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A Handy Method to Record and Download Livestream Video

Author by Kevincy

Updated on Jan 26, 2024

Now, live streaming has evolved into a trend. Various types of live streaming site are emerging one after another, and among which, Livestream is the one we are going to talk about in this article. Since only the owner of live event is able to download the broadcast, as a viewer, is it possible to download Livestream video? The answer is yes in spite of a little bit roundabout. I'll explain the details below.

A useful Livestream video downloader and recorder is more helpful:, as its name implies, is a live video streaming platform where you can broadcast or watch what's happening around the world in real time. It has to be said that live streaming makes information delivery more straightforward and achieves zero latency. However, unlike DVR or PVR video recorder that enables you to record over-the-air TV shows to digital videos, what if you miss an interested live event because of busy schedules or special circumstances? Livestream doesn't have the option to download replays, unfortunately, but we can use a third-party tool to record and download Livestream videos. The details are as follows.

Disclaimer: The method provided for Livestream video download below is aimed at personal fair use. DO NOT download any copyright content for sale, distribution or any other commercial purpose.

Why You Failed to Download Livestream Video Online?

Quite a few online applications claim they have the ability to download video from Livestream. That doesn’t make sense. As you know, it’s a live event, the video is still continuing to stream, so it’s impossible to download live streams. In this case, you have to record and capture the streaming video for Livestream video download. WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory Pro stands out from numerous competitors due to its intuitive & self-explanatory GUI and simple operations. Now let’s see how to capture Livestream video.

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How to Download a Livestream Video with HD Video Converter Factory Pro?

Open Recorder

Step 1 – Open Livestream Video Downloader

Launch HD Video Converter Factory ProHD Video Converter Factory Pro, you’ll find 5 main features right there. Click on the “Recorder” module to enter the recording window.

Customize Settings for Recording

Step 2 – Modify Recording Settings

On the concise pop-up window, choose one option from the 4 recording modes:

1. Custom Mode: select a specific part of the screen you want to record.

2. Full Screen Mode: capture your screen activities in a full display screen.

3. Gaming Mode: only work in coordination with Custom Mode or Full Screen Mode to record video at 60fps by default.

4. Audio-Only Mode: only record audio of system sound or Microphone.

Recording Livestream Event

Step 3 – Start the Recording Process

Adjust the recording video quality, specify a destination folder and click on the “REC” button. After the 5-second countdown, it will start Livestream downloading process. Just press Ctrl + F1 to finish your recording, and the downloaded video will be saved in your output folder automatically.

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How to Download Past Livestream Videos?

Download Livestream Past Videos

In addition to recording live streaming events, HD Video Converter Factory Pro also enables you to download non-live videos.

Step 1 – Open Video Downloader

Return to the main interface. Click on the “Downloader” button to enter the new window.

Step 2 – Copy & Paste URL for Analyzing

Find some Livestream popular past videos here: Play the video and copy its URL. Then get back to the downloader and press “New Download” button. Click on “Paste and Analyze”, the program will analyze the URL and list the available video formats and resolutions. Click Ok to add this download task and repeat the steps to add multiple tasks. Yep, it supports batch downloads.

Step 3 – Download Non-live Videos

Set the output folder and hit the “Download All” button to download Livestream videos.

At last...

As you can see, with HD Video Converter Factory Pro, you can not only download Livestream video, but also save past broadcasts for offline playback. What’s more, it also enables you to encode video/audio files, make GIFs from video/images and more. Feel free to download and take a shot, it won’t let you down.

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