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The Quickest Method to Solve Computer Won't Play DVD
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The Overall Solutions to Solve the Problem that DVD Won't Play on Computer

Author by Vita

Updated on Aug 11, 2023

It must be frustrating when you insert a DVD into the DVD-ROM drive of your computer, but it suddenly fails to play the DVD as usual. There are many reasons causing the problem that DVD won’t play on computer. And this article gives the overall solutions for this problem.

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Why won't my laptop play DVDs? How to fix the problem that DVD won't play on computer?

Are you grappling with the same questions? Generally, the computer not playing DVD issue can occur due to varied reasons. Don’t worry! The following article shares the overall solutions. Let’s see more details.

DVD Won't Play on Computer? The Possible Reasons of DVD Not Playing DVD and Related Methods

Play DVD with VLC on Windows 10Play DVD with VLC on Windows 10

1. DVD Won't Play DVD on Windows 10

If you're using or just upgrading to Windows 10, you will find that DVD won't play on computer since Windows 10 left behind Windows Media Player that enables you to play DVD on Windows. Therefore, you need a Windows 10 DVD player to fix the DVD not playing on laptop or PC problem. VLC Media Player is a cross-platform media player and it allows you to play DVD discs, play ISO files, and miscellaneous other media files. So you can use it to fix the DVD playback issue. Here is how to fix DVD won’t play on Windows 10>

Use an External Optical DriveUse an External Optical Drive

2. The DVD-ROM Drive is Not Working

Another probable cause is that the DVD-ROM drive is not working, especially when you find that all your DVDs can't be played. You can try reinstalling or updating the driver. If that does not work, you may turn to an external optical drive to play your DVDs or request help from a maintenance center.

The Unsupported DVDThe Unsupported DVD

3. DVD damaged, Copy-protected or Incompatible

If you find that your computer can't play only some of your DVDs, it is very likely that your DVD discs get physical damages like scratches so your computer can't read the content out. Hence, you need to fix the scratched DVD. Another possibility is that the DVD disc is not supported by your PC DVD-ROM drive. For example, some DVD-ROMs can't read DVD-r and people often find that DVD-r won't play on computer. Moreover, some purchased DVDs are encrypted with Region Code, which allow users to play DVD in a certain region or country only. Once you play such encrypted DVDs in other regions, you will find that DVD won't play on laptop or PC. To deal with such unsupported and copy-protected DVD, go to the next part.

A Quick Solution to Fix DVD Won't Play on Laptop/Computer

Generally, most DVD not playing problems are caused by damaged, copy-protected or incompatible DVDs. In such cases, the quickest and most effective way is to convert DVD disc to digital videos. Actually, digitizing DVD movies also applies to other causes of the problem that DVD won't play on computer if you don’t want to check all the possible factors to find the root. Hence, a good DVD ripper like WonderFox DVD Ripper Pro is essential. As a powerful DVD copy tool, DVD Ripper Pro can remove any DVD copy protection, and convert DVD to MP4 and other digital formats, so you can easily play the converted files on your computer. Now, free download the software and follow the steps to digitize your DVD collections.

Free Download Free Download

Three Steps to Fix DVD Not Playing on PC

Import the DVD You Can’t Play on Computer

Before start, please free downloadfree download and install the software on PC.

Step 1. Add the DVD Source into the Software

Insert a DVD into the DVD-ROM drive on your computer. Open WonderFox DVD Ripper Pro. Click on "DVD Disc", select the needed DVD drive letter and click on "OK". The smart software will automatically detect & analyze the DVD, decrypt the DVD and mark the main tile.

Tips. If your DVD-ROM drive is not working, use an external optical drive to read the DVD disc.

Select a Digital Video Format

Step 2. Choose an Output Format to Solve DVD Won't Play on Computer

Click on "Output Format" on the right, choose an output format under Video tab. You can convert DVD to MP4, AVI, MKV, etc. according to your preference. Also, you can convert DVD to WMV for Windows or convert DVD to MOV for MacBook when DVD won't play on laptop.  

Tips. WonderFox DVD Ripper Pro offers 1:1 quick copy feature. You can copy DVD to ISO image and DVD folder with 1:1 flawless contents.

Start the Conversion and Also Try More Features

Step 3. Start the Process of Converting DVD to Digital Videos

Specify an output path by clicking on the "..." icon next to Open Folder. Then click on "Run" to start the conversion. WondeFox DVD Ripper Pro can speed up the conversion greatly with the fully support for hardware acceleration. Once the process is completed, you can open the output folder and play the converted videos on your PC.

With this software, you will never be troubled by the questions like why won't my laptop play DVDs or why won't my DVD play on my PC.

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Try WonderFox DVD Ripper Pro to Fix DVD Not Playing Issue

DVD won't Play on Computer? Now use DVD Ripper Pro to quickly solve the problem. It also supports DVD to ISO and DVD folder conversion so you can make exact copies from DVDs. The functional DVD copy software enables you to edit DVD by clipping, rotating and adding special effect. Another useful feature is adding subtitles. Now download the software and try these amazing features.

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Can't Play Some Videos in Rare Format? You Need this Tool

The Useful Tool to Fix Any Video Incompatibility Issue with Devices

WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory Pro

The software supports importing almost any video and convert the files to over 500 video and audio formats. It also offers the ready-made presets for all kinds of mobile devices and even enables you to download videos from YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Vimeo, Dailymotion, etc.

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