How to Join or Merge Videos without Re-encoding?

Updated on Sep 27, 2022
  • Download Download the lossless video merger and:
  • 1. Drag videos (of the same type) into the program;
  • 2. Rearrange video order;
  • 3. Choose output format as original;
  • 4. Join video files without re-encoding in seconds.
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Is It Possible to Join Video without Re-encoding?
Steps to Merge Videos without Re-encoding
1. Add Source Files
2. Create Packs
3. Choose Output Format
4. Combine Video without Re-encoding

Is It Possible to Join Video without Re-encoding?

Most video processing tools today can merge videos into a single file easily. Yet, oftentimes, they would transcode/re-encode the video at the same time, making the process long and CPU-intensive and causing a quality drop as well. People hence wonder if it is possible to join video without reencoding. Short answer: Yes, but with conditions. You will need to ensure that the videos have the same format, encoders, resolution and framerate first, and you will also need a video combiner that supports lossless video merging. Only then can you join video files without reencoding. In the following post, I will share such a lossless video merger and walk you through the whole process of combining videos without reencoding. Read on.

Tips. Most video clips created by the same device will have the same parameters and are ready for video joining without transcoding.

How to Merge Videos without Re-encoding?

There aren’t many video joiners available for merging videos without re-encoding. FFmpeg is one of them. But the command-line interface hinders many beginners from using. Therefore, here I’d like to introduce an easier program to deal with the video joining. It’s called WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory Pro, an all-purpose application designed to handle various audio- and video-related problems. It features an advanced video merger that can join videos into one quickly without re-encoding, provided they have the same resolution, format, codec and framerate. Meanwhile, it can merge videos without losing quality. It can merge songs as well. Splitting videos, cropping footage, adding filters are also supported.

Now, free download free download the software and see how to merge video files without reencoding below.

Powerful Video Joiner

HD Video Converter Factory Pro enables you to combine videos into a seamless file without re-encoding. It’s simple, stable and smooth. Get it to have a try now!

Download for Free
Download for Free

Step 1. Import Videos into the Program

Launch HD Video Converter Factory Pro and enter the Converter module. Next, drag all the videos you want to merge into the interface. You can also click the center + button to import your videos.

Note. For joining video files without reencoding, the source files must have the same parameters (same resolution, format, codecs, and framerate).

Step 2. Organize Video into a Pack

Click the Merge button to open the Merge window. You will see all your videos displayed in the Video List section. Select the videos you want to merge (at least two) and click the middle Merge button to create a video pack below.

In the pack, you can drag the video to change the order and remove the unwanted file. You can also create multiple packs for different merging tasks as this program supports batch processing. When you are done with the pack, hit the bottom Merge button to add it to the task list.

Step 3. Select Output Format

On the right side of the main interface, click the format image to open the output format library. Go to the Video tab and pick one profile from below. You are recommended to use the same format as the original to avoid video transcoding.

Note. Normally, the program will smart-fit the same settings as the source. But double-check the parameters in the “Parameter settings” and make sure that the video encoder, audio encoder, framerate, resolution, and aspect ratio are set to the original value.

Step 4. Join Video without Re-encoding

Now, click the bottom triangle button to specify an output path or leave it as default. Finally, click the Run button to start the merging process. It should be finished within a short time, and you can find the merged video in the folder you just set.

At Last…

These are all the steps you need to join videos without re-encoding. By the way, with the same program, you can also cut video into parts, remux videos, enhance video quality, and more. Download Download the software to have a try!

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