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How Can I Crop GIFs in A Simple Way
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Best GIF Croppers – How Can I Crop GIFs in A Simple Way

Author by Rocabella

Updated on May 5, 2022

To Crop GIF is definitely not as hard as you think as long as you find the right method. After a lot of analysis and summary, this article has come up with the most effective three methods. Let’s go for it!

Is Cropping GIFs Possible? How Do I Crop GIFs?

Q: I have an animated GIF whose edges I'd like to trim off. Some forums say you can only do this by breaking down animated GIFs to individual frames, cropping each, then recreating the single GIF. This would be a lot of work for 93 frames. Is there a better and easier way to crop a GIF? Truly appreciate any help!

Q: There's plenty of information about cropping images, but attempting to crop (or trim) animations produce strange results. Sometimes they flicker or come with extra frames, or some frames crop correctly and others become offset. How do I prevent all this from happening?

A: We often see such problems on forums. Yes, cropping a GIF is very different from cropping still images or cropping videos. But fortunately, there are some free and easy-to-use croppers to help you implement it. Read on, we've summarized and compared the 3 best GIF croppers for you.

For the people who are interested in creating animated GIF from videos, please go to

Method 1: How to Crop GIF with Desktop GIF Cropper?

Free HD Video Converter Factory, as we said before, this software is a very popular video editor that allows you to crop animated GIFs with ease. Besides, if you want to cut unwanted GIF videos or reduce the size of GIF files, this software will do them well. Now, free downloadfree download this software to experience more!

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Simple Guide to Crop GIF with Desktop GIF Cropper

How to Crop A GIF

Step 1: Load Source GIF Files into GIF Cropper

So as to crop GIF easily, firstly, you need to free downloadfree download and launch this GIF cropping tool on your PC. And then select "Converter", click on “Add Files” button or drop-drag to load local GIF files.

Step 2: How to Crop GIFs

After loading GIF files, click on “Crop” button to enter a new window. Drag the rectangle frame to crop GIF images. Hit OK when you get the image you want.

Step 3: Start to Crop GIF

Finally, you just need to set the output folder path and click “Run” button to start to crop a GIF file.

Pros: Simple to use | No ads, no bundling

Cons: Cannot preview the cropped GIF | The export format is not GIF

The export format is not GIF when you crop GIF this way. If you want to keep GIF format, here is a tutorial to convert video to GIF. For advanced users, you can also custom settings according to your own needs like change frame rate, change GIF resolution, etc.

Method 2: How to Crop GIFs with EZGIF

Cropping A GIF via EZGIFCropping A GIF via EZGIF

EZGIF is a free online web based tool designed to quickly crop or slice parts of animated GIFs.

Step 1: In order to crop GIFs online, firstly, Upload image from your computer or paste an image URL, click Upload to enter a new interface.

Step 2: Choose the Crop tool, drag a rectangle over the image. Of course, you can set the image width, height and adjust the aspect ratio.

Step 3: Hit Crop image and your new GIF can be previewed. Finally, click Convert button to crop a GIF.

Pros: Rich editing features | Support upload GIF URL

Cons: Max file size < 35MB | ads bothering

Method 3: How to Crop GIF with iLoveIMG

How to Use iLoveIMG as GIF CropperHow to Use iLoveIMG as GIF Cropper

iLoveIMG is a web application which allows you to do basic editing of your images. Today, we’d like to tell you how to crop your GIFs via iLoveIMG.

Step 1: For the sake of cropping a GIF, firstly, you need to go to and then select a GIF file from desktop, Google Drive, and Dropbox.

Step 2: Drag the rectangle to crop an animated GIF, or you can fill in the desired dimensions (in pixels) manually.

Step 3: Finally, click on Crop Image button and you can download cropped image after you image has been cropped.

Pros: Easy to use | Reduce file size

Cons: Ads bothering | Can't preview the GIF before downloading

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At last...

Of course, there are many other web applications that can crop GIF. You can try more options and select one desired to use. If this article really helps you, please share it with more people.

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