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How to Compress WMV Files Effectively

Author by Sue

Updated on Oct 13, 2023

WMV is a widely used Windows media video format in our daily life, and how to compress WMV files is a question that concerns many users who have a lot of oversized WMV videos. Today, in this article, let's walk through effective ways to reduce WMV file size. Download this easy WMV compressor to get started:

Why We Need to Compress WMV Files?

WMV (Windows Media Video) is a video format created specifically for use with Windows Media Player and other Windows applications. It is already a compressed video format but still many people are looking for effective WMV compressor to make it smaller for uploading and other purposes. In this article, I will introduce two powerful video compressors that can help you reduce WMV file size easily. Please read on.

Solution 1: Compress WMV Files with WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory Pro

WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory Pro is an excellent WMV compressor that can compress WMV files in just a few clicks. It is easy to use and efficient. With its batch compression mode, it can help you compress multiple WMV files at once. It can also compress MKV, MP4, AVI, TS, and other video files without any difficulty. Now, free downloadfree download the handy tool to compress WMV files with the steps below.

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Easy Guide on How to Compress a WMV File

Before start, please free downloadfree download the recommended WMV compressor on your PC.

Import WMV files into the software

Step 1. Load WMV Files into the WMV Compressor

Open WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory Pro, select “Converter” and click the “Add Files” button to import WMV files into the compressor. Or you can drag and drop your WMV videos into the program.

Step 2. How to Reduce WMV File Size

The easiest way to compress Windows Media Video files is to use the Batch Compression button (next to the output folder setting) and drag the slider to adjust the compression ratio for reducing WMV file size. You can see the resulting file size as you change the compression ratio.

For advanced users, you can modify the codec, resolution, bitrate, and frame rate, which are the four main factors that affect the video size, to convert large WMV to smaller size. Generally, the lower these values are, the smaller the file size. Follow the guides below to see how to compress WMV video files easily with this WMV compressor.

4 methods for compressing .wmv files

Option 1. How to Compress WMV Files without Losing Quality? (Use HEVC Codec)

HEVC/H265 is an advanced video codec that can encode video into small size file while not compromising the original quality. Here is how to convert WMV to HEVC to reduce WMV file size:

Click the right side format image and go to the “Video” section. Select “H265 for MKV” or “H265 for MP4” as the output format.

Tips. The latest AV1 encoding format has an even higher compression ratio. You can choose the MP4 format and then go to "Parameter settings" to change the encoder to AV1 to have a try.

Import WMV files into the software

Option 2. Compress a WMV File by Changing Resolution

Hit the "Parameter settings" button to open the settings window. Then open the drop-down list of Resolution to downscale resolution of the WMV video. By adjusting resolution, you can also compress 4K videos to 1080P, 720P, 480P at ease. If you don't need to alter other parameters, you can slide the resolution button below the Parameter settings button to adjust the video resolution in a click.

Option 3. Lower Bitrate to Compress a WMV File

In the Parameter settings, find Bit rate and drop the value to decrease WMV file size.

Option 4. Decrease Frame Rate to Compress WMV

Still in the Parameter settings, open the Frame Rate drop-down list to choose a lower value. Generally speaking, lower frame rate leads to smaller file size and less smoothness.

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Compress .wmv videos with only one click

Step 3. Finish the WMV File Size Reduction

Next, click the ▼ icon at the bottom of the main interface to choose a desired output path. At last, hit the Run button to initiate the WMV compression process.

You can click the scissors icon to cut the unwanted part of the video to reduce file size.

Solution 2: Compress WMV Files Online

Videosmaller for .wmv compressionVideosmaller for .wmv compression

For those who don't like to install any software on their PC, using online video compressors, like Videosmaller is the easy way out.

Guide on how to compress WMV files online with Videosmaller.

Step 1: Open this link:

Step 2: Click "Browse…" to choose the WMV video you want to compress. Then, click the Upload Video button and the video compression process will begin automatically.

Step 3: When it prompts "Completed", click "Download File" to save the compressed WMV file to your computer.

Notice: 1. Mind the misleading ads and pop-ups.

Notice: 2. The maximum video size is 500 MB.

At last...

Now, after reading this guide, you should know how to reduce WMV file size. Please download the best WMV compressor to reduce your WMV video size. WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory Pro also helps you download videos from websites and easily convert videos and audios to over 500 formats and devices. Why not give it a try?

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