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How to Crop Audio File Using the Best Audio Cropper

Author by Jane

Updated on Apr 7, 2020

If you also want to know how to trim audios; if you also need an effective and easy-to-operate audio cropper. It is deserved happy that we met here. The detailed guide offered by this article will figure out your problem.

The Significance of Cropping Audio is Getting of Greater Magnitude

When watching movies or documentary, we might not put too much attention to the background music, which, however, the fact is we are deeply affected emotionally by. Thanks to the music editor who has a keen insight where the kind of music ought to be placed. What’s more, another non-negligible technology that we should focus on is cropping audio because actually, a paragraph or more of a piece of music may be needed to match the corresponding plot or scenes.

Referring to audio cropping, which is also widely applied in our daily life when we want to make a ringtone when encountering a single haunting piece of music or when we have to make a presentation, it plays a much essential role though it’s not the protagonist. Therefore, it would be amazing if we can cut audio clips ourselves.

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Two Simple Methods of Cropping Audio

WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory Pro would be an outstanding audio cutting software in the field. In addition to cut audio clips, it also supports merging into one and extracting audios from videos. But there are still much more approaches online to crop audios. How to pick up the impactful ways fast? I will fill you in about two ways of cropping audio as follows.

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1: How to Trim Audio File with Audio Cropping Program

Trim Audio File with Audio Cropping Program

Before start, please free downloadfree download the software.

Step1: Add the Audio File into the Audio Cropper

When launching this software, it is arrayed neatly at the bottom in the primary interface for 5 icons— “Converter, Downloader, Recorder, GIF Maker and Toolbox”. Choose the first icon, namely “Converter” to get into next window like above. Click “Add Files” at the top-left corner to add the file, or you are allowed to drag and drop it directly to the program.

Step2: Cropping Audio into the Desired Parts

Select the scissor icon as marked in the screenshot and enter into the trimming window. It enables you to cut in two ways:
(1): Move mouse and directly drag the sliders of left and right side of the timeline to save your desired sound clip.
(2): You can also fill the accurate point of time in the start and end box for precise. After you finish cutting, click the triangle mark in bracket to preview whether the cut one is fit. Then, press “Trim” on the right side to complete one clip. It is also supportable to trim any other segments in one audio file. Don’t forget to click “OK” to save the operation.

Step3: Make the Process Start and Save the Cropped One

Before starting the cropping process, you can choose your wanted output folder at the bottom and change the audio output format on the right side like DTS to AC3, MP3 to M4A. Finally, press “Run” to make it start.

2: How to Trim Audio File with Audio Cropper Online

If the third-party utility is an encumbrance to you, the online audio cropper may be suitable to you. Here are some of the sites to crop audio online in my suggestion:

You will see the instance of kapwing of how to crop in details here.

Trim Audio File with Audio Cropper Online

Step1: After entering the site:
You can upload your audio file from the local folder or copy and paste the URL of audio online there.

Step2: To cut your desired section, move the two circular icons at will and use the arrow keys of keyboard to assure the trimming time is perfect.

Step3: Click “Trim Audio” to start the process of trimming.

At last...

It is definitely convenient to trim audio online. Yet when facing with the larger-size audio file or you have more requirements about the audio, I still recommend a third-party tool that would be effective. And if you attempt to try more editing function than cropping only, WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory Pro would be your best audio editing software to edit audio files. All in all, no matter which method you choose, they are both of usefulness.

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Directly Rip the Original Soundtrack from DVDs

Directly Rip the Original Soundtrack from DVDs

WonderFox DVD Ripper Pro

It is a great bonus for those cinephiles because WonderFox DVD Ripper Pro supports to convert your DVD disc into audio file for collection. It also has the capability of back up the DVD to digital copy and beyond 500 formats are available for you. The powerful compression ratio makes it sure to release more storage on your device.

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