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3 Free and Effective Methods to Convert GIF to MP4 Videos
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3 Free and Effective Methods to Convert GIF to MP4 Videos

Author by Rocabella

Update on March 30, 2020

Gif is prevalent in social media circles, these animated GIFs, silent loops have become an emotional currency on the web, allowing people to react in ways words just don't allow. But for sending GIFs to social sharing sites, many people would like to convert GIF to MP4 video, hence, this article summarizes the 3 most effective ways to help you. Besides, if you want to convert GIF to AVI, WMV, etc. the following software will help you.

What Is GIF? Why Do We Need to Convert GIF to MP4?

If you have spent time on the Internet, you will definitely be exposed to an animated GIF. It's an image file that allows you to feature animated images, which makes it seem like the image is moving. For the people who don't know about GIF images, actually, GIFs are small videos without the sound.

As for why we need to convert .gif to .mp4, one of the main and probably most crucial reasons is that many social sharing sites do not support animated GIFs. And if, they only allow uploads of a certain file size. Take Tumblr as an example, you are easy to upload videos but it has a restriction on both image dimension and file size when it comes to uploading animated GIFs. Thus, in order to share your favorite animated GIF, you can easily convert animated GIF to MP4 because MP4 video is supported by most social media platforms. Then, let's go to how to convert GIF to MP4.

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How to Convert GIF to MP4 with Online Sites?

Method 1: Convert .gif to .mp4 via Ezgif

Online GIF Converter to MP4Online GIF Converter to MP4

Web Address:

Ezgif is a free online service to convert any GIF image to the MP4 file. Not only converting GIF to MP4, but also you can crop video, cut video clips, rotate video, and edit them in the other aspects via this online site.

Step 1: Import GIF to the Online GIF to MP4 Converter

Visit and click "Choose File" or paste image URL to import GIF images that you want to convert to MP4. And then, click "Upload" to enter a new window.

Step 2: Edit Your GIF Image Before Converting .gif to MP4

As we mentioned above, this online site can also be a simple editor that allows you to make different visual effects. All you have to do is click on the different edit icon and make your GIF different based on your own needs.

Step 3: Start to Convert GIF to MP4 Online

After you have finished editing, click "GIF to MP4" button and then click download icon, and it will output a silent MP4 file.

Pros: A free online tool with no watermarks | Provides tons of editing features

Cons: Only support GIF, APNG | Max file size < 35MB

Method 2: Convert .gif to .mp4 via GIF to MP4 Converter Online

Convert .gif to .mp4 via GIF 2 MP4Convert .gif to .mp4 via GIF 2 MP4

Web Address:

With the simplest user-interface and easy-to-use conversion tool, GIF 2 MP4 will let you convert any type of GIF to MP4 file.

Step 1: Visit and click "Add GIF-file" to import your source GIF file.

Step 2: Fill in your email address, select video resolution and quality of the output videos.

Step 3: Complete human-machine verification and click on "Convert", a new window will pop up. Click "Download MP4" to convert GIF to MP4.

Tips: Your email address will receive a message from this website. It will provide a converted MP4 video download link. Link is active for 3 days.

Pros: The easiest way to convert GIFs to MP4 | No complex settings available

Cons: No option to change the settings for files | Max file size < 50MB

Method 3: Convert .gif to .mp4 via Online-Convert

How to Use Online GIF to MP4 ConverterHow to Use Online GIF to MP4 Converter

Web Address:

Online-Convert lets you easily convert .gif to .mp4. This high-quality online conversion tool is optimized for high quality and is free to use.

Step 1: Visit and upload the animated GIF you want to convert.

Step 2: Click on "Convert File" at the bottom of the form.

Step 3: After a little while, you will be redirected to the download page. The download of your video will start automatically. That's the whole process of converting .gif to .mp4 via Online-Convert.

Tips: For the people who are interested in converting MP4 to GIF, please refer here >> Video to GIF - Top 3 Best MP4 to GIF Converters.

Pros: Provides basic video editing settings for files | Export the converted file directly to the Cloud service

Cons: The Interface is not friendly to users | The site has a lot of advertising

Now, you have got 3 methods to convert GIF to MP4, hope this article does help you and you are free to share this article with more people.

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