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Free AVI to 3GP Converter, The Wisdom Conversion Softweare

Convert Video to 3GP

Here, the "Great Wisdom" means converting AVI to 3GP. Why? Why said so?

The Wisdom of New Generation

Now, we are on the stage of networking. Almost everything we do in our daily life would have some relation to the network, so does our cell phone activities. 3G is the network developed for cell phone communication, and 3GP is the video format for video transmitting on 3G networks. Here is 3GP, a crystallization of wisdom which is developed out for 3G, not AVI. So, we may say that; transfer AVI to 3GP by some free AVI to 3GP converter reflects the existence of wisdom. But, why is 3GP?

The Wisdom of 3GP

3G is new, so is 3GP. And there must have some reason for the existence of 3GP.

* Save Storage Space - For the computer or any other portable multimedia device, the storage space is limited. AVI is classical, but it would take much storage space because of the large video files. Then, for saving the space for more files, 3GP will be better. It contains small files also with well quality. So, convert AVI video to 3GP would save more space for some more files; and some free AVI to 3GP converter could do the process.

* Convenient for Transmitting - Nowadays, we can shopping on the internet, we can study on the internet, we share experience on the internet; and it's also popular to share videos with the network. But large files in AVI leads much trouble on transmitting, especially on 3G networks. So, 3GP videos come out. Small video file is convenient for transmitting and would save the time during the process. And free AVI to 3GP converter support us does that.

* Good for Maintenance of Devices - Just because of the small file, 3GP video would take fewer system resources when it is running. It's good for the maintenance of devices. The video format could maintain the devices for a longer use.

The Wisdom of Free AVI to 3GP Converter

3GP is the crystallization of wisdom, free AVI to 3GP converter is the same. The software converts AVI to 3GP could help us save the storage space, maintain the devices and make us transmit video conveniently.

Free 3GP Video Converter Factory is well. It is the professional video converter for 3GP video converting; all operation is easy to control. And it provides fast conversion speed with high quality in comparison. It's a nice one with cool interface.


How to Convert AVI to 3GP with the 3GP video converter: 1. Download and install the software > 2. Click "Add" to import videos > 3. Select output format in "Profile" setting > 4. Click "Start" to begin converting process > 5. Open output profile to get the output video

3GP is the crystallization of wisdom for 3G; so free AVI to 3GP converter is the crystallization of wisdom for 3GP.

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