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3GP Video Converter for Windows Offers 300+ Output Formats
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3GP Converter - Convert 3GP to Any Video Formats (MP4, AVI, MKV, MPG, etc.) and Vice Versa

Author by Vita

Updated on Aug 18, 2023

This article introduces an excellent 3GP converter for Windows PC. Specific conversion tutorials are also provided. You can install the free video converter on your desktop for preparation:

In spite of the fact that 3GP is a rather outdated video format for cell phones, people occasionally need to convert movies to 3GP to play on their old 3G mobile phones. Of course, people mostly like to convert 3GP to a common video format like MP4, for the purpose of better compatibility and wide usage on other devices. No matter you want to convert 3GP to other video formats and conversely convert video to 3GP, a good 3GP converter is essential. Along with the rise of numerous online and offline video converters, it is exceptionally easy to perform the conversion, but the result can be either satisfying or frustrating, which depends on the video converter you choose. To help you find the best way to perform the conversion, we singled out the best good 3GP video converter below. 

Part 1: Recommended 3GP Converter – Free HD Video Converter Factory

WonderFox Free HD Video Converter Factory proves itself to be one of the best free video converters on the market from multiple sides. It owns support for basically all types of video and audio formats as inputs and can also convert videos to all kinds of formats, for instance, 3GP to MP4 and MP4 to 3GP involving in this article. The concise and well-designed interface makes the whole conversion process easier. Meanwhile, it won't leave any watermark on the exported video or limit the conversion amounts. Multiple-functionality is another striking feature of Free HD Video Converter Factory. It can be used as not only a free and fast video converter, but a good video compressor, editor, and downloader. By installing this 3GP file converter, you're able to change video formats at your disposal and also use more useful features.

Free Download Free Download

How to Convert Video to 3GP and Vice Versa?

To convert to 3GP or put the other way around, please free downloadfree download and install the 3GP video converter on your PC.

Step 1. Import Target Video File(s)

Launch the software, click on "Converter" on the main interface, then the Video Converter window appears. Click "Add Files" on the top left corner, select and import the video you want to convert to 3GP or the 3GP video you want to convert to other formats. Additionally, you can directly drag videos in bulk into the interface.

3GP converter for PC

Step 2. Choose a Needed Video Format

Click the big format icon on the right of the Video Converter interface and you can see a list of output formats. Click "Video" then choose your desired video formats. If you need to convert 3GP for playback on mobile devices, you can also choose your device model as the output format. Free HD Video Converter Factory gives smart presets for various devices, including mobile phones, computers, TVs, game consoles, etc.

There is a Parameter Settings panel in which you can modify video-related parameters (resolution, aspect ratio, frame rate, bit rate, channels, encoders…). Hit the Parameter Setting button below the big format icon to open the setting panel.

Choose an output format

Step 3. Initiate the Conversion

Hit the tiny triangle button on the bottom portion of the interface and designate a place for saving the converted videos. Since all are set up, click "Run" to start the conversion process.

Time to start the conversion

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Part 2: More Options of Online 3GP Video Converters without Installation

If you have a conversion need on occasion, online video converters are also good practices. Many websites providing video conversion services don't require the installation of software and they usually work on all mainstream browsers. However, you may run into various conversion errors while converting large video files due to the common shortcomings of online converters: unstable Internet connection and maximum file size limits. Therefore, this part is more practical for converting small video clips.

3GP converter online3GP converter online

1. Online-Convert

Online-Convert is a powerful file conversion service online that supports video, audio, image, and document conversions. It's quite simple to use featuring a self-explanatory and quite clean interface. Meanwhile, it offers advanced video conversion settings and enables users to make simple editing. Users can upload each file up to 100 MB for free conversion. If you want to convert larger video files on Online-Convert, you need to buy its premium services.

Online 3GP converterOnline 3GP converter

2. ConvertFiles

ConverFiles supports multiple types of file formats, including archive, document, e-Book, image, video, audio, etc. It only needs three steps to convert a video to 3GP and vice versa: Upload the source video from your computer, choose an output format, and press Converter. Due to the varied internet connection and video size, the upload and conversion speed should take several minutes. There are a few irrelevant ads embedded on ConvertFiles as well. But what makes ConvertFiles stand out from other online converters is that it allows users to upload a video maximum to 250MB.

3GP video conversion3GP video conversion

3. Convertio

Convertio is a well-known online conversion service that is frequently regarded as one of the best online converters in all kinds of reviews. This tool not only enables users to convert videos from local hard drive, but also from Dropbox, Google Drive as well as URL. It also offers optional settings to  resize videos, cut videos, choose specific codec, alter frame aspect, etc. The limitations of free conversion on Convertio are refined further. You can upload a 150MB file, finish 10 conversions every 24 hours, and batch convert 2 files a time. Its advanced plans with tiered pricing supplies more features.

Sum up

For the moment, we have went through the introduction to the hand-picked 3GP converters. You can decide which one is the best fit according to your demands. Subjectivity aside, the video converter software – Free HD Video Converter Factory can be more workable to deal with video file conversions as it won't be affected by networks, has no limit of file size and maximum conversions. The conversion speed and output quality are remarkably pleasing. Therefore, get it now!

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The Superior Version with More Features

HD Video Converter Factory Pro

WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory Pro

WonderFox video converter suite provides you with complete multimedia solutions. The built-in lightning mode and hardware acceleration support will help you enjoy up to 50x faster conversion speed. No matter you import rare video files or videos in extremely large size, HD Video Converter Factory Pro will finish the conversion in a rapid way. On top of that, it has more function modules, helping you download videos, edit, record videos and more at one go.

Free Download Free Download

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