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Top 4 FLAC Mergers to Merge FLAC Files in a Breeze

Author by Jane

Updated on Sep 28, 2023

Have you unlocked the easiest way to join FLAC files together? In this article, four straightforward FLAC mergers with detailed tutorials will be introduced to you. Sounds fantastic, right? Here we go!
The most recommended handy FLAC merger is given here, you can download it in advance and follow the guide below to efficiently join FLAC files with simple clicks:

Q: I have a large library of classical music ripped as individual FLAC files and would like to try merging some FLAC files into a single file for gapless playback. How do I do that?

A: This is a pretty common question to best cater for different playback condition and devices. In the following article, 4 FLAC joiners are listed with the simplest processing steps to help you out with FLAC files merging. You can easily cope with such useful tools even though you are a beginner. Let’s get started!

Method 1: Desktop FLAC Merger

WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory Pro , a video and audio processing tool designed for Windows, is not only a simple video converter but a multi-purpose FLAC merger and converter. Apart from joining FLAC files, it also features other basic editing functions that allow splitting and cutting FLAC audio files, adjusting bit rate, and boosting the volume. In addition, making a ringtone for Apple and Android can also be implemented.
Free downloadFree download this awesome FLAC merging program and let's jump to the tutorial to get started with the audio combining process.

More than Just A Simple FLAC Merger
HD Video Converter Factory Pro
  • 1. Efficiently merge FLAC files together in packs.
  • 2. Trim, split, merge FLAC audio files without difficulty.
  • 3. Modify audio parameters in an intuitive and handy way.
  • 4. 500+ optimized presets for fast media conversion in batches.
  • 5. Compress large-sized audio files with minimal quality loss.
  • 6. Download music/song/album/mixtape/audiobook from 1000+ sites.
  • 7. Record live streams, gameplay, webinar, webcam, video call/tutorial...
  • 8. Make ringtones, extract subtitles, make animated GIFs & more...
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Compatible with Windows 11, 10, 8, 7, Vista Windows, 100% Clean!

How to Merge FLAC Files into One with HD Video Converter Factory Pro

Desktop Merger for FLAC

Before start, please free downloadfree download the software on your PC.

Step 1. Upload FLAC Files to the Merger

Launch HD Video Converter Factory Pro, go to Converter module, add all of your FLAC files to the interface via clicking “Add Files” or a simple drag-and-drop.

Step 2. Merge FLAC Files into One Track

Press “Merge” to get into the joining window, then hit “Merge”, you can create a pack, move FLAC files into it. And you are able to adjust the merging order with simple mouse drag-and-drop. Then click Merge button and get back to main interface.

(Tips: this program is capable of creating multiple packs. Just make sure there are at least 2 FLAC files in each pack.)

Step 3: Choose an Output Format and Start FLAC Merging

At the drop-down list of the “Output Format”, you can still select FLAC as your export format or change it to WAV, MP3, AAC, DTS…as you wish. Then, choose the destination for saving and finally click “Run” to merge FLAC files.

Hot Search: Audio Merger | Merge MP3 | Merge Songs into One | Merge WAV Files

Method 2: Merge FLAC Files with Free Foobar2000

Merge FLAC Files with Free Foobar2000Merge FLAC Files with Free Foobar2000

Foobar2000 is a multi-function and advanced freeware audio player for the Windows platform. With the help of extra component, it can make FLAC audio merging come true.

Step 1. Download and install Foobar2000 and required component through,

Step 2. Launch Foobar2000 and add FLAC files by clicking “Add files” under the “File” segment or directly drag them into the main window. You can choose a single file to drag up and down to adjust the order for merging.

Step 3. Select all the files via pressing keyboard shortcut Ctrl + A, then right click and head to “Convert” >> press “…” icon.

Step 4. Get into the Converter Setup window, ①: In “Output format” section, choose FLAC option. Also, you can select other formats as will, for example: you can choose FLAC to ALAC, FLAC to MP3…②: Press “Destination” to specify the output folder and click “Merge all tracks into one output file”, then hit “Back” button, at last click “Convert” to begin the joining process.

Method 3 - Join FLAC Files with Free Audacity

Join FLAC Audio with Free AudacityJoin FLAC Audio with Free Audacity

Audacity is a free cross-platform sound editing software for recording and editing audio. It also allows you to merge FLAC audios.

Step 1. Download, install, and run Audacity through

Step 2. Directly drag FLAC files to the main interface, then click “↔” icon at the top toolbar or press the shortcut key F5. After that, you can drag the second FLAC file to the end of the first file, then repeat the steps, move the other FLAC tracks end to end.

Step 3. After it is all set, back to the menu bar and click “File” >> “Export” >> “Export as…” to start the combining process.

Also See: Audacity Trim Video | Audacity Split Tracks | Audacity Extract Audio from Video

Method 4 – Online FLAC Merger

Join FLAC OnlineJoin FLAC Online

This online FLAC joiner is ready for those users who don’t want to install any program on their PCs, just for temporary using.

Step 1. Head to Audio-joiner below:

Step 3. Select all the files via pressing keyboard shortcut Ctrl + A, then right click and head to “Convert” >> press “…” icon.

Step 3. Before joining, you can crop the original audios and merge the desired ones into one track via filling in the start and end location. Finally, choose your output format in “Format” and click “Join” to start.
Limitation: ⑴. You have to wait for the audio’s uploading for a time, especially for the lossless audio’s, which would be longer.
⑵. There is also restriction for the audio size uploading so that you couldn’t add too much audio files and cannot customize parameters.

At last...

WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory Pro would be the optimum FLAC merger for FLAC audio combining without sacrificing quality. The easy-to-handle process and intuitive interface make audio and video combining a breeze. Moreover, it can process the FLAC combining task at a high speed without limitations on file size and length. It enables you to convert virtually any video or audio format to 500+ output formats. You are allowed to make edition on video/audio like crop, clip and add special effects on them.
Free download HD Video Converter Pro now and have an extreme experience!

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