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  • Want to quickly convert FLAC files to ALAC? Try these steps:
  • 1. Download Download WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory Pro.
  • 2. Add the audio file.
  • 3. Select the output format.
  • 4. Start conversion.
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#1. Use WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory Pro (Windows)
#2. Use X Lossless Decoder (Mac)
#3. Use OnlineConverter (Online)

FLAC is a lossless compression format designed to store the highest quality of sound. Unfortunately, Apple does not support this format, which means that in order to play FLAC files on iTunes, Apple Music or other iDevices, you'll need to convert them to Apple Lossless (ALAC). In this article, I will guide you through how to convert FLAC to ALAC on Windows, Mac and online. Please continue reading to learn more.

How to Convert FLAC to Apple Lossless ALAC?

Method 1. Convert FLAC to ALAC with WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory Pro (Windows)

To convert FLAC files to ALAC on Windows, we can use a professional audio converter like WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory Pro. This software supports various music formats and allows batch conversion. To start the conversion, simply add your FLAC files, choose an output format, and hit the convert button. The process is quick and easy. Follow the steps below to begin the conversion:

Step 1: Download the converter software

Click the download button below to download WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory Pro and install it on your PC.

Free download Download for Free
Free download Download for Free

Step 2: Add Flac files to the converter

Launch the software and click ‘Converter’. Then click ‘+ Add Files’ to import FLAC files into the program.

Import File
Import File

Step 3: Select ALAC audio format

Expand the output format on the right and click the ‘Audio’ tab. Then select ‘ALAC’ as the output format.

* Note that the Apple Lossless data is saved within the M4A container.

Select Format
Select Format

Step 4: Start the conversion

Click the ▼ button at the bottom to select the output folder. Finally, click ‘Run’ to start the conversion process.

Export File
Export File

Method 2. Convert FLAC to ALAC with X Lossless Decoder (Mac)

On Mac, X Lossless Decoder (XLD) is a great tool for easily and quickly converting between different audio formats. It is an open source software that can decode, convert, and play various lossless audio files, including FLAC and Apple Lossless. It works on Mac OS X 10.4 and later versions. Without further ado, let's see how to use XLD to convert FLAC files to ALAC.

Step 1: Install X Lossless Decoder

Download X Lossless Decoder (XLD) from and drag the to the ‘Applications’ folder to complete the installation.

Step 2: Adjust the output format

Double-click on the app to open it. In the Preferences menu, unfold the ‘Output format’ list and select ‘Apple Lossless’.

Tip: You can select an output directory in advance. Or you can select the checkbox before ‘Add encoded files to iTunes if possible’ if you want to import them into your iTunes library.

Step 3: Import FLAC files for conversion

Drag your FLAC file onto the XLD icon to start converting. Alternatively, you can right-click on the file and select ‘Open With’ > to begin the conversion process.

Use X Lossless Decoder
Use X Lossless Decoder

Method 3. Convert FLAC to ALAC with OnlineConverter (Online)

If you don't want to install any software, you can try using online converting tools. These tools are compatible with various browsers, which makes it easy for everyone to access them. For instance, OnlineConverter is a user-friendly online file converter that can convert all types of audio formats, including FLAC and ALAC. The best part is that you don't need to register or pay to use the service. Now, let’s see how to convert FLAC to ALAC with OnlineConverter.

Step 1: Visit OnlineConverter

Step 2: Upload FLAC files

Click Choose File and upload a FLAC file to the website.

Note: The maximum upload file size is 200 MB.

Step 3: Convert and download the converted files

Click Convert to start uploading the file and convert. After the conversion, download the resulting file to your device.

Convert FLAC to ALAC Online
Convert FLAC to ALAC Online

All three software options are effective in encoding FLAC files into Apple Lossless format. It is now time for you to follow the tutorial and start your first conversion. That is all I wanted to share in this post and I hope it is useful to you. Thank you for reading and have a great day!


1. Is ALAC as good as FLAC?

ALAC and FLAC are both lossless audio formats, so they provide the same sound quality. However, FLAC has a better compression ratio than ALAC, making FLAC a better choice if you want to save space. But if you want to open music files on Apple devices, ALAC is the better option.

2. Can I upload FLAC to Apple Music?

Since Apple Music does not support the FLAC format, you will not be able to upload FLAC files to Apple Music.

3. How do I import FLAC files into iTunes?

You can't import FLAC files directly into iTunes without first converting them to an iTunes-supported format (such as MP3, AAC, AIFF, WAV, or Apple Lossless).

4. Does converting FLAC to ALAC lose quality?

No, converting FLAC to ALAC will not degrade the sound quality as they are both lossless formats.

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