile MP3 to FLAC Converter

WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory Pro is exactly the right converter for you to convert MP3 to FLAC. It is more than a converter. It is an audio editor thereby you can cut your audio, and crop your audio. Moreover, it is also a music or album downloader by which you can download music you like from more than 300+ sites. As you can see HD Video Converter Factory Pro is a multi-functional software.

The Method on How Can I Convert .mp3 to FLAC

The converter MP3 to FLAC

Please free downloadfree download the software before next steps.

Step 1. Add Your MP3 File to the Converter

Firstly, you need to launch the versatile .mp3 to .flac converter and open Converter, then you have two options to add your MP3 to the software:

1. Click “Add Files” button on the top of the program to add MP3.

2. Directly drag and drop the MP3 files from your PC to the program.

The converter MP3 to FLAC

Step 2. Choose the “FLAC” as the Output Format

After the step above, you need to click the format icon. And then, you will enter a new interface, where you can select the “FLAC” format. So just select “FLAC” under the audio format.

Start MP3 to FLAC conversion

Step3: Start MP3 to FLAC Conversion

Clicking the inverted triangle icon to set the output destination and then click “Run” button to start converting MP3 to FLAC. And you can check the converted file in the output folder.

At last...

HD Video Converter Factory Pro is really a good converter for you to convert your files. Besides, you are also able to compress video and audio size, merge audio into one as well as many other powerful and practical functions using it.

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The Best DVD Video Converter You Need to Have

The Best DVD Video Converter You Need to Have

WonderFox DVD Video Converter

WonderFox DVD Video Converter is a multi- functional formats converter which not only can convert video and audio files with simple operations, but also supports to rip DVD to PC, DVD folder and digital formats with ease. It can convert DVD to MKV, MP4, WAV and other video and audio formats. It can also convert multiple videos in batches to save your time. Just have a try of it.

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